Thursday, October 30, 2008

Concept Renault Sand’up: a coupe-crossover or a pickup? (VIDEO)

On a motor show in the Brazilian San Paolo company Renault has presented concept Sand’up, developed on the basis of crossover Sandero Stepway. Sand’up is the car with the landing formula 2+2: it can have as the compartment form, and to be transformed to a pickup. Conceptual Sand’up will be ideally suited for four persons, wishing to take pleasure in travel to a pickup with open top. To such trip 18-inch wheels on cast disks by which the prototype is equipped should provide comfort. Concept it is equipped 1,6 l by the V-shaped 16-cylinder engine Hi-Flex developing 107 h.p. of capacity at work on gasoline, and 112 h.p. – on ethanol. Sand’up it has turned out quick enough – speed from 0 to 100 km/hour the car develops for 10,6 sec (gasoline)/10,5 (ethanol).
Renault Sand'Up

Crossover Chevrolet GPiX (VIDEO)

The official representative of concern GM has given the comment concerning occurrence on a motor show in San Paolo conceptual crossover GPiX – the car with the high ground clearance, equipped with a two-door body that corresponds to requirements of buyers and the road conditions revealed on emerging markets. Crossover-compartment GPiX combines uniform design DNA from Chevrolet with aspect of profitability that is necessary for a competition on today's emerging markets. Hajme Ardila (Jaime Ardila), the president of General Motors of Brazil and the countries Merkosur, has declared that «start of this project, concept Chevrolet GPiX, can lead to working out bigger numbers of models for Brazil and the countries of the South American region». He also has informed that name GPiX is a word-combination pseudonym «Global Image» (the Global image). “G” for “global” and “Pix” for “picture”.
Chevrolet GPiX

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bloodhound SSC will try to overcome speed in 1000 miles/hours

Unique bolide Bloodhound SSC, developed specially on purpose to overcome a mark in 1000 miles/hours, it is made by present champions in land speed – Richard Noublom (Richard Noble) and Andy Green (Andy Green). In 1997 the pilot of Royal military-air forces of Great Britain Green has managed to be dispersed to 763 miles/hours on a child of Noubla – high-speed ThrustSSC, that become first car which has broken a sound barrier. Now these brave guys have returned to reach four-unit speed. Design and mechanics new bolide can differ from former, but the basic idea remains to the same: to attach the person to a rocket, and a rocket, in turn, to put on wheels. One of these days a breadboard model of a new vehicle have presented in the London scientific museum. The car moves at the expense of the jet engine developed specially for military plane Eurofighter. On reaching 300 miles/hours jet movement should will be transferred to an experimental hybrid rocket, and the driver will be under the influence of acceleration in 9,8 km/s until speed bolide will not reach 1000 miles/hours.

Bloodhound SSC

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster 722 S

The presentation of exclusive roadster SLR McLaren Roadster 722 S which will be born in the limited quantity of copies, has taken place in the beginning of October on a motor show in Paris, and only now company Mercedes-Benz has decided to present a new photoselection of images of this car. The special version of model will be equipped the improved 5,5 l turbo with engine V8 from the standard updating, developing to 650 h.p. Engineers also made over a suspension bracket and have improved the general aerodynamics of a roadster. Magnificent 722 S Roadster it will be possible to get under demands of private collectors, all 150 similar cars will be let out.

Concept Volkswagen SP-2 (VIDEO)

Revival of model Scirocco in modern portfolio Volkswagen has inspired designer Marselo Dew (Macelo Rosa) on creation of the modern version of other German compartment, the little-known model P-2 which was issued in Brazil in 1972-76. The graceful sport compartment P-2, which name was formed from the first letters of the name of factory in San Paolo, has been developed by the Brazilian branch of company Volkswagen, and intended only for the South American market. The double compartment based on platform Type 3 (in Brazil - Variant), has been equipped 4-cylinder the motor located in a back part of a body, capacity of 65 h.p. that provided Volkswagen SP-2 the maximum speed at level of 161 km/h. Despite the uniqueness, the car in 1976 has been removed from the conveyor - for four years of manufacture on light has appeared hardly more than 10 000 cars some hundreds from which have appeared in Europe. It is necessary to recognise that Marselo realised the vision modern P-2 rather successfully and if company Volkswagen really decides to revive model from the past it will need to take advantage of sketches of it of enough talented expert.
New Volkswagen SP2?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Spy Photo 2010 Ford Mustang GT Interior

In some days the long-awaited premiere of new generation of model Ford Mustang GT will take place. But while the car officially is not presented, paparazzi continue to watch the model which is tested. On last tests "the charged" version of a cabriolet — GT has got to photospies. Guesses of journalists are based, of course, on presence of a developing roof and a weather-cloth which looks deliberately aggressive. By and large, the design of model that outside that inside, is not a secret, blessing Ford was published not by one тизер the car. As one would expect, ex-terrier Ford Mustang GT has not undergone to cardinal changes and is executed in classical style for model. As to technical characteristics here while there is no extensive information. It is supposed that new Ford Mustang GT will receive a wide ruler of the gasoline engines one of which will allow it to compete to such cars, as Dodge Viper SRT10. The car debut will take place in November on the International motor show in Los Angeles, and sales Ford Mustang GT start in the beginning of next year.

Chromeplated Mercedes SLR McLaren: a glamour in Arabian way

Absolutely new level of a glamour and luxury. Undoubtedly, the United Arab Emirates is present "resort" for the majority of the most extravagant in the world of the cars executed under the special order, therefore was perfect to meet it is no wonder here sport car Mercedes SLR McLaren which body is completely chromeplated. Car specifications are unknown, therefore we wait for the help from our readers – there can be you know more about this brilliant handsome man. And we would recommend to the owner necessarily to carry with ourselves sun glasses that in solar weather not to go blind from a kind of the German sport coupe.

Audi R25 - sport car from future!

On a motor show in Los Angeles applicants for a victory in the prestigious competition Design Challenge 2008 which theme this year became Motorsport 2025 have been named. The car created in Audi Design Center, California became the first of them futuristic Audi R25. To each of the developers participating in competition, the task – to develop the unique vehicle possessing properties, not used earlier in any of motor racing kinds has been given. Cars should be ready to movement on high-speed lines and tunnels, to be able to move "head over heels" and to be capable to overcome any obstacles, without losing in dynamics. On a legend, the top parts of tunnels and turning movements contain zones WiTricity for wireless additional charge that allows drivers to use energy of these zones, without stopping for refuelling. According to these conditions the sport car of the future represented on a photo also has been designed.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hyundai Portico

Today, has received new espionage photos of new model from Hyundai - Portico .The main difference of a novelty is that it has two rows of seats, and seats can be both four, and six. All depends on, whether the central sections of sofas of both numbers are lifted. This scheme has allowed to increase useful volume of a luggage carrier in comparison with competitors. As to the engine under a novelty cowl the firm 3,3-litre engine V6 Hyundai Lambda which capacity will make about 240 h.p. Topovoj, most likely, will settle down there is an updating with the 3,8-litre 280 strong engine. Capacity of the engine will be transferred by means of new 6-step automatic transmission or to a back axis, or on all four wheels (depending on a complete set). The novelty debut, most likely, will take place in the middle of next year, and manufacture will begin in the third quarter 2009.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Kahn Cosworth Sport 300 based on the Range Rover Sport

Powered by a 3.6L V8 turbo-diesel engine capable to develop 300 hp, the vehicle can sprint from 0-100 km/h in just 8 seconds while the top speed is limited to 216 km/h.98.The SUV features also a new body kit consisting in a new front spoiler, side sills, a rear roof spoiler as well as a re-designed rear spoiler with integrated exhaust system. In order to improve the stability 22 inch alloy wheels were added. If you want to transform your Range Rover Sport into the new Kahn Cosworth Sport 300 you will need approximately $33,000 depending on your requests!

Nissan increase price for new Sedan Maxima

Company Nissan has informed that cost of the new sedan Maxima presented in June, will be increased in connection with rise in price of materials necessary for its manufacture. Cost of versions Maxima 3.5 S and Maxima 3.5 SV in the market of the USA will make $30 160 and $32 860 accordingly. Both models are equipped 3.5 l by V-shaped 6-cylinder engines and transmission CVT. Version 2009 of modelling year equipped with the V-shaped 6-cylinder engine of series VQ, will possess capacity in 290 h.p. and 261 pound/foot of a twisting moment that on 35 h.p. and 9 pound/foot of a twisting moment more than at Maxima the previous generation.

Toyota IQ

New minicar from Toyota, the beginning of which European sales is planned January, 2009, has not appeared on roads yet, but information about model iQ is enough – the car will arrive on all leading world markets, including the USA, and will make a basis for the successor of model Yaris. News has come from correspondents of German magazine Auto Motor and Sport. Toyota develops on base iQ a double roadster. Germans assert that on a motor show company Toyota will present the newest to Tokyo which started these days, concept iQ Roadster. Still not clearly, whether Toyota will build the serial version of the car which, most likely, will receive name Spider but in case it nevertheless happens, the car will receive the same ruler of engines, as a compact hatchback iQ, engaging 1,0 l both 1,3 l gasoline engines and 1,4 l diesel.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Citroen show electric C-Cactus

The C-Cactus is very simple and stylized using very few parts in the construction. The door and seats are made from just two parts each for example. You won't need to open the window, so Citroen provides a slider in the door. You can put the car in an all-electric or ZEV(Zero Emission Vehicle) mode for city driving. The mat is recycled and many parts of made from cork, a very green material. The electric model would emit no CO2 as its humming along les boulevards. Citroën indicated this C-Cactus would have a hundred mile (160km) range and a top speed of 70mph (112km/h). The price for this car is not bigger than a family vehicle from average class. And in terms of engine, it will be formed from one gas unit that will have emissions less than 100 g / km and the hybrid technology HYmotion2 which .

Shine SLR from Dubai!

This SLR McLaren is registered in the city of Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Can you create Lamborghini by own hands?

Almost ten years were spent by this person to carry out the dream - to become owner Lamborghini. Hunting, as they say, more than bondage. In any case - the persistence of such people is reputable. Additional photo there!

Peugeot RC Concept

Peugeot has presented in Paris concept hybrid sport car RC. The given novelty should "push" in automobile future use of new non-polluting materials and captures all interested of gapers technologies on a hybrid basis as much as possible. So — the stone is put. Concept RC has received a hybrid power stuffing capacity in 313 horsepowers where 218 are put in the 1,6-litre petrol agent of national security and 95 in the electromotor. The maximum twisting moment in turn makes already 300 Nanometers. The Power transmission is carried out by means of six-step mechanics which distributes a course between a lobby where works «electon», and a back axis — according to the petrol engine. Thanks to wonderful easy design of a body and specificity of the developed transmission. Concept RC it is capable to develop the maximum speed to 295 km/h and to be dispersed to "hundred" all for 4,4 seconds. The average expense thus makes all of 4-5 litres any there.

New Toyota Avensis! (VIDEO)

Several weeks ago on a motor show in Paris company Toyota has presented the European flagman model, the third generation of sedan Avensis. On the Internet there was already a first video of this demanded model which will make a competition new Ford Mondeo and Opel Insignia. Toyota Avensis 2009 will be issued in two variants of a body: a sedan and the versatile person. New generation Avensis will arrive on world car markets in January of next year, and an annual European sales volume of model, including Russia, will make 115 000 cars.
New Toyota Avensis at Paris Auto Show 2008

Concept Insecta (VIDEO)

Inspire on working out of individual design everything can: water, trees, stones, or, as in a case with certain Shao of Ship's boys of Eho (Shao Yung Yeh), even a grasshopper. The 22-year-old Taiwan student-designer from university Cheng Kung (Cheng Kung University) has created single concept Insecta during the stay in Germany where it on the academic exchange in 2007-2008 was trained in the Berlin Higher school of arts. The car design reminds an insect, it in many respects occurs for the account «lug support» suspenders which is capable to change height concept depending on a road situation. Theoretically Insecta it should be equipped with four independent electromotors.

Concept Insecta

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In Germany will go on sale 2 special versions Range Rover Sport Black and White Edition

The British company Land Rover specially for the German market has exhausted the special version of off-road car Range Rover Sport. As appears from the name, versions Range Rover Sport Black and White offer the owner furnish of interior Santorini Black, or Alaska White. In open sale will arrive only 200 similar cars. Possibility to choose the car with one of two types of diesel engines is given to clients: V-shaped 6-cylinder capacity of 190 h.p. and V-shaped 8-cylinder capacity of 272 h.p., which cost are made by 74 310 and 83 910 euros accordingly.

Mitsubishi develops Lancer Evolution X capacity of 400 h.p.

The information on possible refill of modelling ruler Lancer Evolution by X new and powerful car soars in headquarters Mitsubishi corridors. On hearings, management Mitsubishi has approved the plan on release next year new model under name FQ400. The novelty which should receive a new turbo engine, an exhaust manifold, the reprogrammed control package the engine and an advanced fuel system, will possess capacity about 400 h.p. the Car can to accelerate momentum from 0 to 100 km/hour of all for 3,5 seconds, and its maximum speed will make about 274 km/hour. At present all information on a novelty is coded, but according to preliminary data, base cost of the car will make nearby $79 015.

Lexus will present on Motor Show SEMA sedan GS 460 (video)

The Japanese manufacturer of cars of a class "lux" yet has not published any details about a novelty, but, judging by the presented image, model GS 460 from Five Axis will be received by rather aggressive body-whale with new bumpers, lateral weather-cloths and a set 5-spitsevyh cast disks. On November, 4th at stand Lexus also there will be sport sedan Project IS F, which comes back to Las Vegas with new (and is strong) the modified V-shaped 8-cylinder engine occupying more 5,75 l of free space under a cowl. Spectators also will see four unique cars, developed in partnership in companies Fox Marketing/Artisan Performance, Import Tuner Magazine/TEIN Suspension, 0-60 Magazine and MotorworldHype. Besides, company Lexus will present the special version models LX 570 created together with ICON 4×4 Design.
Five Axis Lexus, Last SLR, R8 Spyder -Fast Lane Daily- 17Oct

Dodge Charger 2009 in police now! (VIDEO)

As well as the civil version, policeman Dodge Charger 2009 it is equipped 5,7 l by V-shaped 8-cylinder unit Hemi from Chrysler capacity of 368 h.p. and 395 pound/foot of a twisting moment that on 28 h.p. and 5 pounds of a twisting moment more than at the car 2007 modelling years. As well as earlier, police stations with the small budget can make a choice in favour of "the younger" version about the preestablished 3,5 l the V-shaped 6-cylinder engine capacity of 250 h.p. In comparison with the civil version, policeman Dodge Charger can brag of specially adjusted steering and a suspender, powerful seats, capable to contain in itself completely equipped officers, the special lever regulating a ground clearance depending on loading, regulated absorbers and system of intermediate cooling bigger capacities.
2009 Dodge Charger Police Car

Monday, October 20, 2008

Preview trailer 2009 Golf GTI (VIDEO)

After display of 4-minute video about behaviour 2009 Golf GTI on road concern VW has presented the first preview trailer about new hatchback Golf which will go on sale in the spring of next year. You can look it in the publication.
Preview trailer 2009 Golf GTI

SEMA-2008: Dodge Challenger Blacktop

On exhibition SEMA-2008 company Mopar Underground has presented muscle car Dodge Challenger Blacktop. The novelty has been developed on platform Dodge Challenger R/T 2009 modelling years. From external tuning it is necessary to note more aggressive lines of body Blacktop and 22-inch wheel disks with front tyres with dimension 265/35 R22 and 305/30 R22 behind.

Tuning Mercedes GLK by Brabus

The engine will be modernised for achievement bigger capacity and the maximum speed. GLK 320 CDI 4MATIC BRABUS it is equipped with package ECO PowerXtra adding to capacity of 48 h.p., leading up a twisting moment to 590 Nanometers. Dispersal with 0 to 100 km/h occupies only 6.9 seconds, and the maximum speed makes 230 km/h. GLK 350 4MATIC it is equipped with the upgrade of productivity BRABUS B7 increasing capacity on 15 h.p. – to 287 h.p. 4-litre engine BRABUS 4.0L, accessible on 350 and 280 models has capacity of 332 h.p. and a twisting moment 420Нм and it allows to be dispersed to 100 km/h for 6.1 seconds at the maximum speed of 250 h.p. Besides productivity upgrades, Brabus also has presented a number of improvements of appearance: new headlights, a sports exhaust system, and also new choke tubes and bumpers. Besides, the complete set includes some versions light-alloy disks - from 17 to 21 inch, and also interior improvements: Furnish from a tree and carbon fiber, and also a number of improvements of controls.

A test series electric MINI E is exhausted

Company MINI has exhausted the limited series in 500 copies of model MINI E with completely electric drive gear as a part of its test program. MINI E – unusual enough car as works on the electric power constantly, without being a hybrid, as Toyota Prius or approaching Chevrolet Volt. For seating 5 088-jacheechnoj batteries with an air cooling, the back row of seats has been cleaned that, however, has positively affected balance of weight. The motor has capacity of 200 h.p. at a twisting moment of 220 Nanometers which is reached at all range of capacity, beginning from idle running. The engine develops 12 500 turns in a minute. Dispersal with 0 to 100 km/h occupies 8.5 seconds, and electronic limited maximum speed makes 152 km/h. The data it is possible to name satisfactory, especially, if to consider weight of a car equal 1465 kg. On one gymnastics the car can pass on the average about 240 km. The gymnastics occupy 2.5 hours.

The prices for new coupe Renault Laguna are named (VIDEO)

New coupe Renault Laguna will be accessible to the advanced order in Great Britain since November, 2nd at the price from 20 995 to 27 995 pounds sterlings. The French manufacturer has established such price with caution on the aggressive price policy on coupe BMW 325i SE which costs for 6 805 pounds more expensively, and anyhow leaves that the named models do not get to one price segment. New coupe Laguna will be accessible with two diesel and two gasoline engines. In the beginning of 2009 start in manufacture of one more engine 3-litre six-cylinder dCi 235 Auto FAP with capacity of 240 h.p. is planned at fuel consumption 6l/100km. The first deliveries of a new coupe to buyers will begin after January, 2nd.
New Renault Laguna Coupe

Mercedes C63 AMG

Tuning agency Carlsson has exhausted an upgrade of productivity for Mercedes C63 AMG. The modernised car carries name Carlsson CK63 S. Capacity has been increased with 457 to 565 h.p., and the twisting moment has increased on 85 Nanometers, reaching 685Нм. It allows Carlsson CK63 S to be dispersed with 0 to 100 km/h of all for 3.8 seconds (against old 4.5). The novelty also is supplied by a new air filter, a carbon housing for the motor from Carlsson, the sports muffler, and also system of an electronic speed limitation on a mark of 300 km/h. New Carlsson RS has an adjusted suspender and absorbers, and also an adjustable road gleam. CK63S it is equipped by extralight disks, on 38 % easier, than standard. For big stability have been added two spoilers of the special design, executed of carbon fibres. Also the set of exclusive improvements for an interior is provided.

Lamborghini in Paris: sport car Estoque Concept (VIDEO)

Time has come to present your attention new concept Estoque from the Parisian stand of company Lamborghini. Familiarise, please, with the presented photos and share the opinion about new Estoque Concept which with ease can become in the near future serial, becoming the first in the history Lamborghini the four-door car.
2008 Paris: Lamborghini Estoque Concept Video

New sport car Exige Cup 260 from Lotus

Company Lotus gradually opens the information, concerning the newest Exige Cup 260. The sport car will receive 2009 modelling years a full set of advanced superficial details, and also carbon body that will reduce a lump to 38 kg. The maximum capacity turbo engine with the intermediate cooling, established on Exige Cup 260, makes 257 h.p. at 8000 turns/mines, the twisting moment – 147 pound/foot at 6000 turns/minutes. It means that on each horsepower in the car will have all about 3,4 kg of weight. To achieve weight reduction to engineers Lotus it was possible at the expense of installation of new elements from carbon fiber, such as: the roof panel, a metre panel, a luggage compartment door, front and rear spoilers, sitting and lateral air intakes. Besides, superficial materials are used at manufacturing of a flywheel, a rear stretcher, the accumulator and tubes of final system, and the usual rear screen has been replaced by the glass executed from composit materials.

Sedan RKSport Hyundai Genesis has appeared on auto exhibition SEMA

On motor show SEMA the premiere of the next tuning reincarnation of sedan Hyundai Genesis – sports RK Sport Genesis has taken place. This rather interesting version will be equipped with the advanced version of V-shaped 8-cylinder engine Tau (base capacity about 375 h.p.) Finished by a command of developers of company Hyundai U.S., based in American state Michigan. The external elements inherent exclusively new RKSport Genesis, include a cowl from a composit material, unique mouldings for front and rear bumpers, lateral weather-cloths, and also spoilers on a roof and on a luggage compartment, executed of a special material. Version RKSport has replenished with details from manufacturers who have perfectly well proved in the market of spare parts – by the car it will be possible to see cast wheel disks from TSW, a hi-tech braking system from Baer, the firm air intakes K&N underestimating a ground clearance of a spring from Eibach and final system from company Magnaflow.
2009 Hyundai Genesis/ Quick Drive

Armour limousine Mercedes S 600 Pullman Guard: a fortress on wheels (VIDEO)

Company Mercedes has presented magnificent limousine S 600 Pullman Guard, providing to passengers and the driver the highest level of security. The recent presentation of the car has been dated for celebrating of the 80 anniversary of manufacture of cars with the protection integrated by factory way. As a technical basis for new Pullman model S 600 Guard – the best car from series Guard from Mercedes-Benz has served. The limousine is equipped hi-tech 12-cylinder bi-turbo motor with working volume of the engine 5513 sm3 capacity of 517 h.p. and 830 Nanometers of the twisting moment, providing supersmooth movement. From the given characteristics follows that model S '600 Guard Pullman can take advantage with ease unsurpassed capacity that will allow the car to leave dangerous situations quickly in case of need. Limousine S 600 Pullman Guard offers the majority of the technical innovations which have made Mercedes-Benz of a S-class with the innovator in development of passenger cars and the best world car of a class "lux" with a maximum level of sales.
The new Mercedes-Benz S 600 Pullman Guard

Sport car Maserati GranTurismo MC Corse (VIDEO)

Maserati GranTurismo MC Corse – the sports car intended for participation in races on highway. The official information from the company-manufacturer is not published yet, but according to site, sport car MC Corse is equipped by the modified version of the V-shaped 8-cylinder engine from model GranTurismo S capacity of 430 h.p., and also sports final system with racing catalytic the converter and the new inlet system providing capacity to 450 h.p. the Italian engineers also have allocated the car with a set body details, 18-inch cast disks, the improved suspension bracket and advanced brake system. The body new Maserati GranTurismo MC Corse is strengthened by the special protective armature approved by the International automobile federation (FIA).
VW GTI VI Maserati GT Audi A8 - Fast Lane Daily - 25Sept08

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ford F450 Harley Davidson Edition: a pickup for the REAL bikers

Ford has decided to spend the means and time for the next cooperation with Harley Davidson, and has developed the special version of pickup F-450 which "tenderly" named “Big Hog Daddy” (the Big daddy-hog). Unlike the previous works allocated with an abundance of colours, in Harley-Davidson have allocated F-450 with the soft dark blue colour scheme which from a body smoothly passes in an interior and colours on a metre panel. From other features it is necessary to note the sitting, traditionally fitted by the punched black skin, door panels and a covering of the central extension housing with firm logos Harley-Davidson.

The 2008 Chevrolet Orlando Concept (VIDEO)

Concept Chevrolet Orlando outside of which bulbs of blue colour more than on the American police car during a fierce pursuit, it is constructed on platform Delta II familiar to admirers of the American cars on model Cruze. The car is equipped 2,0 l turbo by the diesel engine capacity of 150 h.p. and 320 Nanometers of a twisting moment. As it became known from authoritative sources, manufacture of serial version Orlando will begin in 2010.
Chevrolet Orlando

Concept Citroen Hypnos (VIDEO)

In the Greek mythology Hypnos was god, or, in other words, spirit of a dream. Decision Citroen to name the car ‘ Sleeping ’ is behind a side of our understanding. Who knows, can be to heads of the French company it was pleasant, as the name sounds. Looking at a psychodelic interior new concept apparently, that name Morpheus’а, one of four sons Hypnos and god of dreams, would approach much better. Ideally proportional crossover is equipped by the hybrid engine with an output power of 200 h.p. Citroen declares that concept Hypnos is capable to combine excellent dynamic characteristics with small fuel consumption – 4,5 l on 100 km of a way, thus blowout of carbonic gas will make only 120/km
Citroen Hypnos

Ferrari California in computer game Gran Turismo 5 (VIDEO)

The difference between video games and a reality becomes more and more vague. Several days before, this month, Polyphony Digital, the command making a series of games Gran Turismo, has given images new Lotus Evora in Gran Turismo 5. Now the command has promoted on a step forward and has created a preview trailer representing other sport car from game – magnificent Ferrari California.

Ferrari California

The Arabian nightmare - tuning crossover Toyota

Some people rush in an extreme measure to create the car which will be allocated from set similar, better to say, allocated of crowd. For example, we take that owner, probably, was the previous generation Toyota Land Cruiser (number board of the car from the Cartoon (Sharjah), the third on size emirate in the United Arab Emirates). Than can be pleasant this awful car, except as excellent chance to win a place on film shootings «Mad Max»

The first official images of crossover Cadillac SRX 2010 modelling years

Company Cadillac has published the first official images of new generation of crossover SRX which in effect is the serial version concept Provoq, debuting in Las Vegas in January of this year. As have informed in GM, the presentation of the newest Cadillac SRX will take place during the current year on one of the largest world motor shows (possibly, in October on a motor show in Paris or in November on autoshow in Los Angeles), and world sales of a crossover will begin in the middle of next year. Five-seater model Cadillac SRX, length 4580 mm, has about the same sizes, as BMW X3, but will be more compact (and it is easier), than present seven-seater SRX. «New generation SRX, along with new CTS Sport Wagon, shows that Cadillac transfers the dramatic design to new directions, such as a class of crossovers which are in demand at rich buyers», Jim Taylor (Jim Taylor), the general director of company Cadillac has declared. Officials Cadillac yet have not presented any technical details, but, it is expected that the car will be equipped 3,6 l by the V-shaped 6-cylinder gasoline engine from CTS, and also 2,9 l the V-shaped 6-cylinder diesel unit with a turbo-supercharging (for the European market). New Cadillac SRX which was initially mentioned as Cadillac BRX, also becomes a basis for crossover Saab developed at present 9-4X.

Volkswagen Passat CC Gold Coast

As well as many other motor-car manufacturers, Volkswagen, on the past this week autoshow of classical cars Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, has presented own exclusive model which will be issued in the limited quantity. The special version of sedan Volkswagen Passat Gold Coast created on the basis of model Passat CC, is equipped 3,6 l by the V-shaped 6-cylinder engine capacity of 280 h.p. the Power unit interfaced to 6-step gear box DSG with double clutch. The car differs from the base version additional comfort and a number of specific features, such as the unique three-layer covering of a body combining gold, brown and silver tone, the complete set of external details creating «effect of nearness to the earth», strengthened at the expense of the front and rear spoilers, new 19-inch wheels and four leather sports sitting from bronze colour a fringing, in tone to furnish of a metre panel and doors. Occurrence of model Volkswagen Passat CC in the USA is expected in the end of 2008, its base cost will make $27 000.

Concept Lexus Nuaero (VIDEO)

Lexus Nuaero "lux", total length 4730 mm and a wheelbase of 3300 mm has turned out middle size the car of a class. The width of the car makes 1999 mm, and its height – 1245 mm. Jon Radbrink asserts that Nuaero is created from the superficial materials, allowed to reduce weight of the car to 800 kg that almost corresponds to weight tiny city car Smart Fortwo. Besides, that design Nuaero, undoubtedly, is unique, it is ready more аaerodynamic, than it seems at first sight.« Concept Lexus Nuaero offers the new design approach showing ecological efficiency by means of architecture, based on aerodynamics. I have considered various main principles and ideas concerning aerodynamic efficiency, then have connected them in unique automobile architecture. Usually aerodynamics is last stroke in design of the car, therefore this project, as a matter of fact, has begun with that, than the majority of such works comes to an end », Radbrink has told.
Lexus Nuaero

Concept Audi O - a hatchback for the DJ (VIDEO)

The new concept car has presented recently Ondrej Zhirek (Ondrej Jirec), the Czech student-designer trained since this year in Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California. The unique car which has received name Audi O, is a diesel engine-electric a hybrid and is executed in the form of a sports hatchback. Its basic advantage is the innovative audiosystem. Appearance Audi O is very close to the general style Audi: the lattice and front light-emitting diode optics are especially allocated big radiator. The small glass inserts going along all bottom edge are implanted into car doors, and in a car rear the sliding door repeats design of lattice Audi. Thanks to a panoramic roof the car interior looks brightly and is spacious enough. In order to avoid external noise which can prevent qualitative sounding of an audiosystem, under cowel the space is divided by a double wall. Hatchback Audi O offers the unique audiosystem connected to musical services in a network the Internet, and the built in hard disk on 650 Gb. This interesting concept will satisfy not only music fans, but also motorists who love movement under qualitatively sounding music.
Audi O

Company Veno supercar - Polish Lamborghini Reventon (VIDEO)

Company Veno Automotive is Polish a motor-car manufacturer, controllable British private fund Heros Capital. Nevertheless, being the beginner in the market, the Polish company has published ambitious plans on release exclusive a supercar, the name which else it is necessary to think up. We while name this novelty Reventon Replica, as, despite assurances Veno about uniqueness of the design which idea is borrowed jet fighters, it is not necessary to be the autoexpert to understand that the novelty very much looks like with the same name supercar from Lamborghini. According to the information from representatives Vento, new supercar will make a competition the best of the best in the class – Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Koenigsegg, Ascari and Pagani. But how they intend it to make, except as forging design Reventon? Poles declare that they have developed the hi-tech running gear, capable to maintain an output power more … 1000 h.p.
Reventon Replica

Infiniti has shown the first picture of coupe-cabriolet G37

There was a first official image of coupe-cabriolet Infiniti G37 which world debut will take place in November of this year on a motor show in Los Angeles. The car executed on the basis of coupe Infiniti G37, will be equipped by collapsible rigid top from 3 parts, and under a cabriolet cowl it will be possible to find out 3,7 l the V-shaped 6-cylinder unit capacity of 328 h.p., interfaced or with absolutely new 7-step electroautomatic gear box with a manual mode, or 6-step mechanical transmission. The Japanese motor-car manufacturer has confirmed intention to exhaust the car for the market of the USA where it will be accessible from the beginning of 2009. However in Infiniti declare that the European version of coupe-cabriolet G37 which will add a number related to it of G-family models – a sedan and coupe Infiniti G37 is developed.

Phoenix - Regeneration Passion: a future electromobile!

Segio Loureiro, the student of Royal art college (Royal College of Art) in London, has developed the version of the future electromobile. Concept, received name Phoenix - Regeneration Passion (that it is possible to translate as «the passion to regeneration»), is a futuristic double electromobile which for power savings increase is equipped by various systems of regeneration of energy. In a front part concept the wind turbine which during movement slowdown generates wind energy is located. Rear wheels have been designed so that to reduce distance between wheels and the engine that would promote reduction of a friction and energy loss. One of the most unique elements of the car is the suspender. It is established as if between two motorcycles, and recreates energy at the expense of kinetic movement between two parts.

Aston Martin One-77: a sport car in cost about $2 million (VIDEO)

This newest Aston Martin One-77 will go on sale next year under the impressive price – 1 million pounds (about $1.9 million). Who has told, that Veyron – expensive car? For this money owners can diversify the car to taste, they also know that belong to exclusive club of automobile owners. The new British coupe will be exhausted in number of 77 pieces (this fact has found the reflexion in the model name). Aston Martin One-77 7,0 l the V-shaped 12-cylinder engine, a body made manually from easy aluminium, and the running gear executed from carbon fiber will get. Thanks to all to it the car will be capable to accelerate momentum from 0 to 100 km/hour of all for 3,5 seconds, and its maximum speed will make 322 km/hour.
Aston Martin One-77

Subaru Impreza WRX STI from new movie Fast & Furious 2009

Subaru Impreza WRX STI is one of cars which will be involved in the fourth screen version of a new movie "Fast and the Furious'' 2009, in which one of leading roles again play the Diesel (Vin Diesel will play Wines). The Premiere of this film is planned for June, 2009. The main feature of it Subaru is its two-colour colouring with red strips and black inserts on all body. Espionage pictures «forcing» Subaru Impreza WRX STI in the beginning of month managed to be made to Chad, user Flickr, at a meeting of Guild of automobile journalists (Motor Press Guild) in Los Angeles, California.

The first street sport car Maserati MC12 you can buy for 1,5 million euro

You have superfluous 1,5 million euro on the bank account? You also think, what ultra rare supercar are a good investment of means? Then pay attention to the first city sport car MC12 Versione Corse which has appeared on sale. Constructed on the basis of Maserati MC12 GT1, the legendary racing car which has won in championship FIA GT in 2005, sport car MC12 Versione Corse was issued in number of only 12 cars. This car is the first of them (serial number #01). Handsome man MC12 Versione Corse is equipped by the V-shaped 12-cylinder engine developing 755 h.p. at 8 000 rpm and the maximum twisting moment of 740 Nanometers at 5 500 rpm. The car is capable to accelerate moment from 0 to 200 km/hour of all for 6,4 sec, and its maximum speed makes 330 km/hour.
Maserati MC12

Sport coupe Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS from company Bewerp

Name Bewerp Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS now can seem no more than the ridiculous name of the car, but in some years this word-combination can force to fight your heart more often. It is sports concept, developed Emilem the Priest (Emile Pop) and Justin de Boer, two designers from Holland. Having spent about 5 years for design creation, in the beginning of 2008 two designers have started creation of the functional pilot model first completely. Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS is a four-door, four-seater sports car which should combine comfort of cars of class GT and productivity a supercar. The sport coupe is equipped by V-shaped 8-cylinder engine LS7 GM with a turbo-supercharging located in a front part of a body, capacity of 601 h.p. at 6200 rpm, and nearby 500 pound/foot of a twisting moment at 4800 rpm. The power unit is interfaced to the automatic gear box transferring a twisting moment on rear wheels of the car. In essence, it is transmission from C6 Chevrolet Corvette. Release of the first prototype of model is planned for 2009.

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