Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alfa Romeo will present compact hatchback Mi.To

The strange choice of the name is proved by historical link Alfa Romeo with the cities of Milan and Turin (or Torino) where concern Fiat Group headquarters settles down. As a result of it also there was reduced name Mi. To. Hardly earlier this year Alfa Romeo took voting for a choice of the name of the car.

The most popular variant was Furiosa, however it has appeared that this typically Italian name has not got accustomed hatchback Mi.To

It is based on platform Fiat Grande Punto, and becomes the smallest modern serial car from Alfa Romeo. Thanks to the modernised suspender, its roadability should be on level above, than at the donor – so developers confirm.
It is expected that on light there will be some versions new Mi. To which will be equipped with rich scale of engines: from the 1,4-litre petrol unit capacity of 95 h.p. to 1,4-litre unit Multiair capacity of 105 h.p. Which will be delivered together with six-step transmission. Capacity 1,4-litre turbo Multiair will make from 135 to 165 h.p. Besides, to buyers in Europe the 1,6-litre diesel unit by capacity of 120 h.p. And the most powerful version will be offered will receive a 1,8-litre turbo engine, capable to give out to 230 h.p. which, probably, will decorate with emblem GTA.

Hyundai declared start of a new Luxury Brand!

Management Hyundai has declared that by 2010 the Korean motor-car manufacturer will exhaust an own number of cars of a class "lux" under a new name and a logo. Initially new brand will be started in the Chinese market, but, depending on its success, in due course manufacturers can extend the mark and to other settled markets where it theoretically could make a serious competition to modern "luxury" brands of the second echelon, such as Infiniti and Acura.

B Tata have confirmed intention to exhaust coupe Jaguar F-Type

Several months ago there was an information that the elegant compartment Jaguar F-Type for the first time presented in far 2000 on a motor show in Detroit, will shortly arrive in a batch production.

And here one of these days the representative of Indian concern Tata who since recent time posesses the rights to marks Jaguar and Land Rover, has declared in interview plans on fast release of model F-Type.

The official representative also has told that in management Tata Group have positively concerned plans of expansion of a modelling ruler of brands Jaguar and Land Rover. The concern plans to make the basic investments into new manufacture in a current of next five years. New lineup Jaguar includes updated sedan XJ, compartment F-Type and XF. Also in long-term prospect possibility of release of four-door updating of model XK and a compact off-road car is considered. In the following models Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, Land Rover plans to pass to an aluminium design of a body completely.
Besides, also it became known that manufacture of the newest compact crossover LRX will be adjusted at factory in English Solihalle (Solihull).

Ferrari F430 Race from tuning studio Novitec Rosso!

Known among admirers of sports cars from Maranello German company Novitec Rosso has presented the newest tuning whale F430 Race for sport car Ferrari F430. The car "Charged" by a similar package can brag of herd in 707 h.p. under a cowl and the maximum twisting moment in 525 Nanometers. Its maximum speed reaches to 348 km/h, and from 0 to 100 km/h F430 Race is capable to be dispersed for 3,5 seconds. It is possible to tell that the novelty is one of the most fastest and powerful serial sport cars, and it at cost of all"from $295 365!

Three-wheeled roadster G1 from the Californian company Sub Vehicles

This strange by sight a roadster – the new three-wheeled car under name G1, developed by the Californian company Sub Vehicles consisting of three enthusiasts, which passion is driving fast, but inexpensive vehicles.

Model G1 became the first let out car for the new company, and a basis for this working out has served concept, developed by one of founders – Niki as the Smart (Niki Smart), and a year accessible to a general review in London Millennium Dome. Original concept carries name One-Up, and, unlike G1, is the simplified model by which even it is impossible to go.
As to newer updating it completely functions, moreover, it is planned even to adjust its mass production.

This car can be used both in usual streets, and on racing lines. Three-wheeled G1 it is equipped by the 1,0-litre V-shaped dual engine capacity of 135 h.p. (99кВ) and a twisting moment of 105 Nanometers.

The rotating moment goes on a unique back wheel through six-step sequency transmission in which there is no backing transfer. The car has aluminium brake pedals and the 12-inch punched brake disks with a two-piston support. These elements are in 18-inch wheels in width of 200 mm behind and 180 mm in front. The Running gear has a tubular design with aluminium and multilayered partitions, and a non-uniform independent suspension bracket of lever type.

Conceptual sport car X3 on the basis of Mazda RX-7 FD

For last 12 years Ruben Zammit has created a number of stunning projects, and, unlike the majority of the independent autodesigners, some of its workings out have arrived in a batch production. Its concept car Bugatti Type 12-2 Streamliner about which we already told, is no more than imagination, and here other working out – sports compartment X3 in which basis the running gear old Mazda RX-7 FD is put – can go to a series actually right now, and, without demanding the big expenses.

It is supposed that than 700 h.p. the project Purpose can become the engine concept three rotor wheel the motor with a turbo-supercharging, capacity more creation of more rigid, unlike the initial version, a running gear, which not load a lump of the car more than on 1200 kg was.
Some innovations include a new roof in designs from carbon, doors opening up (which actually strengthen a body, operating as protective arches), an inclined windscreen and apertures in the doorway for a conclusion of heat from under cowl spaces. To lower cost of the ready car, Zammit has left invariable a number of elements standard RX-7. Untouched there was a windscreen form, the wheel base, a track and a running gear are kept also. On last photo below you can visually compare new concept X3 to initial sport compartment RX-7.

Student IED has developed sport car Husmen 699 GTO!

Almost every day autodesigners please us with new images of scandalous conceptual cars, to be embodied which in serial models hardly ever it will be presented possible. But sometimes among hundreds workings out there are cars which can appear once in interiors of dealers.
For example, new sport car Husmen 699 GTO, executed in the spirit of such "hits", as Ferrari 250 GTO and 599 GTB Fiorano.

The new project has been created by Emre Husmen, the student of known European Institute of Design, trained at faculty of Transport design, and actually can sometime become serial model. Husmen applies for cooperation with company Ferrari which regularly expands the staff at the expense of graduates of this rather prestigious educational institution.

The car has turned out about the same size, as Ferrari 599, but its weight will be on 200 kg less because of a design executed completely from carbon fiber. Thanks to a dual V-shaped 8-cylinder turbo engine, the big output power, than at 6,0-litre motor V12 will be reached. Besides, the new power unit will be capable to "eat" biofuel. As confirms Husmen, the car will equip with an adjustable hydraulic suspender and a rear-view camera that should improve its roadability on any types of a road carpet and facilitate a parking.

In Geneva debuted Volkswagen Scirocco!

After some months of expectation and incessant hearings, in Geneva on the closed display to journalists has been presented long-awaited hatchback Volkswagen Scirocco. In spite of the fact that it not quite shows a mixture of sensuality and air shape, seen us in concept Iroc, the novelty nevertheless is the brightest representative of a new direction of design of company Volkswagen.

Considerable difference Scirocco from concept is absence of a metal frame of the radiator enclosure giving Iroc impressing kind. It is possible to note and distinctions in a front part of the car, including other air intakes, the changed line of a cowl and altered, though similar, head lights. The thickened windscreen pillar and thick transitive area of a cowl break the smoothness of lines put in the kontsept-version, and if fine-moulded sides and a roof over a rear seat concept Iroc gave hatchback a courageous kind the rear and massive area of a rear quarter pillar of serial model makes impression of low, slightly close car. Behind Scirocco looks more attractively, and actually corresponds to lines of a rear of a prototype. Trapezoid, double exhaust nozzles have been replaced by pair round tips of the exhaust pipes which have taken places at the left – visually, such castling is less attractive, but, thus, the manufacturer could reduce the price of the car.

On a motor show in Geneva have presented Bentley Zagato GTZ

The Italian design studio Zagato has developed a unique body for new Bentley Continental GT Speed. This car has been presented journalists in Geneva and already has had time to receive enough of positive responses. Finished Bentley, received name GTZ, there were a latest work in a long train of cars from Zagato, constructed under the order, engaging shown in last year Diatto Ottovu and some early works from Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Rolls Royce and MG.

Poured by glossy sides GTZ differs from the serial car the aluminium body constructed manually, with the accurate lines expanded with wheel arches and the altered rear with new flashlights. Interior the ex-terrier – a new colour score has received more magnificent leather furnish and the new central panel, and. As to the motor, it remained the same: handsome man GTZ has inherited engine W12 capacity of 600 h.p. and the maximum twisting moment of 750 Nanometers. In spite of the fact that officially sedan GTZ is presented as concept, the car can go to a batch production, the truth, the limited release.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Saab has shown Hybrid hatchback 9-X BioHybrid

Saab has presented new concept 9-X BioHybrid, being the preliminary version of model 9-1 – the car, capable to compete with compact hatchbacks a premium-class, such as BMW 1-series.
9-X BioHybrid develops ideas of external design from compartment Aero X awarded the award presented on a motor show in Geneva in 2006, and multi-scale concept 9X, debuting on a motor show in Frankfurt in September 2001.

The newest 9-X BioHybrid is equipped 1,4-litre 200-strong turbo engine BioPower, capable to use as fuel bioethanol (E85).

9-X BioHybrid finds potential for use of active aerodynamics for the purpose of reduction of front resistance – and, accordingly, the fuel expense – on cruiser speed.
At speed over 70 km/hour, the top and bottom parts of a body changes the spoiler on a roof increases and prolongs a roof line, and bottom diffuser leaves from under a back bumper.
In a forward part of a hybrid the lattice, and a panoramic windscreen – the details created on the basis of elements awarded award conceptAero X, presented on a motor show in Geneva have settled down two years ago deeply curved radiator.

In a compact design 9-X BioHybrid the unique contour distinctly appears. The extended line of a roof and "the cut off" back part promote the best aerodynamic qualities and provide biggest internal space, than traditional compact hatchbackwith a sloping windscreen and a usual cover of a luggage carrier.

Spaniards have brought to Geneva a prototype new Ibiza – concept Seat Bocanegra

Within the next 12 months Seat plans to exhaust new generation of compact car Ibiza. But before this will be presented updated hatchback, Spaniards will show new concept, being the preliminary version of forthcoming serial model.

A novelty under name Bocanegra this week visitors of the Geneva motor show for the first time can see. As it became known to portal Motorauthority, under cowl Seat Bocanegra there will be an economic 1,4-litre engine with two turbines, executed on technology TSI.

On help to the power unit seven-step gear box DSG will be sent. The serial version new Ibiza will be presented to three- and five-door a variant, and will differ more softened lines of fine-moulded style concept Bocanegra. Spanish hatchback will borrow at Skoda Fabia variety of engines, beginning from a 1,2-litre turbo engine, and finishing the 1,4-litre engine with a natural admission. It is expected that more powerful versions, including version FR equipped 1,4-litre turbo engine with capacity of 150 horsepowers and version Cupra with the usual 1,8-litre engine will be presented also. Completely ready serial Ibiza it will be shown on the International motor show in Madrid which starts in May of this year

Coupe Maserati GranTurismo S is presented 2009 modelling years officially

Italian Maserati has officially published the information on the sports version of elegant compartment GranTurismo which has received designation S.
It is remarkable that there was it next day after novelty photos have filtered into the Internet – in Maserati did not begin to wait, when interest of public will cease, and have thrown in a fire information "armful" first-hand.

The premiere "usual" GranTurismo has taken place almost one year ago on autoshow in Geneva, and it is quite symbolical that Italians plan to present GranTurismo S on the same platform, only one year later.

It is expected that the novelty from Maserati will be equipped by 4,7-litre engine V8 instead of the 4,2-litre motor established on civil version GT. According to preliminary data, capacity of this black handsome man will make about 440 h.p. – rather strong increase instead of standard 405 h.p. the Advanced transmission with double coupling will supersede six-step automatic transmission ZF. And experts have truncated a brake way at the expense of new high-power brake mechanisms from Brembo

Italian Pininfarina has declassified appearance concept Sintesi

Design studio Pininfarina closely co-operating with company Ferrari and a number of other marks, has published some images of the new concept car which debut will take place on a motor show in Geneva.

The novelty under name Sintesi will be not only stylish by sight, but also will show some new systems of active safety. «This concept is synthesis of our values, love to business and passion to innovations, beauty through functionality, sports and elegance.
Besides, Sintesi is not only an embodiment of design Pininfarina, but also uses the innovative technologies, allowing to investigate new typology of mobility, active safety and constructive decisions», Lui Vermirsh (Lowie Vermeersch), the leading designer of the project has told. Own system Pininfarina under name Clancast becomes one of the innovative technologies presented in Sintesi.

System Clancast as though "talks" to other cars on road, informing a movement order that eliminates necessity for traffic lights and other road signs. Judging by the sketches which have been exhausted earlier during the current year, it is possible to draw a conclusion that the car will be equipped by a hydrogen fuel element and seats calculated on four passengers. Drawings of the exhibition car have been created under the direction of Lui Vermirsha – the leading designer of the company – and it is the first concept Pininfarina, developed for last 3 years

Fiat 500 Pepita covered 24k gold from company StudioM

This year at exhibition Scrigno Tesori passing in Rome d’Italia, design studio StudioM has presented minipenalties Fiat 500 covered 24k the gold powder paint, named Pepita.
Last year the same studio has presented magnificent Maserati Quattroporte which body has been painted on similar technology, but this time experts StudioM have decided to surpass themselves, and have presented the exhibition car which some journalists named “a casket full of various jewelry”.

From features of kid Pepita it is possible to note wheel disks OZ and the tyres covered with a gold paint, inlaid with the Australian pearls a metre panel, the check point and handbrake hand levers decorated with crystals Swarovski of a pedal and design cashmere rugs on a floor of a passenger compartment. Wishing to get the similar car should lay out for it about 60 000 euros.
The owner will receive for the same money exclusive the car, with the various internal furnish executed from a crocodile leather, a skin of a snake, a slope with ornaments from alternating crystals Swarovski with any of other 48 jewels

The first information about conceptual Mitsubishi Prototype-S

Some time ago on the Internet there were official sketches Mitsubishi Prototype-S, and couple of days ago the Japanese manufacturer has published some details about this car. Unfortunately, Japanese do not hurry up yet to show photos Prototype-S, therefore we will pay attention to details of this conceptual hatchback which will appear for the first time on public in March on autoshow in Geneva.

Being based on Mitsubishi Concept Sportback, for the first time shown on autoshow in Frankfurt two years ago, the novelty will join family new Lancer which includes a usual sedan and sports updating Evolution. Under the information published in the corresponding press release, new Prototype-S it is intended only for the European market. But we will not do yet hasty conclusions and we will wait for official acknowledgement of it from lips of responsible faces of the company. Prototype-S it is equipped 2,0-litre four-cylinder turbo motor by capacity of 235 h.p. This engine also can be found under a cowl of sedan Lancer Ralliart, for the first time presented on recent autoshow in Detroit. Capacity of the engine is distributed on all four wheels by means of transmission Mitsubishi SST with two couplings. Concept also uses the system of the central differential Mitsubishi Active Center Differential in regular intervals distributing motive power on forward and back wheels.

The rare of superpenalties Ferrari FXX is sold for 2,6 million euro

Unique superpenalties Ferrari FXX it is let out in number of only 29 copies, and owners of these magnificent cars are only members of exclusive club of collectors Ferrari. Despite it, one of these masterpieces has been sold recently for a round sum in 2,6 million euro. For those who is not familiar with FXX, it is necessary to notice that this car – actually proving ground for new technologies which will appear in the near future on serial cars Ferrari, and any owner FXX has possibility to go by own test line Ferrari in Fiorano, and at its order there will be a whole command of technicians and other personnel.

The first proprietor FXX lives in Iokogame, Japan, and the car has not been updated to "fresher" version Evoluzione. Nevertheless, it has not frightened off buyers at the auction which has passed in Dubai. The most amazing that to become potential buyer FXX, it is necessary to be the owner of several cars Ferrari with twelve cylinder engine the V-shaped engine and to support very much close relations with the manufacturer. Therefore it is surprising, why one of the most desired cars of the world has been sold so easily

Gemballa Avalanche GTR 800 EVO-R: streetfighter from Germany

German tuning studio Gemballa presented recently one more novelty of own manufacturing – magnificent sport compartment GTR Avalanche 800 EVO-R, the donor for which became Porsche 911 Turbo.

Founders have allocated GTR 800 EVO-R, apparently, with nothing the remarkable 3,8-litre engine. Here only capacity of this "robust fellow" stuns – 850 first class "horsies"! And in addition to it the maximum twisting moment of 935 Nanometers.

Except other, experts from Gemballa have worked at appearance of the car, the list of changes includes: * chassis AVALANCHE * cowl GT EVO * forward weather-cloth AVALANCHE * optics GT * forward carbon spoiler Lip GT2 EVO * back weather-cloth GTR EVO * back carbon spoiler GTR EVO-R Choosing rubber for Avalanche GTR 800 EVO-R, engineers have decided to stop on tyre covers Yokohama AVS Sport specially intended for use on extremely high speeds. Them have established on 19-inch alloy wheel disks with a black dusting which have come in the stead of the standard.

The first in USA Bentley Brooklands is sold from auction for $450 000

Bentley Brooklands for the first time has been presented last year on a motor show in Geneva and since then has the big success. And here, the magnificent coupe at last has reached the American rich men. At the seventh festival Naples Winter Wine which is passing in Florida, the unknown lucky beggar became the first North American owner of this car, having laid out for it at charitable auction $450 000.
Brooklands is a coupe-version of sedan Arnage and cabriolet Azure. Brooklands which is hardly longer than model Continental GT, it is intended for the provided clients, giving to the owner shaking capacity qualities and being the present symbol of riches. Some elements of design of this luxury coupe are borrowed at GT – one of the most popular models Bentley who is issued since 2004. Magnificent Brooklands it is equipped by eight-cylinder engine Crewe capacity of 530 h.p. and possesses the maximum twisting moment at level of 774 Nanometers.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mazda RX-7 Carbono- NFS Carbon

On taken place in Barcelona Barcelona Tuning Show experts of studio Maxi Tuning with pride have presented the new child under name Mazda RX-7 Carbono, a pre-production model of the car from recent release of game Need For Speed Carbon. The car looks so as if has descended to us from cartoon races or that is more plausible, from video games 90.

Toyota will show a prototype of the future SUPRA in DETROIT!

Toyota FT-HS
Well, to whom something sportive? Toyota as the present glutton eating dogs on various compact, middle size and even the big family cars, undertakes now sports. Fans of fast and reliable cars — can start to wait a new coupe from Toyota which will look approximately as concept FT-HS.

After all sports now in a fashion, therefore any manufacturer at every turn shout about «the perfected roadability» new compact car with the diesel motor in volume of 1,6 litres. But to shout — it is not enough, for successful sales of "simple" models not bad to have in the arsenal and the present sport car. Earlier at Toyota it was, and not one — Supra, MR2, the same Celica, at the worst. Now it is not present anything, but, probably, this omission will be shortly corrected. After all FT-HS is not that other, as prototype Supra of new generation.

Design FT-HS is the continuous J-factor maintained by the company recently, only very much malicious. The car looks aggressively and ultra modern from any party. At once it is visible — he is not one to be trifled with. But artful engineers Toyota have decided not to create Japanese Lotus, and have tried to consider and other orders of the day — for example, ecological compatibility and profitability.

FT-HS is not simply rear-wheel sport coupe with the 400-strong motor, able to be dispersed to "hundred" for four with small seconds. It also hybrid — the power-plant of the car consisting from 3,5-litre petrol V6 (292 h.p.) And the electric motor, which can give out to 197 h.p. (the truth, during very small time), is borrowed at Lexus GS 450h.

FT-HS — not the smallest car: its length of 4,32 metres. The batteries necessary to the electromotor, by the way, weigh decently enough, therefore the car, most likely, it will be heavier than the others. But founders FT-HS have turned minuses into pluses, having arranged them so that to achieve ideal (50:50) weighing on shafts. And, we will not forget that it after all Toyota so, on such car it is possible to go safely without preparation at 24 o'clock Le Mans — it will not break. Besides, on refuelling it is necessary to call in less often. Well, when in a series?

Audi Q7- tuning from PPI!

PPI Automotive Design GmbH – the tuning company from Germany, specialising on completion of cars Audi. On an extent more than three tens years engineers from PPI have finished a car large quantity, each of which was a embodiment of accuracy of execution and individuality.
In the work the company uses hi-tech materials, such as carbon (a carbonaceous fibre), aluminium and even applied in aircraft engineering. Exotic colours for a body and an interior steal up individually for each car, thus all works of autostudio turn out unique.
Crossover Q7 became one of company PPI Automotive Design latest works. Founders have worked with the car wonderfully well – Audi Q7 PPI has received a massive bumper with huge funnels of air intakes, impudent additional deepenings with the fog lights established in them and additional package high beam lamps.
The aggressive form of front "visor" improves aerodynamics of a car – on high speeds the stream of air passing through bores creates additional clamping force. Specially updated eight-cylinder motor V8 capacity of 420 "horsies" and in volume 4.2 litres is capable to disperse handsome man Q7 to 100 km/h less than for 6 seconds, speed limit thus makes 365 km/h. But if also such characteristics to whom that of customers appears insufficiently, "autosurgeons" from PPI are ready to establish specially finished version of the same V8 4.2L which capacity reaches 600 horsepowers.

Audi A7- car 2009 lineups

After BMW has presented on court of the public of competitor Mercedes CLS, company Audi has not kept itself waiting long: the beginning of sales of new four-door coupe A7 is planned on the end of 2009. Audi A7 will receive magnificently trimmed interior, not framed doors and a panoramic glass roof. In plans of the manufacturer to equip the car with a range from six various engines, including the diesel. In scale of petrol versions - 3,2-litre V6 (260 h.p.) and 4,2 litre V8 (350 h.p.). Cursor V10 from Lamborghini will be top of a ruler of motors.

Four-door compartment from BMW we wait in 2009!

Competitors come to the first four-door coupe Mercedes CLS on heels – Porsche works over the project under name Panamera, and Volkswagen and Audi develop own four-door models which will bear also a designation "coupe". Under the information received from our colleagues in Germany, in 2009 BMW plans an exit for the market with the four-door coupe which name is kept a secret. Admirers of mark have already christened the future car “the fighter with CLS”.

Volkswagen Golf R GTI

Past year Volkswagen has presented on court of motorists some very interesting and powerful variants of popular models Jetta, Passat and Touareg with promising label R.

This year handymans from Volkswagen have designed and have presented at the international exhibition SEMA "hot" hatchback Golf R GTI. The car has received powerful turbo compressor, allowing to squeeze out of the engine 375 "horses" impressing 19-inch wheels with rubber 265/30 R19 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup and smart brake Brembo in addition.

Engineers had to increase also intercooler R GTI for more productive work turbo compressor that was slightly reflected in design radiator lattices.

Jeep Compass- American Way star!

The next novelty from the American division of company "DaimlerChrysler" - inexpensive in Europe inexpensive and compact off-road car Jeep Compass.

The car has turned out all-wheel drive, is equipped thermo coupler which in case of proslipping is capable to give a twisting moment part on the back bridge. The blocked interaxal differential and an independent suspension bracket is necessarily applied on it. In USA Compass has appeared about one month back and at once has caused genuine interest in admirers of the American mark. Dealers already offer base version Jeep Compass with the 2,4-litre petrol engine (170 h.p.) and a 5-step mechanical box at the price of 24900 euros.

The most advanced version of "Compass", with cruise-control, firm acoustics Music Gate, a winter package and similar "lotions" will manage for 4000 euros more expensively.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mugello Paddock Girls 2008

The umbrella girls turned heads in the MotoGP paddock at Mugello, shielding the riders but still raising a few temperatures in the hot Italian sun.

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