Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Volkswagen Golf VII!

In 2012 Volkswagen should begin manufacture essentially new Golf which will be already the seventh under the account (present Golf VI represents only very deep modernisation Golf V). Journalists from English edition AutoExpress assures that they knew, how the new car will look.
According to the British magazine, design Golf VII will differ seriously enough from the present car with its soft smooth lines. The course risky, and suddenly appearance of new model will not be pleasant to old fans Golf? However all the same it is necessary to do it, after all as many experts mark, present design Golf can not endure one more coil of evolutionary development. It is interesting that Golf VII contrary to the world tendency is not becomes larger than the predecessor. According to preliminary data, the car will receive shorter base, and the length Golf VII becomes less. However this step will allow to use many elements from a platform new Polo (its presentation, by the way, will take place in some days on a motor show in Geneva). As a result it will be possible to lower the manufacture cost price, and to make Golf VII hardly more cheaply.

Command Fab Design has finished Maybach 57S!

The command of designers FAB had sights at a sedan with low landing when they have bumped on Maybach 57S which became a basis for an exclusive tuning whale. The reason on which experts FAB have chosen the truncated model 57S consists in thought that this car is ideally suited for the billionaire, preferring to drive the car independently. Magnificent Maybach 57S hides under a cowl the 650-strong engine with two turbines which twisting moment reaches 1025 Nanometers. Speed from 0 to 100 km/hour the car develops all for 4,9 seconds, and its maximum speed makes 303 km/hour. The tuning command has made a body 57S from FAB wider, rather than at serial model. Around each of wheels the tiny fans submitting air for cooling of brake blocks are located. Besides, additional cooling is provided at the expense of the modernised front bumper. The car have equipped with 20-inch disks "put" in the tyres which size makes 265/30 and 325/25 for front and rear wheels accordingly. The interior «finished to mind». Accessible options are added by a multimedia player iPod and not cheap entertaining system.

Toyota exhausts new seven-seats universal Verso

Before you the new generation of minivan Toyota Verso, which world premiere will take place on a motor show in Geneva next week. As a whole style new Verso, except for the front part created on an image Avensis, has turned out the extremely evolutionary. Inside, following tradition Volkswagen Touran and Renault Scenic, the small-sized minivan from Toyota will be equipped by 3 rows of seats containing 7 passengers. Despite the style similarity, new Toyota Verso has grown in sizes, on 70 mm becoming longer and on 20 mm is wider, rather than modern model. The ruler of engines will consist of the newest of 1,6 l and 1,8 l of petrol units Valvematic capacity of 132 h.p. and 145 h.p. accordingly, and also two diesel engines – 2,0 l D-4D capacity of 126 h.p. and 2,2. L D-CAT 180 capacity of 177 h.p. In Europe sales of a novelty from Toyota start in this spring, wishing to get the similar car for which world cars of news above any other information, have started to take turn on a station wagon from the beginning of year.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

In Audi prepare for a premiere of a coupe and roadster TT RS!

This is official photo of coupe TT RS and roadster TT RS – cars which company Audi promises to show on a motor show in Geneva. Both "kids-robust fellows" their founders prepare to allocate 2,5 l 5-cylinder engine with direct injection of fuel by capacity of 340 h.p. and a twisting moment at level of 450 Nanometers. Under press-service Audi statement, all-wheel drive to a roadster and coupe TT RS is required less than 5 seconds to accelerate momentum from 0 to 100 km/hour, and the maximum speed of cars will be limited by electronics on a mark of 250 km/hour. Nice cars isnt it?

The sketches BMW 3-series new generation from the Swedish site "Tekniken Svarld"

Present generation BMW of a 3-series is issued since 2005. Though this German sedan language will not turn to name old, its updated version which has appeared this year, allows to assume, as its follower will look. In 2012 there should be next, the sixth under the account, generation of a 3-series from BMW, and visitors of Swedish site Tekniken Svarld have collectively created an image of the future car, taking for a basis known concept CS. On these sketches the car has more accurate contours, unlike modern updating thanks to what the beginner seems to wider. This phenomenon can be connected also with application in a design of the special technology also used by manufacture of cars of a 7-series. Though appearance of the car on the image is disputable, we are absolutely assured that company BMW will intensively use the harmless technology under name Efficient Dynamics. Except other, engines of a new 3-series can lose some cylinders in exchange for the preestablished turbo-supercharging.

Off-road car Concept 802 Platinum R on the basis of Range Rover Sport

Not every day possibility to see "pumped over" Land Rover with the expanded wheel arches and compound disks from three parts, if only you not Barry Greham (Barry Graham), owner Concept 802 is given to us. Concept 802 is a name of the British tuning company specialising on operational development of cars of a class "lux", and preferring to work with the well-known clients. The latest creation, a basis for which was off-road car Range Rover Sport, became car body a set of details under name Platinum R. The stylish tuning whale consists of the new front and rear bumpers, special lateral weather-cloths and, of course, a set of fanned wheel arches. Shod cast wheels V2 with the wide edge, consisting of 3 parts, the size from 19 to 24 inches became set touch-ups. Magnificent Concept 802 Platinum R have equipped also with the unique rear choke tube executed from carbon fiber, and, apparently, it is the first similar case of use of the given material in registration of ex-terrier Range Rover. But it is not necessary to think that finished Range Rover Sport became faster, looking at its lower landing. Engineers Concept 802 have not brought any changes in the power unit, having concentrated mainly on its appearance.

Coupe Mercedes SLK V58K from studio Vath!

Frequently, when this or anothere serial car is exposed to serious completion, the tuning companies can be overzealous and exhaust simply ugly looking, but expensive car. However works sometimes come across, looking on which it is difficult to tell that experts of tuning studio have worked at them. One of such examples is sport coupe Vath V58K, extreme interpretation new Mercedes Benz SLK 55 AMG. German tuners have considered insufficiently powerful 4,5 l a turbo engine established in serial version SLK 55 AMG. It also became an occasion to installation on a car new 5,8 l of the unit capacity of 560 h.p., and a twisting moment to 569 pound/foot (770 Nanometers). Thanks to such metamorphosis the car can accelerate momentum from 0 to 100 km/hour approximately for 4 seconds, besides, that base SLK 55 AMG makes it for 4,9 seconds. The maximum speed of the "angered" car makes 300 km/hour while «maximum» a base car it is limited by electronics at level of 250 km/hour.

BMW will exhaust new tiny roadster Z2 in 2011

With the advent of new model Z4 company BMW at last has filled a blank in modelling to a number. The car has turned out not so big, and decently differs from the predecessor Z3. Probably, it is possible to tell that the novelty will make a direct competition to such models, as small easy Mazda MX5. It is rumored that the company has so taken a great interest in a pursuit of small weight, and now works on model Z2 which should become one of the most easiest cars in the market. Tiny roadster Z2 will be constructed on modified platform Z4, and, unlike the big brother, than 2 l will be equipped with 4-cylinder engines with the maximum volume no more. 1,8 l the engine capacity of 150 h.p. whereas the M-version can be completed turbo motor capacity about 300 h.p. become base. Model Z2 will borrow all most newest technologies developed in BMW during the last years, including system of an active steering, a transmission with two couplings and an active suspension bracket. Cost of the new car will make nearby $30 000. The official debut of model will take place in the end of 2010 next years, and start sales in 2011.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Maxximus G-Force! The fastest car in the world.

One of the last 1000+ h.p novelties – American hyperpenalties Maxximus G-Force. This car was, seemingly, created with the unique purpose – to copy the Guinness Book of Records where another appears the fastest serial car of a planet American hyperpenalties SSC Ultimate Aero TT. By the car aluminium eight-cylinder engine Chevrolet in volume of 7,0 l which thanks to a double turbo-supercharging develops capacity in 1600 h.p. With the engine is established aggregated made to order three-high-speed sequental a check point. To first hundred Maxximus G-Force it is dispersed for 2,2 sec, and to 160 km/h for 4,5 sec. Dispersal from a place to 160 km/h and a full stop occupy 8,8 sec. Effectively to blank out speed 360-millimetric disks with six-piston calipers AP Racing help. And here about the maximum speed Maxximus G-Force it is informed nothing. Probably, Americans while only prepare the car for record arrival. The most interesting that Maxximus G-Force is adapted for use on public roads, and he even can be bought. In total for three million dollars. As Americans assure, to their hyperpenalty have already shown interest some potential buyers from the United Arab Emirates. That is why the car debut will take place on April, 30th in Abu-Dhabi.

Corvette Centennial Concept on Chicago Auto Show 2009

General Motors has decided to discover your Corvette Stingray Concept for the Salon of Chicago. This sport was filtered in September last year under the name "Corvette Centennial" and has been designed with no other intention to develop a conceptual design study purely from the shape of the Stingray 1959. This was filtered sports in September last year under the name "Corvette Centennial", and has been designed with no other intention to develop a study of purely conceptual design of the forms from the 1959 Stingray. Although perhaps the correct word would be promotional, as well as a prototype display is also the disguised form of "Sideswipe" in the film Transformers 2. Although perhaps the correct word would be promotional, as well as exhibition of a prototype, it is also the veiled form of "Sideswipe" in the film Transformers 2.

Friday, February 20, 2009

In Geneva will show harmless Bentley Victoria!

Harmless hybrid cars in the light of last economic events in the world type increasing popularity. Last month there was a small video presentation new a superpenalty from Bentley, using biofuel, and received code name Victoria. And now, some weeks prior to the official premiere of the car on a motor show in Geneva, about it there were some additional details. On some hearings, the car becomes «to the most high-speed and the most powerful» among Bentley that, on visible, means that it will be much more powerful than model Continental GT Speed. Victoria, possibly, will receive the power unit capacity of 630 h.p., developed on the basis of motor W12 from Continental. The bioethanol, capable to disperse the car till the speed in 100 km/hour for 4 seconds becomes harmless fuel, most likely. Besides, new Bentley it will be planted on a strict diet. Under the unchecked information, many heavy details will be replaced with superficial components from carbon fiber. Other disputable elements, such as small rear seats, most likely, will not be present at all at the new car.

1300-strong supercar 9ff Draxster on the basis of Porsche 911

The German tuning studio 9ff likes to squeeze out a maximum of engines Porsche, did not become an exception and new superpenalties under name Draxster which capacity makes 1300 h.p. The Car constructed on the basis of Porsche 911, has been carefully finished and equipped 4,0 l by the engine with two turbines then its weight has made 1168 kg. Though the car is not planned to involve in professional races, with capacity which possesses Draxster, it is capable to reach speed in 260 km/hour of all for 9,5 seconds that is enough to create a decent separation between it and Bugatti Veyron. While, unfortunately, the developer has not published neither cost of this car, nor plans concerning a batch production.

The smallest Rolls-Royce 200 EX!

Rolls-Royce Has not waited a motor show in Geneva and has published photos of the new sedan 200EX already today. Rolls-Royce 200EX it not serial model. This new concept "small" Rolls-Royce which will be intermediate between smart Phantom and BMW 7-series. And, in the English company especially do not hide that 200EX can soon go to a batch production. Say even that the first cars will descend from the conveyor this autumn! At the heart of Rolls-Royce 200EX the modernised platform from BMW 7-series lies. However it is not necessary to think that engineers Rolls-Royce simply took "seven" and have put on it a new body. Actually the platform 200EX has only about 20 % of details from "seven" (and it, we will repeat, concerns only platforms, instead of a body and interior). Besides, we will notice that 200EX it is much more BMW than 7th series. Its length makes 5399 mm that on 187 mm more than the longest BMW (thus 200EX almost on half-metre is shorter Rolls-Royce Phantom).

Fiat prepares for a premiere roadster 500C

Predictably earlier, one of these days the Italian company Fiat has published the information on a compact roadster 500С 2009 modelling years which presentation will take place in March on a motor show in Geneva. The model 500С has the same outline dimensions, as a coupe: 3,55 m х х 1,49 m. Besides, the car are planned to equip 1,65 m with three engines accessible in the version with rigid top: 1,3 l turbo engine Multijet capacity of 75 h.p., 1,2 l the gasoline engine capacity of 69 h.p. or 1,4 l the gasoline engine capacity of 100 h.p. the Basic difference between the beginner and its senior colleague consist that in Fiat name «widely open window in the sky». The version 500С follows tradition of initial model Fiat 500, and its collapsible roof completely underlines a body style, characteristic for a coupe body. As the car has not lost central and rear quarter pillars, ruggedness of a design which can be easily lost at roof folding, should be greatest possible. In total it will be presented 3 colours accessible to registration of a soft roof: an ivory, red and black. The European sales of a novelty will begin already this spring.

Gays have chosen the best cars

Homosexuals of Europe have chosen the best for themselves cars. During "national" voting it has been established that most of all it is pleasant to gays Alfa Romeo MiTo which has received 82 points. On the second place it has appeared Volkswagen Scirocco (71 point), and has closed a three of prize-winners Lancia Delta (60 points). It is necessary to notice that in previous years «such models as Fiat 500 (2008), Alfa Romeo Spider (2007), Aston Martin DB9 Volante (2006) and Mini Сonvertible (2005) became the Car of year for gays».

The Best Cars For Gays in 2009:

1 Alfa Romeo MiTo
2 Volkswagen Scirocco
3 Lancia Delta
4 BMW 1-series
5 Renault Laguna Coupe
6 Renault Megane Coupe
7 Audi A3 Cabriolet
8 Ferrari California
9 Jaguar XF
10 Mini Clubman

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BMW has shown new concept Gran Turismo 5-series

Company BMW has shown the first official photos of the new working out, concept Gran Turismo 5-series which will arrive in manufacture this year, and will be on sale under name GT of a 5-series. So that represents five-door GT from BMW, you ask. Model GT constructed on a platform of following generation of a 5-series, will add with itself a ruler consisting of a sedan and the versatile person, and, presumably, will offer buyers a practicality of the car of class MPV (i.e. a minivan), and also more than internal space in the spirit of 7-series cars, only with the raised rear of a body and a line of a roof of type of a coupe. BMW GT which in BMW name precisely Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS), has 4-seater configuration (it is insufficiently practical, in our opinion) and design which, undoubtedly, will generate a new wave of discussions, especially concerning that, as to its massive relief rear. If to open doors with absent racks before you the 4-seater interior and a panoramic transparent roof will appear. In BMW promise that in GT on rear seats a lot of empty seat will be offered to passengers, however is present at sedan BMW of a 7-series, and the actual height of a body of the car corresponds to this value at crossover X5. Rear seats in case of need can move forward and back on 100 mm, thus, with as much as possible pushed seats passengers enjoy the same space for feet, as in sedan BMW of a 5-series. And the baggage compartment volume increases about 430 l (at a 3-series – 460) to 570 l. With the combined rear seats the luggage compartment volume increases to decent 1 650 l.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Saab has published a photo of a new crossover 9-3X!

In a network appear official photos new Saab 9-3X, «crossover» the versatile person in the spirit of models Audi A6 Allroad and Volvo XC70 which debut should take place on a motor show in Geneva. The novelty constructed on the basis of the versatile person 9-3 which in Saab name Sport Wagon, will be equipped 2,0 l with the gasoline engine with a turbo-supercharging capacity of 210 h.p., interfaced to all-wheel drive system XWD, or 1,9 l diesel engine TTiD with a forward control. Version 2,0 Turbo XWD which will be accessible both with six-step mechanical, and with an automatic gear box, can accelerate momentum from 0 to 100 km/hour for 8,2 seconds (the automatic machine: 9,1 seconds), and its maximum speed will make 230 km/hour (the automatic machine: 220 km/hour). Front-wheel diesel version can accelerate momentum from 0 to 100 km/hour for 8,3 seconds (the automatic machine: 8,8 seconds), and its speed limit will make 220 km/hour (the automatic machine: 216 km/hour). As in a case with other cars of this kind, in comparison with usual model 9-3, the height of an arrangement of body Saab 9-3X has been increased by 35 mm on versions 2,0 Turbo XWD and on 20 mm on diesel version FWD. Differences consist in a difference of some mechanical details 9-3X and its colleague Sport Wagon, instead of available special tyres or a rigid adjustable suspender.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The classical roadster 1957 Ferrari 250 TR is ready to become the most expensive car in the world!

Recent sale classical Bugatti for $4,45 million has impressed? Then pay attention to this Ferrari. Roadster Ferrari 250 TR will be exposed 1957 at auction in Italy in the spring of this year. It is expected that its definitive cost will exceed the record sum in $10 756 000, given last spring for Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder 1961. For two years that the given model was issued, on light there were only 22 cars. In spite of the fact that racing career of this car has taken place on tracks of Brazil, Cuba and Argentina, it is that car which has resulted Olivier Zhendebjana (Olivier Gendebien) and Fila Hilla (Phil Hill) in a victory in race 24 Hours Le Mans in 1958. Therefore its appeal is quite clear. «This legendary 250 TR is one of the most exciting cars for all history of auction», Max Girardo (Max Girardo), chief executive RM Europe has told. Auction will be spent on May, 17th, 2009 in a place of Maranello (Maranello), Italy.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mercedes E-Guard

Company Mercedes does not wish to stand aside in struggle for the solid buyers, preferring to move on the protected cars, therefore in peak "protected" 5-series and X5 from BMW are prepared by sedan E-Guard on the basis of an E-class. Version E-Guard meets strict requirements of a class of protection VR4 and other parametres inherent in cars of a similar class. It means that the car is ready to resist to bullets of easy fire-arms to calibre 0,44 is provides the most real protection at any angle of attack. A suspender and brakes are finished according to weight increase that has been caused by protection devices. As the standard new Mercedes E-Guard it is equipped by the special version of pneumatic suspender AIRMATIC of 2nd level. Its electronic control system is capable to gain in an emergency situation and to secure the driver and passengers. The car has received special 17-inch wheels, allowing to move even on the lowered tyres. With the punched tyres the car is capable to overcome distance in 48 km for the speed of 80 km/hour that allows the driver to leave a dangerous zone in case of a sudden attack.

In Geneva will show concept Hyundai HED6 SUV!

On the International motor show in Geneva which will open on March, 3rd, company Hyundai prepares to present the newest concept the compact crossover which has received name HED6 which should form a basis for following generation of model Tucson. The successor of present generation Tucson which will receive a designation ix35, will compete to "Japanese" Toyota RAV4 and "German" Volkswagen Tiguan, and will appear in the international markets to the beginning of 2010. Preliminary sketches allow to tell that concept HED6 will have more angular and expressive design, rather than modern Tucson. The Korean motor-car manufacturer has declared that concept it is possible to carry head light-emitting diode optics, the 21-inch cast disks polished to mirror shine and special colour of body Ice Blue to prominent features, with the strengthened colour effect. The car will be equipped new serial 1,6 l by diesel engine GDi with a turbo-supercharging capacity of 175 h.p. By which many models Hyundai and Kia in Europe will be equipped.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

European three-door Ford Focus will make competition Volkswagen Scirocco

Remember this car as «one more class hatchback created specially for Europe». By 2010 there will be new generation Ford Focus and, apparently, company Ford assigns to it high hopes. So, for example, should there will be three-door a hatchback-version in the spirit of Volkswagen Scirocco and Renault Megane which becomes in due course base for the cabriolet with the same name. Coupe Focus has been already repeatedly noticed in the USA, but the European version of this economic car should become much better. It is expected that the car will be equipped petrol and diesel by engines capacity from 89 to 197 h.p. Northern America becomes the native land of following generation European Focus, but it does not mean that all versions will be made on it, it is traditional not favouring hatchbacks, continent. So, for example, Volkswagen has refused plans on realisation in the USA models Scirocco, as it, according to bosses of the German company while it is inexpedient. To the same opinion adhere and in Renault.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sports hatchback Boehler concept. BS3 from O.CT Tuning!

If you have a possibility with ease to leave about 67 200 euros (or $87 200 USA on a current rate) to find more extreme version of hatchback Audi S3, a novelty under name Boehler concept. BS3 from O.CT Tuning is that is necessary for you. The car which will be exhausted in number of only 100 copies, will receive the engine finished by experts O.CT Tuning under the program of the third level that includes reprogramming of an electronic control package by the engine, the sports final system, the improved air-cooling system and additional intercooler. With a set of similar completions capacity of engine TFSI of 2,0 l makes 328 h.p. and 425 Nanometers of a twisting moment, besides, that at base model these indicators make 265 h.p. and 350 Nanometers accordingly. Representatives of tuning studio declare that BS3 is capable to accelerate momentum from 0 to 100 km/hour almost a second faster, than serial Audi S3 (5,7 sec), and its maximum speed has increased about 250 km/hour to 265 km/hour. Other changes engage completely adjustable suspender O.CT Coilover and a 8-piston braking system about 372 mm disks.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The serial version of a crossover from MINI will arrive to Frankfurt!

For the first time the harbinger of a compact crossover from MINI, conceptual Crossover Concept, has appeared on public on a motor show in Paris in September of last year, and here, after a year, the serial version should debut on autoshow in Frankfurt (Paris and Frankfurt serially with a difference in one year spend a motor show in September). The version of a crossover ready to manufacture will be equipped with the same of 1,6 l the engine, as other lineup MINI, and versions Cooper and Copper S will differ quantity of horsepowers. Company MINI has declared that it while does not have plans concerning release of high-efficiency version John Cooper Works but if in due course it is required to deduce more powerful version in that case on light there will be a JCW-like specification with engine MINI equipped with two turbines on the market. MINI will begin release of a novelty with the front-wheel version, but will soon offer the version with system from the general ancestor – all-wheel drive system X-Drive from BMW.

Alpina will bring to Geneva sports coupe B6 GT3

Last week became known that on a motor show in Geneva debuts a high-efficiency sedan of business class Alpina B7. Besides, the known tuning studio specialising on deep operational development of cars BMW, will take advantage of a motor show to present model B6 GT3 – the newest racing car. Company Alpina cars did not participate in an auto racing throughout almost twenty years, and from this year they again come back to tracks. As a basis for new B6 GT3 in Alpina have decided to use model B6 S Coupe. The novelty from Alpina will be equipped 4,4 l by a turbo engine capacity of 530 h.p. (390 кВ) and the maximum twisting moment 535 pound/foot. The car will receive the complete set of details for the external tuning, engaging the long rear fender promoting improved aerodynamics. More detailed information on the car will appear after its presentation in Geneva in March.

Soon roadster Honda S2000 Ultimate Edition appears in Europe!

Last week company Honda declared that this year becomes solving year for roadster S2000. To commemoration of it Japanese will present the special version of model S2000 intended only for the European market. Version will receive designation Ultimate Edition, and for the first time before public will appear on a motor show in Geneva. Ultimate Edition S200 will receive colouring of colour Grand Prix White, and also graphite colour cast wheel disks. At an interior there will be a red skin, and numerous accessories will stitch a red line. Each car of series Ultimate Edition will receive the unique number engraved on the special tablet, the door located in a heel. The car will be equipped already familiar 2,0 l by engine VTEC capacity of 240 h.p. Yet not informed, whether possibility from the USA will order similar model in clients.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Porsche has updated a sports coupe 911 GT3 RSR!

The most powerful racing version Porsche 911, version GT3 RSR specially developed for participation in competitions of class GT2 on a long distance, has received a number of changes for a lineup of 2009. Updated sport coupe GT3 RSR has received a body with improved aerodynamics, opposed engine with big capacity, and also the improved interior. In modern version the working volume 6-cylinder opposed engine has been increased with 3,8 to 4 l, thus its capacity has made about 450 h.p. at 7 800 turns/mines, and the maximum twisting moment – 430 Nanometers at 720 turns/minutes the Moment moves on rear wheels by means of sequency 6-step gear box. Other completions engage the braking system processed in respect of weight and the optimised electric system. Outside the most appreciable lines new GT3 RSR are the modified front part with the big air inlets on a front cowl. Besides engineers Porsche has improved aerodynamics of a heel of body GT3 RSR, and the rear fender can be regulated now in wider range. In interior new Porsche 911 GT3 RSR it is possible find out the new multipurpose display located over a metre panel which can to specify to the driver when it is necessary to change drive. Other device is the multipurpose, programmed, onboard control system giving to racers on a choice a considerable quantity of individual options, for example, it is possible to regulate frequency of a blinking of head lights that helps to distinguish a racing car when it in the dark moves on a line. Cost modified 911 GT3 RSR makes about 380 000 euros is approximately $490 000 USA on a current rate – plus the certain size of the VAT for each country.

The sketch of the future Super Car from Jaguar!

Last week correspondents of a site have been so excited by the information on the future to a superpenalty from Jaguar that have assumed, as if the car will borrow appearance concept the company with the same name, presented on one of motor shows 2001. Now portal AutoExpress has looked at a potential novelty from Jaguar from a modern position, and has added to it some technical characteristics including the information about middle motor configuration which, on hearings, will be provided in a design of this competitor to German Audi R8. New Jaguar will receive name XE, and will have in the basis absolutely new chassis from an aluminium alloy. The car will be equipped modern 5,0 l with the V-shaped 8-cylinder engine with a turbo-supercharging capacity of 500 h.p. (the same, as model XFR). XE can accelerate momentum from 0 to 100 km/hour less, than for 4 seconds Besides, if in Jaguar will decide to do small updating of the engine, engineers can squeeze out the same "storm" 362 km/hour that it was possible to do with XFR on range Bonnevill of new "cat".

Opel Calibra 2011. First imagination!

Coupe – very good cars. They not always faster the colleagues of sedans, but, at least, look more promptly. Company Opel sold model Calibra in Europe, Australia and the South America with 1989 for 1997. The car was made on the basis of sedan Vectra, and, unlike the donor, had no rear doors that has not affected at all its appeal. Now, when company Opel exhausts such sedans as Insigna, the new ultramodern coupe would become an ideal gift for admirers of this mark. And, apparently, such gift prepares – German magazine AutoZeitung on the pages has published the information that the new generation of coupe Calibra will appear by 2011. It is expected that the car will a little lose in sizes. The coupe will be constructed on platform Astra, and will make a competition to such models as Volkswagen Scirocco and Renault Laguna Coupe. The novelty from Opel will be equipped with the modern ruler of engines engaging petrol and diesel units by capacity from 130 to 250 h.p.

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