Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT from tuning company Reiter Engineering

Company Reiter Engineering has presented own working out – extremely modified superpenalties Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT. Possessing additional possibilities, tunings from Reiter have decided to give it to exclusively racing car some properties thanks to which it became a road variant of this model. From standard Murcielago this version is distinguished by the raised exhaust pipes and the fixed rear fender. That this Murcielago is «on a strict diet», better to say, the car more light is important also. It is expected that the car will be equipped by the V-shaped 12-cylinder engine capacity of 640 h.p., but, as well as in Gallardo Superleggera, instead of an all wheel drive in it Murcielago the rear is used.

340-strong crossover BMW X6 xDrive35d White Shark from MCCHIP

Company MCCHIP has presented own tuning whale for crossover X6 getting the increasing popularity from BMW. Changes in particular have mentioned xDrive35d or, in other words, 3,0 l the diesel engine with two turbines. By means of the software from MCCHIP, the 6-cylinder turbodiesel has got 340 h.p. of capacity and 660 Nanometers of a twisting moment (at standard indicators of 286 h.p. and 580 Nanometers). Thanks to skill of engineers the maximum speed of version X6 xDrive35d makes 251 km/hour, instead of former 238 km/hour. The set of completions for the engine is added by suspension bracket H&R which has lowered height of body BMW X6 on 40 mm in front and 30 mm behind, and also a set of 21-inch black cast disks. Cost of similar updating in Germany makes 849 euros for reprogramming of electronics of the engine and 1 266 euros for a new suspension bracket, cast disks and dark chromeplated radiator lattice BMW.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Zenvo ST1: super car from Denmark!

Geographically, Denmark divides border with Sweden: the country where safety of cars leaves on the foreground. But one Danish automobile company has decided to remind the public that Denmark borders as well on Germany – one of leaders of world automotive industry. Sport car Zenvo ST1 became the first car which has been exhausted by the young company, and it has received a number of the impressing data. ST1 it is equipped 7,0 l by the V-shaped 8-cylinder engine with the integrated turbocharger and the separate turbine (yes, such it is possible, mad Danes!) Capacity of 1 104 h.p. at 1055 pound/foot of a twisting moment. While it is not known, who develops this engine, but, without dependence from the developer, experts Zenvo have calculated that with the similar engine the car can accelerate momentum from 0 to 100 km/hour of all for 3 seconds, and its maximum speed will make 375 km/hour. The first serial car will appear next year, and all 15 copies will be exhausted. Its definitive cost is covered by a veil of secrecy, but before purchase be ready to call the personal bank manager ))

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Fast BMW in the world is shown!

German tuning studio G-Power has shown, perhaps, fastest in the history a sedan of mark BMW. According to G-Power, their new model under name G-Power M5 HURRICANE RS can be dispersed to … 365,7 km/h! Certainly, for achievement of such maximum speed engineers G-Power had to work properly. And their work consisted not only in installation of new rather aggressive aerodynamic weather-cloth. The car has received more a rigid suspension, the strengthened brakes. And, the main thing, the engine. After all under a cowl of the fastest sedan BMW there is unit V10 in volume of 5,0 l which thanks to completions gives out 750 h.p. It at once on 243 h.p. more than at standard M5.

Four-door coupe Audi A7 becomes accessible from next year

Any four-door coupe is interesting enough phenomenon. Decades this idea was embodied in company Jaguar sedans, but it became popular after company Mercedes has exhausted a CLS-class. So, company Audi transforms a sedan into a coupe, and we represent you thoughts how the future four-door model with a coupe silhouette – Audi A7 could look. This car should be, is constructed on the basis of architecture A6, and in modelling to a number will take the place between models A6 and A8. The car becomes the big brother to the future sedan A5, and, probably, further will receive the version a cabriolet. The scale of engines will begin about 2,8 l or 3,0 l of the V-shaped 6-cylinder unit and will come to the end with the V-shaped 10-cylinder engine with double turbo-supercharging Twin Turbo which is already used in Italian to superpenalty Lamborghini Gallardo. Sales of the newest A7 will begin next year.

Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss!

The Mercedes-Benz officially declared – on base super car SLR McLaren will pass the prime minister of a unique roadster on a motor show in Detroit. Besides, Germans even have published photos of this model! That the Mercedes-Benz conducts tests unusual SLR McLaren without a windshield and a roof, it was known for a long time already. In a press there were also photos of this car during tests and even video. But today we can consider for the first time attentively this roadster without any camouflage. New superpenalties under name McLaren SLR Stirling Moss will receive compressor motor V8 in volume of 5,5 l which capacity will make 650 h.p. (such unit put and on coupe SLR McLaren). According to the official data, the maximum speed of the open car will make 347 km/h (at a coupe no more than 337 km/h), and of 0-100 km/h will make an acceleration time only 3,5 with (at a coupe 3,6). In total it will be assembled only 75 McLaren SLR Stirling Moss (as you have already understood, the car has received the name in honour of legendary British race driver Stirlinga Moss). The roadster Estimated cost will make 750 000 euros.

Monday, December 22, 2008

New BMW Z4!

Some days ago a series of the scanned pictures has filtered into a network with represented on them new BMW Z4, models the official information about which has appeared only today. The scanned brochure in which all car, but only its devilishly attractive forward part is not shown became First signs. The new sports cabriolet from BMW has incorporated the basic images realised by the main designer, Mr. Benglom, on all previous models. The first Z4 tried to resemble a monetary denomination, with a forward part which looked so as if tried to thumb all a nose. At the same car a frightening and predatory kind which as if speaks: «I have a secret, … and I can reach you». In the brochure the date started of official sales – also is specified on May, 9th, thus, it is necessary to wait only about 5 months to see a predatory cabriolet on roads.

Sport car Audi R8 for Santa Klausa

It seems that this year Santa Klaus will not land on your roof, and instead will make some circles on your lawn. This Audi R8, replaced to the well-known Christmas grandfather sledge, is a part of the advertising company spent in the Netherlands. Thanks to it a car, Santa, definitely, can come to be anywhere, and after work it will have a real possibility to call in from Mrs. Klaus in local bars. Absolutely few Santy can brag of it. The main thing to believe and hope that a luggage compartment of this car enough big to contain all gifts.

Coupe StudioTorino Coupetorino on the basis of Mercedes SL

Yes, this car looks madly beautifully. But, unfortunately, in a batch production it will not arrive. Concept Coupetorino Alfredo Stola (Alfredo Stola), by the designer of company StudioTorino, and Peter Jablonski (Piotr Jablonski), the student of the Italian institute of an applied art and design (IAAD) has been created. The car has been presented on action Turin World Design Capital 2008 within the limits of category Bespoke Coachwork. The basic idea which founders – to take compartment Mercedes SL have tried to express and to give it a certain Italian note. And it seems to us that it has turned out perfectly well. But are compelled to afflict all admirers of exclusive German cars – company Mercedes does not plan to start StudioTorino Coupetorino in a series. Modern model Mercedes SL is a cabriolet with folding rigid top, therefore release of a similar compartment becomes inexpedient. At the moment the German company works over creation of sport car SLC with type doors «a wing of a seagull» which will have, most likely, some similar details with modern generation SL. So, the compartment on the basis of SL, represented above, will not arrive in a batch production, because at company Mercedes already on the way a similar lineup.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Concept Mercedes BlueZero in Detroit will show, what will be a new B-class!

German automobile magazine Autobild has exhausted a series of sketches on which it is represented concept BlueZero which world debut will take place on January, 11th, 2009 on the North American international motor show in Detroit. On hearings, this completely the electric concept car should give the first representation about following generation of a Mercedes-Benz of the B-class which occurrence is expected in 2010. The most expected version of a 5-door hatchback of a class "lux" becomes the version with a power-plant working on fuel elements which will go on sale within 2010. According to the information from a Mercedes-Benz, this car becomes the first serial model equipped with the similar power unit. Mercedes a B-class 2010 modelling years, working on fuel elements, it will be equipped by new generation of the hi-tech engine which in comparison with other similar systems becomes compact enough, and, at the same time, can offer the big productivity. The maximum output power of the electric motor used on the pilot version of a B-class on fuel elements, makes 136 h.p. at 320 Nanometers of a twisting moment. Developers from Mercedes assert that the model with a drive gear on fuel elements gives the best indicators of speedup, than a B-class equipped of 2,0 l with the gasoline engine while "appetite" of a novelty will make only 2,9 l of fuel (diesel analogue) on 100 km of a way.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

BMW M5 Touring from Japanese Mitaka

Versatile persons popular for the West in Russia are reputed as the cars intended for people, burdened with the big family and a summer residence. By means of such car uneasy enough to underline own status even if it is one of known German brands. For those who does not wish to accept such situation, the Japanese company Mitaka has developed a special tuning package for versatile person BMW M5 Touring. Japanese did not begin to subtilize with productivity of the car as engineers BMW and with it have not bad enough consulted. The set of changes mentions appearance of the versatile person and consists of a new front bumper, lateral thresholds, a rear spoiler on a roof and new final system. The attention bright orange colouring of a body and 21-inch cast wheel disks draws to itself. In a combination with matte black, orange colour is especially expressive, and even can become for your children some kind of a school board on which they will carry out homeworks.

Special edition Mazda 2 Fit for Fun in the limited quantity will appear in Germany!

Mazda2 “Fit for Fun” is new special edition compact Japanese hatchback which will arrive on the German market in number of 400 copies. Version “Fit for Fun” is executed on the basis of Mazda2 about 1,3 l by engine MZR capacity of 86 h.p., characterise this car the blacked out head lights, an acting bumper, a rear fender, painted in colour of a body a radiator enclosure, lateral aerodynamic panels and 16-inch cast disks. The given model also is equipped by the better base equipment, such as system of the automatic climate control, system of dynamic stabilisation (DSC) with the cohesive force control (TCS), an on-board computer and a rain sensor for windshield cleaners. Starting cost of a hatchback in Germany will make 15 800 euros, choice possibility between two colours of an ex-terrier will be presented to buyers: white or black.

The prices for the fastest Focus are named!

The Russian representation Ford named the prices for the fastest in the history of company Focus. The new generation of model Focus RS will cost in Russia 1 238 000 rbl. or an order $44 700. Specially for Focus RS engineers Ford have been developed turbo version of 2,5-litre 5-cylinder engine Duratec. Thanks to new working out capacity of the engine reaches 305 h.p., and the twisting moment makes 440 Nanometers. Three-door hatch-back Ford Focus RS is equipped by a forward suspension bracket under name RevoKnuckle, called to reduce undesirable deterioration of controllability and «power precision steering», characteristic for powerful front-wheel cars. The combination of suspension bracket RevoKnuckle to the differential of raised friction quaife automatically redistributing a twisting moment on idea should allow front-wheel Focus RS to "digest" huge herd (was considered earlier that there are more 250 h.p. the car with a forward drive to master not in a condition). Focus RS will be on sale in Russia in three colours – Frozen White (in the standard), Performance Blue and Electric Green.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Volvo S60

Volvo for a long time already declared that the premiere of a prototype new generation model S60 will take place in January on a motor show in Detroit. And here today the Swedish company has published the first photos of this model. And at once it is possible to tell – if serial S60 will look also as well as concept it will be the present break for Volvo. After all the car in photos looks really very fine. At concept there is one interesting feature – back doors open here almost as at a minivan. They do not swing open, as we have got used, and drive off back. Though it is necessary to tell at once that to a series of anything similar will not go. Safety systems in new Volvo S60 will be enough. Also it is a question not only of pillows or anti break system. Volvo S60 will receive system of the prevention of failures of last generation, which itself watches road conditions and warns the driver about danger. In need of Volvo S60 even itself can stop. Besides, the car will receive system of a night image which begins to scan space in a night-time.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Roadster Cardi Body II from Russian tuning company Cardi!

Is it Ford Thunderbird? Or any models from Alfa Romeo? No, it Body II: the double roadster created by Russian design tuning company Cardi. This car has been presented for the first time public on a motor show in Moscow in 2003. Body II it is constructed on platform BMW of a 3-series (most likely, with index E36) and the Twisting moment is equipped 2,5 l 6-cylinder by the engine capacity of 196 h.p. moves on back wheels by means of a 5-step mechanical transmission. Apparently on images, interior Body II has much in common with BMW 325i, especially it concerns the instrument panel, the lever of a gear change and forward seats. Cardi asserts that the roadster weight makes 1 470 kg, and speed from 0 to 100 km/hour the car can develop for 6,6 sec, thus its maximum speed makes 250 km/hour. The design of an exclusive roadster bears in itself lines of a pseudo-retro of model Ford Thunderbird with addition of elements from Alfa Romeo, especially in a forward part.

Mercedes thinks about release a double roadster on the basis new A-class!

Where move Volkswagen and BMW, there moves and Mercedes. It is known that duet VW/Audi plans to let out own compact roadster, company BMW deliberates release of model Z2 – in Mercedes thus do not wish to stand aside and develop idea on creation of an own roadster on the basis of an A-class. Company Mercedes already has some design concepts from which it is possible to make a start, and more often she glances on concept SLA, presented on a motor show in Detroit in 2000. «It is a part of usual process on working out of new model from Mercedes-Benz – to address to ideas of the past», one of heads of the German company has declared in interview AutoWeek.« When prototype SLA in the end of last decade debuted on public, we yet had no suitable platform; a sandwich-platform was too high and heavy. This problem will be solved with the advent of the following A-class which new platform will provide much bigger support of various variants of a body ». Actually, the new generation of cars A and a B-class from Mercedes will be constructed with possibility of various variations in the various markets, including the USA. Thus, if Mercedes the minipenalty for crossover creation is going to use a platform (on it it was informed this year), why to Germans not to develop on similar base also a sports roadster.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sport coupe MC Sport Line from Maserati

It seems, company Maserati has thoroughly decided to undertake independent manufacture of special versions of own models, and start has been given on a motor show in Bologna where Italians have presented version MC Sport Line. At the heart of this car model GranTurismo S which experts Maserati have improved front and rear spoilers from carbon fiber, lateral aerodynamic panels with black inserts on the centre, carbon cases for the side view door mirrors, new door handles, and black glossy 20-inch wheel disks is put. Besides, the Italian engineers have increased productivity of a coupe. The car suspender has received more rigid springs, new absorbers and stabilizers. A novelty have equipped also with the new software for system Stability Program from Maserati which, by words to developers, gives to the driver «more freedom». As works were made directly by experts Maserati, it is necessary to notice that all is executed with very good taste. For this reason get the similar car very few fans of the Italian coupes can to themselves. Though version MC Sport Line is constructed on the basis of model GranTurismo S, company Maserati asserts that in due course will give to all series GranTurismo of line of package Sport Line, and after and to all lineup Maserati.

Espionage picture updated Mercedes S-class 2010 modelling years!

Updated sedan Mercedes of a S-class will be officially presented in 2010, but already now, looking at espionage picture, it is possible to tell – external changes will appear are minimum. It is necessary to notice also that on creation of a new bumper and light-emitting diode indexes of turn, and also design of a forward part as a whole, developers has inspired memorable concept Ocean Drive. Though, according to Germans, the scale of engines remains former, except for the promised hybrid power-plant, internal changes can be much more, rather than external. The information on it is poor enough, but by experience of last years it is possible to tell that the flagman S-class is the original stand for new technologies Mercedes. We will hope Therefore that the updated sedan, having appeared in the market, us will surprise with something especial. Once again we will remind that modernised Mercedes a S-class 2010 modelling years will appear in showrooms worldwide just in a year when well-founded citizens will start to prepare gifts for the relatives

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Roadster Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M debuted in Bologna!

Afterwards behind presentation of new sport car Scuderia Spider 16M, which have taken place on a racing line Mudzhello in the north of Italy in the beginning of November, Italians on a motor show in Bologna have spent public display of this car from Ferrari. Model Scuderia Spider 16M which will be born in the limited quantity, is in essence the roadster-version of a compartment 430 Scuderia, received similar a running gear and mechanical details. From a technical aspect, pure weight Scuderia Spider 16M makes 1340 kg (on 80 kg easier, than "standard" F430 Spider). The car is equipped by the modified version of the V-shaped 8-cylinder engine from Spider capacity of 510 h.p. Being allocated with a capacity parity to the weight, equal 2,6 kg/h.p., model Scuderia Spider 16M accelerates momentum from 0 to 100 km/hour of all for 3,7 sec, and its maximum speed makes 315 km/hour. The car will be let out in two versions: The base configuration will be painted in black and grey colours, and at will of the customer the car can be got with three-coloured colouring from Carrozzeria Scaglietti Personalisation Programme. Exclusive features of a new stallion from Ferrari concern a tubular skeleton with the external case from carbon fiber a special audiosystem of new generation which can be interfaced with demountable personalised Ferrari Ipod Touch 16 Gb, connected through dock-station in the instrument panel.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nissan 370 Nismo

Recently in a network there were images of version 370 Z Nismo S-Tune from Nissan which, possibly, have been given by the developer, but the absolute guarantee of it was not. Now with confidence it is possible to tell that version Nismo will appear after the base version of model 370 Z. The presentation of tuning car Recently has taken place, and to public details about a new special offer became known. On court two tuning packages will be presented all admirers of the Japanese sport coupes: Nismo S-Tune Aero Package and Nismo S-Tune Performance Package. Nismo S-Tune Aero Package it is aimed at aerodynamics improvement, therefore consists of a new modesty panel, lateral weather-cloths and a rear spoiler. Functional set Nismo S-Tune Performance Package it is concentrated to improvement of productivity of the car, therefore he can brag of new final system, 19-inch wheels from Nismo, a special suspender of series S-Tune and the improved braking system.

Coupe Porsche Carrera GT from studio 9ff

Sports coupe Porsche Carrera GT in the near future for two years can be laid off, however it does not do its less attractive. Besides, it does not mean that the tuning companies should not to continue modernise it. The manufactory 9ff, being the author of some significant cars from Porsche, such as version GT9, undertook recently completion of model Carrera GT. The car has received name GTT 900, and has been recently presented on a motor show in Essen, Germany. A standard V-shaped 10-cylinder power-plant have finished on 50 % owing to what its capacity has made astronomical 900 h.p. From improvements it is possible to note the new camshafts, the expanded ports of an exhaust system, and the special muffler with unique valve system and tips. Even more to draw attention to exclusive Porsche Carrera GT, experts of studio 9ff also have painted the car in bright red colour.

Monday, December 8, 2008

In Essen have shown sport coupe Brabham Racing BT 92 on the basis of BMW M3

On a motor show in Essen debuted the graceful compartment Brabham Racing BT 92 executed on the basis of BMW M3. The car have equipped with a set of external details from carbon fiber, 20-inch cast wheel disks with carbon inserts, sports final system, exclusive elements of an interior and highly effective brakes. Judging by the images kindly given by our Dutch colleagues from site, it has as a result turned out very much even the quite good car. In the meantime it was found out that all – including organizers of a motor show – considered that name Brabham Racing directly is connected with a legend of the Australian races by sir Jack Brebhemom (Sir Jack Brabham). Now it has appeared that this German company has no relation neither to triple champion Formuly-1, nor to its racing command. On the site sir Brebhem has let out an official statement asserting that «no communication between a family of Brebhem and production exposed on the European motor show, is present». According to Associated Press information, Jack Brebhem and his family are going to submit the claim against company Brabham Racing.

Maserati GranTurismo Elite Carbon!

The American firm Elite Carbon has told about the new tuning package developed by its experts for magnificent coupe Maserati GranTurismo which will appear on sale from the midpoint of 2009. Promising to improve not only appearance of the car, but also its aerodynamics, the body-whale from Elite Carbon includes a new front bumper with sticking out edge from carbon fiber and bores for cooling of brakes, an accurate rear spoiler, lateral weather-cloths, and also the rear choke tube. The American tuning package for the Italian coupe also contains a number of other external elements, such as 21-inch cast wheel disks put in sports tyres, the sports final system, the chromeplated tips of an exhaust, a modifed braking system. Some elements of the interior which has become carbons have been subjected changes also.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Mercedes-Benz CLC. The admission in Gran Tourismo

The 2008 Mercedes-Benz CLC has a bit more premium spin than the former C-Class Sport Coupe, so it slots into the present C-Class lineup just beneath the CLK. As you'd expect, the CLC adopts the aggressive front end of the new-generation C-Class with its dual trapezoidal headlights and does away with the classic, round quad headlights. The CLC also features a prominent twin-slat grille, a look that gives it a clear family resemblance to the upmarket SLK roadster. At the same time, the tuning of the four-link independent front suspension and the multilink independent rear suspension has been thoroughly revised with stiffer spring rates and firmer dampers across the lineup. The Stuttgart engineers privately tell us that it all adds up to "sharper and more direct" responses. If this is not enough, you'll also be able to specify the CLC with an optional sport package that lowers the ride height fractionally, and no doubt there will be an AMG model of the CLC on the way. No information has been released as yet about pricing, but it appears that the 2008 Mercedes-Benz CLC is going to get serious about the market for premium-class small cars.

The sketch of future sport coupe Acura NSX Super GT 2010

What would you make, be at you talent of the artist and espionage photos? For certain would represent by hand the future sport car NSX Super GT. Designer John Sibal (Jon Sibal) took espionage photos Acura NSX and has created on a paper that, most likely, will make the majority of well-founded autofans with the NSX as soon as they will appear on sale. John has added a wide body-whale and bright racing colouring of a body thanks to what NSX GT became a high-grade racing car. Let and on a paper. With all details accompanying this process, it is possible to familiarise in a personal blog of Sibala in which the designer has laid out an initial photo and result of the work.

220-strong Alfa Romeo MiTo M430 from Marangoni

On a motor show in Essen the Italian manufacturer of tyres Marangoni has presented "the heaped up" version of hatchback Alfa Romeo MiTo which, presumably, has been developed on an image of sport car Ferrari F430 from what its name – MiTo M430 follows. The project has been made by the Florentine company TRC which at the desire of representatives Marangoni has completely overworked the car, having reflected essential changes in body details, the engine, an interior, a braking system and an inner trim. 1,4 l turbo engine Alfa Romeo MiTo which in the base version has the capacity equal of 155 h.p., has been carefully finished, and now its capacity makes 220 h.p. Besides, a set for increase capacity characteristics, developed Mariani, engages the new turbine, the final system added with a catalyst converter, four tips of an exhaust from noncorrosive steel, and an air filter hidden in special carbon fiber boxing. For improvement of roadability Alfa Romeo MiTo M430, engineers used the exclusive complete set for a suspender from KW, allowing to regulate car height that has underestimated a hatchback ground clearance on 40 mm.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Taxi Ferrari Enzo: that is what needs for lated to the airport guys!

Since magnificent compartment Rolls-Royce Phantom has been noticed recently at McDonald’s, it is difficult to surprise us with non-standard application of expensive and semiexclusive cars. Here one more example – taxi Ferrari Enzo which, judging by licence plates, it is possible to meet somewhere in the Near East. The excellent decision for very rich Arabian clients without luggage which are late aboard the plane.Especially inquisitive readers can offer the variant of a fare in such taxi, but we all the same will risk to assume that this image – work of any joker not bad knowing Photoshop.

Volkswagen continues work on new economic city-car!

Though the high prices for fuel have a little fallen from the record marks, company Volkswagen strenuously prepares the new compact city car for release. The new model will take the place in a modelling ruler just before preparing for release mini-car Volkswagen Up!, also promises to offer astronomically high indicators of profitability.The novelty from the German manufacturer which, under available data, will receive name Chico, will be constructed on architecture of model Up!, but on the size will correspond to more "kids" For Two from Smart and iQ from Toyota.
Thanks to the modified running gear engineers Volkswagen could not make Chico already andmore low, than Up! That promoted the best aerodynamics. «Up! Has a high design and, as consequence, restrictions on aerodynamic productivity», – were declared in interview Autocar by the president of company Volkswagen Martin Vinterkorn (Martin Winterkorn). «Our newest car much more low and, thanks to it, provides much smaller resistance».

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Computer sketches of crossover Porsche Cayenne 2011 modelling years

The artist of autoportal LeflaneNews, being based on last espionage pictures of new generation Porsche Cayenne, has created two computer sketches of this German crossover. As it was informed about two years ago, appearance Cayenne will have 2011 modelling years much in common with versatile persons, the car will receive lower and nonconventional for SUV landing. Also it is possible to carry more flat arrangement of the windscreen, the underestimated line of a roof to the basic changes, blacked out the central and back racks of a body, and also inclined back body racks. More recently photographers-spies managed to make a picture of an interior of the test sample on which it is possible to see new very sports wheel. In spite of the fact that the interior is mainly hidden, it is possible to make out a steering wheel with the keys built in it for a manual gear change, and also the many-tier push-button module for management of instrument group. Company Porsche of the first has presented in the market a crossover constructed on the basis of new automobile architecture, developed by its experts together with companies Volkswagen and Audi. The first Cayenne was born in 2002 – one year prior to occurrence Volkswagen Touareg, and four years prior to exit Audi Q7. It is necessary to notice also that companies Porsche, apparently, managed to be pushed Volkswagen to faster development of joint projects, such as updating of appearance of family of own crossovers.

Experts ABT have developed a tuning package for new Volkswagen Scirocco!

Company ABT has appeared one of the first tuning studio, started to work with new Volkswagen Scirocco which has only just started to appear in the European dealer centres. Masters from a place of Kempten (Kempten) have prepared it for a sports coupe rather aggressive body-whale which consists of a new front bumper with a small spoiler, lateral weather-cloths with cuts of vent holes, a large spoiler on a roof, and the rear aerodynamic panel which has united in cater located tips of an exhaust and a side panel of a luggage compartment. The ex-terrier also is added by new cast wheel disks in the sizes from 18 to 20 inches. For the purpose of improvement of roadability of coupe Volkswagen Scirocco, in ABT have developed the new sports suspender, arranged a body strong Scirocco on 30 mm more low to the earth. This exclusive complete set (in a combination to 19-inch cast disks) will appear in Germany since January, 2009 at the price of 5 990 euros or $8 300. Further German tuners prepare to offer also a sports braking system. And, at last, company ABT has improved capacity of all engines offered together with VW Scirocco. The Output power of unit TSI of 1,4 l is increased about 160 h.p. to 200 h.p., 2,0 l TSI – about 200 h.p. to 240 h.p. and 2,0 l of motor TDI – about 140 h.p. to 170 h.p.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Peugeot 908 RC Concept at 2008 Essen Motor Show

The 908 RC is powered by Peugeot's V12 HDi DPFS (diesel particulate filter system) diesel engine designed to take part in the "Le Mans Race Series" programme in 2007. The engine has a capacity of 5.5-litres and offers a level of performance unprecedented for a diesel engine, with a maximum power output greater than 700bhp and, above all, an exceptional torque in excess of 1200Nm. With a 100 V angle architecture, the engine's centre of gravity is as low as possible. Two particulate filters are located at the end of each exhaust system ensuring the car's environmentally-friendly credentials. The originality of the 908 RC resides in its compact design, with the engine arranged in a rear central transverse position. Similarly the compact 6-speed electronically controlled sequential gearbox has been specially adapted to withstand the phenomenal torque, and is located under the engine. The position of the power train allows the creation of a large-capacity boot, situated behind the final drive assembly and therefore not encroaching on the generous interior space of the passenger compartment. This design also allows the driving position to be moved forward, maximising the driving experience for both the driver and the passengers.

Mazda3 2010 modelling years

In some days after presentation of sedan Mazda3 2010 modelling years (known in Japan as Axela) on a motor show in Los Angeles, the Japanese motor-car manufacturer has exhausted the first images of the new hatchback of 3 series which world premiere will take place on December, 3rd on a motor show in Bologna, Italy. It is no wonder that new Mazda, also as well as its competitors Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf, differs impudent and more aggressive appearance. The Japanese motor-car manufacturer declares that car "stuffing" engages «more productive scale of the engines, typical for Mazda the engineering decisions which have allowed even more to lower weight, and is thin adjusted aerodynamics». In the first quarter 2009 when 5-dours hatchback Mazda3 will go on sale in Europe, the car will be equipped with the newest and top in modelling to a number of 2,2 l the diesel engine with a turbo-supercharging capacity of 150 or 185 h.p. Besides, the European buyers will have a choice possibility between existing 1,6 and 2,0 l gasoline engines, and also 1.6 l diesel turbo engine. According to the published information, all petrol versions of the engine new «Mazda 3» will offer a full set of modern ecological operating time, including the first-ever automobile catalyst converter developed with use nanotechnology.

On autoshow in Essen Audi will show racing Audi R8 GT3

Company Audi has informed that on a motor show in Essen planned for the period from November, 28th till December, 7th of current year, it will present for the first time the racing version of coupe R8. Rear-drive Audi R8 GT3 which capacity makes more than 500 h.p., it is intended for participation in various national and international racing series worldwide. The twisting moment in the car will move on rear wheels by means of the newest 6-step sequency gear boxes while the suspender of model R8 GT3 will mainly use details from serial model. For those who was interested by this car it is necessary to tell that Audi R8 GT3 it will be accessible to orders since autumn of 2009.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Renault Ondelios- cachalot concept in Paris!

The next working out of designers Renault has taken many fans of the given mark unawares. Concept Ondelios where from French «оnde» — means "wave", should present in the complete set those technological novelties and multimedia innovations which the company will use in the serial models approximately since 2012. As to certain details, type of power draught here it is necessary to allocate the 258-strong hybrid power unit which, if to consider considerable "weight" concept, spends on the average 4,5 l of a diesel engine for 100 km. For the aid to the engine two electromotors one of which is located on a forward axis, and another on back, which in turn battery for the account of the energy saved from braking come. On a number with the economic engine, the contribution from future "car" has brought as also a body concept which design has allowed to reduce factor of resistance to a minimum and to test for "durability" new materials in motor industry. Besides it concept was as it is stuffed by every possible "futures", in the form of the big panoramic roof, opening on the top of doors in the form of a boomerang, LED headlights, sensor controls and any auxiliary gauges. For contact to a line 23-inch wheel disks in design of a propeller and the tyre of dimension 255/40 have been in turn presented. Well and at last — about salon. Here there are six separate armchairs, each of which is configured individually and supplied by all necessary for multimedia pastime of the passenger for the period of long trips. Besides it here it is presented conditioner and a small bar. So renault ondelious fully likes lux car!

Mazda Kiyora

«Kiyora» in translate from the Japanese means cleanliness and naturalness. Thanks to the design, ecological parametres and a sheer pleasure from driving, novelty Mazda Kiyora more than justifies the name. Creating the technologies, company Mazda adheres to a strategic line «balanced Zoom-Zoom». Mazda Kiyora represents a real embodiment of this line. Developing unique design concept Nagare, Mazda has developed the car with the excellent aerodynamics promoting achievement of excellent fuel efficiency and a low level of blowouts CO2 which shows magnificent dynamics of driving. Mazda Kiyora it is created on absolutely new platform providing the minimum weight parametres at the maximum safety. Equipped with engine Mazda of new generation with direct injection of fuel and unique intellectual system of an engine cutoff at a car stop, this car represents ideally harmonious a combination between pleasure from driving, ecological parametres and safety indicators. Mazda Kiyora it is allocated with a transparency of a body and comfortable interior which differs universality and safety. Supplied with means of a filtration of such elements of an environment as water and air, it embodies cleanliness which should be inherent in easy and compact city cars of new generation.

Citroen GT Concept, from game to Paris autoshow...

For the first time in history the vehicle from the virtual world has regenerated in real concept. Citroen GT has appeared as a result of cooperation of the French mark with company Polyphony, the developer of racing simulator Gran Turismo 5 to video prefix Playstation 3. Sales of this game, as it is known, exceed 50 million copies worldwide, and it deservedly is considered the most qualitative and realistic of simulators. In the game concept it is equipped with electric motors which eat from fuel cells. So atmosphere Citroen GT Concept at all does not pollute.The car is intended for movement of two persons, the driver's place is accurately separated from the passenger by a high central tunnel on which have settled down set of toggle-switches. All the major for the pilot the information is displayed on the small display directly before it not to distract from intense races.The design concept does not prevent to possess to it worthy aerodynamics. Lines glass works remind concept C - Metisse, and the silhouette is visually extended at the expense of far taken out spoiler in a back part. Both forward, and the back light engineering leaves in the sides formed by wheel arches. In them 21-inch aluminium wheel disks, by the way, settle down. The car far not the small: its length makes 4 960 mm and width of 2 080 mm, and here height is equal only 1 090 mm.

Friday, November 28, 2008

2005 Scion XB Bosozoku - This Is Sick

Crazy is probably the most-used adjective to describe Arthur Fong's '05 Scion xB. With the custom fiberglass body components, the all-wood teahouse interior and those wings(!), Arthur's xB is a show car like no other. Arthur will be the first to tell you that his design is polarizing, for as many people who hate it, there are equal amounts of those who love it. But to us at Super Street, it is something different while also being very well executed. To build the xB, the Art Center College of Design student spent two years painstakingly doing things by trial and error until meeting Ben Abutin of High End Performance and Freddy Fernandez of Auto Fashion, who helped put the pieces of the xB's unique puzzle together into the package you see now.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Acquaintance to compartment Jaguar XF 2010 modelling years!

Now, when at company Jaguar the management was replaced, this British mark is even more adjusted on that at large German motor-car manufacturers hard times have come. At such models as Audi A5 there will be a new competitor: a coupe the version of recently exhausted sedan Jaguar XF. The coupe will inherit design concept XF-C, debuting in April on an auto show in Beijing. As well as the sedan, a coupe will keep an image of "a terrible cat», but becomes more sports and aggressive. The form of head lights will change, they become more dynamical, and the front bumper will get more than the chromeplated elements. Coupe Jaguar XF the sedan will be equipped by the same V-shaped 8-cylinder turbo engine, as. Such cars as Mercedes SLK, Porsche Cayman and BMW Z4 become the basic contenders of a novelty. The official debut of coupe XF will take place in 2009 on a motor show in Detroit, and its sales will begin in the beginning 2010.

The first copy of sport coupe Audi R8 has been noticed in Europe

Copies of cars or as them still name – remarks, are amusing cars which give due to perfectly proved models. Remarks Porsche Speedster are an example good to volume. They are made of almost completely original details (with old Volkswagen Beetle), and allow the person to become the owner of an exact copy of the beautiful car for very small money. An another matter when take not especially popular and insufficiently powerful Pontiac Fiero, and try to make its similar on Ferrari. It was not so good idea, as well as in a case with Chrysler, altered in Mercedes 600 SL. The car about which we will tell to you now, undoubtedly, falls under this category. Photos of this Audi R8 have been made somewhere in Europe. While appearance can make impression upon naive maidens, the interior of this miracle on four wheels gives out in it something absolutely incompatible with a high quality German car, namely – a stuffing from Ford Probe. For certain some will consider that such car is a good variant for those who does not presume to itself present Audi R8 but instead of paying nearby $50 000 (in creation of this copy so much has managed) for similar completion, it is better to get present Audi A5. Yes, also do not forget that cost of donor Ford Probe makes $1500. Whether it is necessary to spend for a body of fifty thousand dollars to set up it on the cheap chassis?

One million dollars cash or super car Koenigsegg CCX?

Imagine, that you have won in a lottery and it is necessary for you to choose a prize – an exclusive sports car or cash? 1 million dollars or super cra Koenigsegg CCX? What would you choose? The uneasy decision, whether not so? To help you to make the decision, let's present that in your native city only 12 km of the asphalted road. What to do in that case? To move to other city? A certain Canadian lucky beggar by name of Lui Edgi (Louie Edgi) has won sports Koenigsegg CCX in lottery Cash and Cars, but instead of the car has preferred to take away money. Handsome man CCX – one of the main prizes of this lottery – very seldom can be seen in Canada. This car is considered the vice-champion on speed among serially issued cars in the world. Making comments on the choice, Edgi has told:« The car is made in Sweden, its speed makes 400 km/hour. I do not think, that it in general was necessary to someone. It costs one million dollars, therefore I have preferred to take away a cash. But, living in small town Norman Uels, I do not think at all that the car »is necessary for me.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Porsche Panamera

In Porsche in the last couple of years did not hide that in company bowels there is an active work on creation of absolutely new 4-door compartment which should become the largest car for all history of existence of firm (in Porsche insist that it not a sedan, namely a 4-door compartment). And here, at last, Porsche has published official photos of this model and the technical information on it. As a matter of fact, pictures have been made for a long time already, however, Porsche has imposed a ban for their publication till today. So, it became clear that the length Porsche Panamera will make almost 5 metres! More precisely 4970 mm. That is this car will appear only on slightly shorter Mercedes-Benz a S-class and BMW 7-series. And it means that in car salon a lot of place, and not only for the driver, but also for back passengers of whom here have properly taken care will be valid. As well as it was supposed earlier, under a cowl of the most modest Panamera there will be a petrol motor in volume of 3,6 l which is developed by experts Volkswagen. It gives out 300 h.p. there Will be also unit V8 in volume of 4,8 l. It begin to exhaust as in the atmospheric version (405 h.p.), and with a turbo-supercharging (500 h.p.). And here diesel engines will not be. Instead of them for fans a bit later on fuel will save the hybrid version where gasoline engine V6 and the electromotor will be united is offered. Gear boxes will be two: standard "mechanics" and modern "automatic machine" with two clutches and possibility to switch speed manually.

Audi R8 Razor PPI

Still one year ago on autoshow in Essen German tuning studio PPI Automotive has shown "pumped over" Audi R8 which has received a proper name – PPI Razor. And here, after a year, in the same place, in Essen, PPI the supercar – PPI Razor GTR is ready to present even more extreme version. Within all year engineers PPI experimented a car weather-cloth, blowing various variants in a wind tunnel. As a result the sport car has received a new bumper with the integrated spoiler, a cowl, the aerodynamic "skirt", the expanded wheel arches and a back rear wing. All weather-cloth is executed from composit materials. Mechanics by installation of the compressor, application of the special air filter and processing of an exhaust system have achieved that 4,2-litre "eight" began to give out 580 h.p. and 600 Nanometers instead of "regular" 420 "horses" and 430 «ньютонов». Besides the car "has grown thin" at once for 250 kg that should affect its dynamic characteristics. Dispersal to "hundred" occupies »3,7 with (on 0,9 with faster, than at Audi R8), and the maximum speed has grown to 332 km/h (+31 km/h). Besides it the car has received the adjustable suspension bracket, the strengthened brake system and specially developed by firm PPI shod 19 and 20-inch disks. The car receive low profile rubber Michelin Pilot Sport by 2 dimension 255/35 ZR19 in front and 325/25 ZR20 behind is put. The forward panel and wheel are finished high-quality nubuk, and sports spirit of the car urged to underline carbon inserts. According to representatives PPI Automotive, Razor GTR it will be let out by the limited series. However, the price will be already named very soon - on November, 29th. This day PPI Razor GTR will celebrate a premiere on a motor show in Essen.

The Chinese sport car Guangben Linia Coupe

We have got used to that the Chinese motor-car manufacturers copy the Japanese and European models. But it is other case. The Japanese office of company Honda should give particular attention to that its Chinese "daughter" Guanhzhou-Honda has thought up. Last week on an auto show in Guangzhou (Guangzhou), China, the presentation of the next child of the Chinese car industry – conceptual Guangben Linia Coupe has taken place. The car has turned out middle sea, with the truncated front part, a high line of doors, a stylish luggage compartment and "slanting" head lights – here from what becoming outdated Honda S2000 could take some lessons. Technical characteristics Guangben Linia Coupe are not published yet, but it is obvious that some elements of appearance of it concept quite could enrich shape Honda models S2000. The unique question arising at the sight of this car, this his name. Why the car with open top – a roadster – Chineses named "coupe"?

Police hatchback Volkswagen Scirocco Police Edition

In the USA it is difficult to see the class police patrol car. In States it is arrested so many people that on service in police there are basically large-sized cars with big back seats. Good engine V8 could give to playfulness to such machines, but on the big sedans with an inscription «Police» establish modest enough motors. For this reason the European policemen more abruptly. One month ago in Italy became one more police sport car more – peace officers have received in the order newcomer Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, and now "police" sine-white colour has tried on hatchback Volkswagen Scirocco which will show to all interested persons on a motor show in Essen. Hatchback Volkswagen Scirocco Police Edition has been constructed within the limits of the program «Tune it! Safe!» . Under this slogan the joint project between the government of Germany operates and by manufacturers of the tuning components which purpose is – to be convinced that all details used at tuning of the car, are absolutely safe. The manufacturer of the exclusive tuning elements Hella which experts have helped to equip policeman Scirocco Police Edition with light engineering also has taken part in the project, sufficient to scare away all infringers on a way of this perceptible car.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Coupe PGO Hemera: modern interpretation legendary Porsche 356

Look at this car under amusing name Hemera. It is the French interpretation well-known Porsche 356, issued with 1948 on 1965 the Car has been created by small company PGO and will appear on sale next year. The equipped 2,0 l the engine from Peugeot, coupe Hemera also will receive a 5-step mechanical gear box in the order. The machine design consists of a tubular frame and the combined cast body. The output power of the established engine makes 140 h.p. at the maximum twisting moment of 195 Nanometers. Dispersal from 0 to 100 km/hour occupies about 7 seconds, and the maximum speed of the car makes 200 km/hour. Not bad for model of 60th years of last century.

The newest sedan Mazda3 2010 is presented officially!

On a motor show in Los Angeles company Mazda has presented the second generation of sedan Mazda3. The new compact sedan which serially will start to be issued almost simultaneously with a new five-door hatchback, will go on sale in the beginning of 2009. In appearance of the car lines of the predecessor are unmistakably guessed, but at the same time the Japanese motor-car manufacturer has considerably freshened design Mazda3, having given to the car similarity to some models more a high rank: first of all Mazda6 and RX-8. Aggressive enough sedan which on roads precisely does not remain not noticed has as a result turned out. Similarity of registration of interior to other models Mazda also is obvious. The Japanese company confirms with business the words that the interior of new generation «Mazda 3» will turn out more perfect concerning materials and workmanship. To other details, characteristic for new sedan Mazda3, it is possible to carry three rundle steering wheel, hardly the metre panel pushed forward. In the top part of the central extension housing the multipurpose display on which the data from an on-board computer, audio or navigating systems is deduced is located.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Presented updated Gallardo Spyder LP560-4!

Even easier. Even more powerfully. Even faster. Yes how many it can proceed? There is no limit to perfection. To 2006 Lamborghini has presented roadster Gallardo Spyder, and now it was comprehended by updating. From a nose to a tail of external changes it is a little: in front – day diode light and a new bumper, behind – others optics, branch pipes of system of release, and longer grill of a ventilating lattice. Together with it the car has found index LP560-4, additional 30 Н•м a twisting moment (became 540 N•m) and a makeweight in 40 horsepowers to 520 "heads" which were already under a cowl. Weights have not added technical completions, on the contrary the car has lost two kind tens kgs so the weight of the Spider at rest makes 1550 kg.
As result – increase in the maximum speed to 325 km/h (on 10 km/h more than in the previous version) and an increase in dynamics. Car began to exchange first hundred for 3,7 with is on 0,3 with faster than earlier. The car develops 200 km/h for 13,1 seconds (faster on 0,8). Something is hardly believed that the average expense of fuel at such dynamics makes 14 l on 100 km. The price Italians yet did not declare. However already all who feel like it gossip that estimated cost Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder will begin with a 250 thousand dollars mark.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Concept Ferrari Zobin from the independent Iranian designer!

Always it was possible to company Ferrari to grasp minds and imagination of designers of all world. This newest conceptual working out based on super car Ferrari, has come from Iran, from independent designer Sajmaka Dekordi (Siamak Ruhi Dehkordi). The 33-year-old Iranian believes that creation single concept Zobin have affected bolids Formula 1. But, in spite of the fact that even car body studio Pininfarina has seriously underestimated aesthetic standards concerning modern cars Ferrari, we continue to believe that cars of this "stable" – and any other Italian manufacturer – should remain samples of perfect beauty and style. And in this case conceptual Zobin the standard of beauty from Ferrari – model Enzo is same stylish, as well as.

The first photo of a new coupe and cabriolet Ford Mustang

The presentation of the newest coupe Mustang has taken place yesterday on Tuesday, and company Ford itself has broken an interdiction, having exhausted in some hours before on the special micro-site the first official images of this car. After half an hour in a network have appeared about 50 high-quality photos and the official press release. It is obvious that Ford Motors Company operates on original system on which she carefully chooses mass media, magazines and blogs to give out through them the official information and a photo even before their publication on a corporate site. In any case, than actually is new Mustang? The American motor-car manufacturer has updated appearance new Mustang in non-standard style. In Ford assert that new version has 2010 modelling years absolutely other outlines of a body. The exception is made only by its rear. Besides, new Mustang looks more aggressively (in the spirit of Aston Martin Vantage) and is much more modern, than its predecessor.

Sedan Ford Fiesta will be possible to buy in Asia and USA

This is first official images the new sedan Ford Fiesta which world debut has taken place yesterday on a motor show of Guangzhou (Guangzhou), China. Four-door sedan Ford Fiesta is the serial version concept Verve which presentation has taken place on the same motor show in 2007. According to statement Ford, the car will prepare on new floor spaces of the company to Nanking, and its sales will begin in China in the beginning of 2009. According to the American manufacturer, additional versions of sedan Fiesta will appear in other part of Asia and the North America since 2010 after company factories in Thailand and Mexico will adjust its manufacture. In Europe sales of a similar four-door sedan are not planned. Company Ford wishes us to prove that sedan Fiesta keeps «emotional attractiveness» the five-door a colleague, and that this car differs new interpretation of firm "kinetic" design. It is hard to agree with it – at least while definition "emotional", meaning «causing and dynamical» in relation to the form, describes the big vacuum cleaner placed behind hatchback Fiesta.

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