Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Subaru has presented new Legacy!

Subaru, at last, has pleased all admirers. The Japanese company has shown the serial version new Legacy which will appear on sale this year. Legacy 2009 is constructed on absolutely new platform which Subaru created some last years. Predictably, Legacy became more than the predecessor. The length of the car has increased on 35 mm, width at once on 90 mm, and height by 80 mm. Thus there was also a wheelbase – plus of 81 mm more.

Which engines will put on the European versions Legacy it's not known yet. And here in America the car will be accessible with opposite motors in volume of 2.5 l which will give out 170 h.p. in the atmospheric version and 265 h.p. in the presence of a turbo-supercharging. Besides, there will be also 3,6-litre "six" (256 h.p.). Gear boxes will be the following: "mechanics", a variator or "automatic machine" (a variator will start to put only on 170-strong cars).

Official details about Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG

The official information about Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG 2010 modelling years is published. E63 AMG develops capacity of 525 h.p. and a twisting moment 630Nm (the modern version develops 507 h.p. and the same twisting moment). E63 is completed with the 6.3-litre 8-cylinder engine without a turbo-supercharging. The acceleration time with 0 to 100 km/h occupies 4.5 seconds, and the maximum speed makes 249 km/h. Despite a capacity gain, E63 consumes on 12 % of less fuel than old model, reaching the expense of km 10.7 l/100.

E63 is equipped seven-step тtransmission Speedshift MCT, as well as SL63 AMG. It has 4 modes: Controlled Efficiency, Sport, Sport Plus and Manual (economic, two sports and manual). The standard complete set engages 18-inch disks, day LED-headlights, more aggressive modesty panel, the rear choke tube and 4 exhaust nozzles. It is expected that E63 AMG will go on sale in September. Also, it will appear on autoshow in New York next week.

Plans of company Infiniti for the next years are opened!

Pushful persons from English edition Autocar have reconnoitered plans Infiniti — luxury division of company Nissan. Somebody has whispered to journalists on an ear, which models will be deduced on the market till 2015. Something is predicted, but there are also surprises. For example, revival of flagman sedan Q which has given three nice generations, then disappear. Its reincarnation will occur in 2012, and it it will be appreciable to surpass the ancestor in dimensions.

Leading models of the German three and, certainly, Lexus LS become competitors «Q». Predictably, there will be versions both with rear, and with an all wheel drive. The following generation of the smallest model of the company — a sedan of series G the same year will come. It will be followed by a coupe and a cabriolet. And, we will note, some representatives of young change will have also diesel engines.

Much earlier, on the next motor-show in Geneva, will thunder the next generation of sedan M. It is known that the successor will manage at least two engines, namely the newest three litre turbodiesel and petrol "six" in volume of 3,7 l — that which now put in a sedan and coupe G37. And one year later will exhaust also the hybrid version «M» . At last, in 2011 off-road car Infiniti which will replace a present Nissan Armada — model QX56 will be issued. The car will keep the giant sizes and remains at the three rows of seats, however will get advanced system of an all wheel drive and more powerful motor.

In 2015 in the market there will be one more seven-seater off road car. Whether it goes on change present FX, whether will be absolutely new model. A little that is clear and concerning a compact electromobile of a golf class. It debuts not earlier, than on the secondary market ten years' crossovers FX will get.

Ford Explorer at last will receive modern motors

Ford in the beginning of 2008 have let out future generation of off-road car Explorer. It has been told that manufacture will transfer from the State of Kentucky to Chicago. Has not passed also year as more serious information — about motors has appeared in time.

Updated moters will be modern. Under the informal information, it is two engines of family EcoBoost — 275-strong «bi-turbo4» 2.0 (380 N•m) and overcharge "six" 3.5 with 340 «h.p» (460 N•m). As the second element of a sheaf six-step "automatic machine" will serve.

Overdue use of the current technologies will reduce fuel consumption to 30 % and, certainly, will lower level of blowout СО2. Means, the giant Explorer will have a chance of a survival. Excellent news. And if "researcher" inherits appearance from concept Explorer America, it will be even better.

The company n2a Motors prepares a coupe on motives of legendary Stingray!

Issued from 1963 till 1967 coupe Corvette Stingray — the present American legend. So much years have passed, and its shape still as remember. The imagination on a theme had time to share, but it seems we will be obliged by the first transformation of "slope" not to parent concern. Such car now prepare in office n2a Motors.

The studio familiar to us on extravagant car body works, will be engaged in that well is able. At the heart of model Stinger lies Corvette ZR1 with "compressor" 638-strong motor V8 LS9, but instead of a standard body the American designers model carbon torso under well-known Stingray with its brawny arches and a family rear screen.

Personally cars still nobody saw, but the booking is begun. By words californians on creation of one coupe or cabriolet Stinger 800 hours are required. In this time seats will fit a quality leather, with it will finish a front panel and doors, and floors will decorate with carpets. The prices are not named yet, but, apparently, in the USA for Corvette ZR1 in "suit" Stingray will ask about $200 thousand.

At auction in Germany the rare is on sale superpenalties Koenigsegg CCXR Special Edition!

If 1018 h.p. of capacity, 414 km/hour of the maximum speed, and dispersal from 0 to 100 km/hour of all for 2,9 sec are not powerful argument for acquisition of sport car Koenigsegg CCXR Edition it is literally last week one more reason on which it is necessary to turn even more steadfast attention on this car has increased. The plan on release of this rare car is reduced from 6 units to 4.

Thus, to find in the future not claimed by buyers CCXR Edition it will be very difficult. But at present one of German sellers of exotic cars has exposed at auction one of these supercars working on ethanol. To buy such car having called in the call-centre it will not turn out, therefore sit down in the private plane faster and go to Germany, without having forgotten to take 1 550 420 euros (nearby $2 100 000) – such is an entry cost in elite club of owners of these exclusive cars which can be counted on fingers of one hand.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Subaru Impreza WRX STI has acted in Fast and Furious 4!

In the end of March at a cinema "Pushkin" (Moscow) has taken place the long-awaited premiere of an adrenalinic feature film «Fast and Furious 4» where one of leading roles company FHI car — Subaru Impreza WRX STI last generation has played. The director of a film Justin Lin, and the main actors of a film, among them Vin-Diesel has been invited to special display the Diesel engine, the Floor Walker, Michel Rodrigec, Jordan Brjuster and legendary Impreza WRX STI. The new picture which leaves on wide screens on April, 9th 2009, is continuation of the first "Fast and Furious " which has been removed more 9 years ago.

In the fourth part of a film protagonists — criminal Dominik Toretto (Vin-Diesel) and a detective Bryan О’Conner (the Floor Walker) reunite — and start over again to participate in drive races on tuning cars. The main motto of a film: «When you at the wheel, for you are not present anything impossible».

In new Fast and Furious 4 Walker in Bryan's О’Conner role shows the floor other-wordly speeds at the wheel Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Japanese car has been chosen on a casting by founders of a film. The serial car which has undergone small completions took part in shootings. Changes have concerned some systems of the engine, and also design of an ex-terrier and an interior. Before the beginning of the closed display of a film in Moscow, the Floor Walker, the actor giving the preferences to the European and Japanese cars, standing on a red carpet path, has noted: «I like Subaru Impreza WRX STI … I want to myself such car».

New sedan of mark KIA have declassified one week prior to a premiere!

Was considered that the mysterious car of mark KIA hidden under a layer of a camouflage, not that other, as change of generation for out-of-date leader Opirus. But some days before a premiere it was found out that it at all so. A sedan with code name VG — absolutely new car in modelling number which will take places between accessible Madzhentisom and rich Opirusom. Last nevertheless will receive the replacement and becomes analogue sedan Hyundai Genesis. But a bit later.

And the beginner from an easy hand of the Korean experts in marketing fight with VW Trade wind CC. The basic commodity market of both models — USA. But we will see the serial version only in the autumn, and on April, 2nd on the motor-show in Seoul to us will show concept under name KND-5.

At present it is known here that: the platform — new, will be based on following generation of sedan Hyundai Grandeur. Length of wheelbase — 2845 mm, on 46 mm more than at Opirusa. And the general dimensions are comparable with flagman model: length — 4945 mm, width — 1850, height — 1475 mm. Under a cowl concept— gasoline engine V6 3.5 from family Lambda, a drive gear — front, a gear box — new seven-step "automatic machine". The serial car will get also weaker motors, and in the future there will be an all-wheel drive version with clutch Haldex. The Korean market will see the car in the autumn, other world — in the beginning of 2010.

The main designer of company Volvo Steve Mattin leaves own post!

Lately even more often appear to conduct, connected with the well-known automobile designers. In February the world was shaken by Chris Bengla's statement for leaving from BMW, after one and a half month it became known about transition in Mersedes Karima Habiba, the designer of new "seven" BMW. And here now company Volvo has lost the chief-designer Steve Mattin.

Mattin was born in English Bedford in 1964. In 1987 Steve with distinction ended faculty of industrial design of university of Coventry and at once has been noticed by people from concern DaimlerChrysler. «3 star beam» Mattin has devoted 18 years. From 2000 till 2005 he worked over design of Mercedeses ML - R - S-classes, roadsters SL and SLK, and also luxurious sedan Maybach. In 2005 Mattin have been invited in Volvo. Its basic works on a post of the chief-designer of the Swedish company — Volvo C30, XC60 and recently shown elegant concept S60. Looking at "six-ten", you come to bewilderment. What for to leave to the person who has begun updating of the general design denominator of a lineup?

Promo-video Pagani Zonda R!

Superexclusive Pagani Zonda R will be exhausted in number of only 16 copies. Each car will cost almost one and a half million euros, not including taxes. Under a cowl the 6-litre racing engine with twelve cylinders, developing 750 h.p. and a twisting moment of 712 Nanometers settles down. The weight of an exclusive sport car makes 1070 kg, thanks to carbon in the case and a running gear. Dispersal with 0 to 100 km/h takes 2.7 seconds. The car uses ceramic ventilated brakes Brembo and is dispersed to 350 km/h.

Pagani Zonda R Official Trailer

Sunday, March 29, 2009

In Leipzig have presented new VW Golf GTD!

In the beginning of March in Geneva passed the largest European motor show, in the end of March a novelty from Europe, not had time to be noted in Switzerland, have arrived to Leipzig on exhibition Auto Mobil International. Company Volkswagen has arrived on a motor show in Leipzig with new Golf GTD. The first car of this model was issued in 1982, and here now the new model – as always sports, now – as much as possible economical is offered to your attention.

The twisting moment on driving wheels Golf GTD arrives from 2-litre inflatable diesel engine capacity of 170 h.p. which consumes 5,3 litres of "solar oil" on 100 km of run. On one refuelling car can pass about 1000 kilometres. The status «gran turismo» provides to the car good dynamic indicators. Really, to 100 km/h the car is dispersed for 8,1 sec with the maximum speed 222 km/h. As well as owners GTI the future buyers GTD can choose between a 6-step manual transmission and 6-step "automatic machine" DSG. VW Golf GTD "costs" on 17-inch light-alloy disks, in a body rear it is possible to see branch pipes of a dual exhaust pipe. However, unlike GTI, on GTD they are not carried on corners, and grouped together with a left side. In it, actually, also there is a main external difference GTD from GTI. Sales Volkswagen Golf GTD will begin in the beginning of May. The prices will be declared a bit later.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

ABT represents new Tuning Packages!

Self-proclaimed the biggest in the world the tuner of cars VW Group - ABT Sportsline has published new photos modified Audi Q5. The German tuning agency offers various packages of upgrades for this compact off-road car which change not only its appearance, but also capacity. From an outher side, the package from ABT engages the front and rear bumpers, a new radiator enclosure, enough big spoiler for a roof and various light-alloy disks, the size to 22 inches. For a car interior, the program of tuning ABT engages a number of accessories complete in carbon or a skin. For the engine, ABT also has prepared an upgrade. Capacity of a 2-litre TDI-diesel engine raises from 140 to 170 h.p., capacity 3-litre TDI - from 240 to 310, and capacity 2-litre petrol - with 211 to 240 h.p. the 275-strong version of the gasoline engine will appear later. Also the package engages a sports braking system about 380 mm disks and a sports suspender.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The first image updated concept C200 Aero!

The Korean manufacturer Ssangyong Motors has published the first image updated concept C200 Aero. The official premiere concept will occur on the international motor show in Seoul in April of this year. Looking at a novelty, it is possible to recollect at once concept C200 CUV which has been presented in Paris in September of this year. C200 CUV used the 2-litre turbodiesel engine capacity of 175 h.p., had a forward control and in the sizes resembled on Toyota RAV4. It was developed by company Giugaro ItalDesign. New rendern model, shows to us C200 Aero differs from the predecessor a number of stylistic improvements - the model has a new bumper in colour of the case, and also the new fog lights much better entered in the general outline of a car. Also C200 Aero differs a new radiator enclosure and the air intakes, new lateral panels and vanity mirrors. Also there was a new rear spoiler.

The businessman from Lebanon has paid $513 thousand for a serial number 1 D!

Organizers of auction DVLA Personalised Registrations in Uorvikshire, England, rub hands; so expensively to sell «criminal number» it was not possible never yet. One of these days they "have pushed" a serial number 1 D to the Lebanese businessman Nabilju Bishara for the record sum - £352 411 ($513 000). Before the most expensive number sold at auction – 51 NGH – cost to its happy owner £254 000. The winner of auction plans to present "tin" with an inscription 1 D, managed to it in a half-million of the American dollars, the spouse. He hopes that such unusual gift becomes a pleasant surprise both for it, and for its newcomer Bentley. The mister does not feel sorry for the spent money, organizers of auction believe that have caught, at last, good luck «for a tail» and prepare for sale a new perspective prize – a serial number «2 0».

One more car mark Brilliance has ruined the European crash-test!

In the summer of 2007 the crash-test of sedan Brilliance BS6 spent by German autoclub ADAC, precipitate the public in a shock. The Chinese car has grown together with a deformable barrier, and dummies by miracle have not suffered: any star from five possible by rules Euro NCAP. But that dummies: it should people a hundred times is worse. Later Chineses have strengthened a body arrangement and have repeated examination on a three. One of these days Germans have decided to have fun again and have knocked one more "brilliant", this time a golf class — model BS4. The car have dispersed, go in a barrier — and again a zero of points! From what party look, safety of the car below a plinth. However beat the car by new rules Euro NCAP, with the account of presence or absence of electronic assistants, and those at "Chinese" are not present. In ADAC also have found out that if BS4 have broken under former regulations, the sedan would earn three stars (not a limit of dreams). But old rules are cancelled, therefore engineers of company Brilliance again should sit down for drawings and remake body power structure, and at the same time to equip the child at least with notification system about not fastened belts. We wait from Chineses of alterations and the next pathos roller with words: «We care of the buyers».

Video day on my blog! part1 Tramontana formula-style roadster!

Today is friday. Last day of the working week. I want represent you the best youtube cars video. I hope you like my favourite videos. I will continue to develop video days on my blog in future) Enjoy!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Land Rover has received the grant on creation new model!

The government of Great Britain has confirmed possibility of granting company Land Rover the grant at a rate of 27 million pounds sterling for manufacture of absolutely new car. In the company near future it is necessary to accept the final decision concerning time of start of manufacture at the factory in Hejlvude, Merseyside. The car will be created on the basis of already known concept LRX, for the first time presented on the Motor show in Detroit last year. It becomes the small, easy and most effective of everything, before made by the company. «We are very glad to that the government supports this project which will create a key part in the plan on creation of new products and which to us is to be realised no» — declares Fil Pofem (Phil Popham), Steering director Land Rover. The grant is given within the limits of the governmental program of delivery of investment grants for business and becomes rather powerful investment at a total cost of the project in 400 million pounds sterling. The given financial help will be rendered in addition to the large-scale program on support of motor-car manufacturers which recently also it has been declared by the Government. In spite of the fact that the project should pass some more coordination before it will be definitively approved and started, Land Rover has already confirmed that the new car becomes the major addition to a ruler magnificent Range Rover. Fil Pofem makes comments:« Studying of this project from the point of view of practical realisation has shown that we can embody with success inherent Range Rover a degree of quality, running characteristics and width of possibilities in more compact and harmless car. Results biggest from probes spent by us according to responses of buyers also strengthens our confidence that the industrial version concept LRX will make a brand even more desired and completely will justify all expectations "." It will be the small, easy and effective Range Rover from everything ever made by us, — adds Fil Pofem. — the Compact size, smaller weight, and also technologies LRX focused on protection of environment, become a direct illustration of how Land Rover plans to react to inquiries of the varying world. Despite of a difficult economic situation, we are still focused on investments into the future and are ready and to give henceforth to our buyers worthy cars with the same width of possibilities, thanks to which we so well-known all over the world ». New Range Rover will combine the highest level of refinement and width of possibilities of the car, and also will present new parametres of transmission so it is possible to consider its creation as a considerable step forward in realisation of strategy Land Rover on introduction of technologies e-terrain, and also achievement in cutting-down of blowouts CO2 on 20 %.

Spanish super car GTA Concept will show in the end of April!

The Spanish company GTA Motor has declared that developed super car GTA Concept will be presented public in the end of April. Though it is a question about concept car, Spaniards plan to finish the project to mass production. The serial car name somehow differently. How? About this becomes known in the end of April. For now working prototype GTA Concept passes road tests for one of the European high-speed lines. Its chassis is made of easy materials: carbon, kevlar, the titan. A pull-rod source – established in base it (is longitudinal) motor V10 developing 780 h.p. of the maximum capacity (max. twisting moment – 929 Nanometers). Dynamic indicators impress. To 100 km/h Spanish of superpenalties is dispersed less, than for 3 seconds. Its maximum speed reaches 350 km/h. To stop the dispersed car, it have supplied with brakes with ceramic ventilated disks. The data about price GTA Concept (it is natural, its serial version) while is not present. It is known only that the circulation is limited by 99th copies. For the majority of us (from you, from them), in any case, this car remains inaccessible. Dream, a fairy tale, by simply car …


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G-Power Typhoon - more aggressive, than X5 M!

If you cannot wait new X5 M any more, or consider its appearance insufficiently aggressive, tuner G-Power has an offer for you - Typhoon. The tuner has established the compressor on the 4.8-litre engine from BMW which develops now 525 h.p., that is on 170 h.p. more than in a standard complete set. The maximum speed makes 275 km/h, and dispersal with 0 to 100 km/h occupies 6.2 seconds. Appearance upgrades engage increased fenders and air intakes, and also a new bumper and the updated system of an exhaust with two branch pipes in on the car centre - everyone in diameter about 114 mm. G-Power Typhoon is equipped with 23-inch disks and tyres of the size 315/25. Its capacity is not held out, of course, to preparing X5 M from it 550-silnym the engine, however in ruggedness and aggression by it obviously ahead that will make its interesting alternative of a novelty.

Americans will continue to do electric sport cars!

Probably, very soon street races become silent. Anyway in the USA where each small motor-car manufacturer aspires to construct superpenalties on electropull-rod. Drive after all already on cities roadsters Tesla, and it only the first step. Soon to them, possibly, the child of the American office EV Innovations which are engaged in alteration of serial cars in electropenalties will adjoin. To New York this Californian firm delivers to the motor-show middle motor sport car of own working out — Inizio, which just as earlier announced by it Rush, goes thanks to only one electric motor. The motor receives energy from the complete set of litievo-ionic batteries, and those are charged from the household socket connection for eight hours. The cruising range makes 322 km. And it is enough of it, to drive night without a break. The car 1089 kg weigh. At such weight with five-step "mechanics" it was possible to reach extremely good dynamic indicators: dispersal to hundred for four seconds, maximum speed — about 270 km/h. More than it's not known yet. And still misters from EV Innovations have declared that we should wait from them for the second car, family — Wave. The Total charge of the accumulator will suffice it on 275 km, and the maximum speed will make only 129 km/h. But the price will not exceed $35 thousand. Sport car Inizio where is more expensive — from $139 thousand. Both cars of manufacture EV Innovations will deliver to dealers in 2010. But open there is a question, whether there are models serial. After all memorable Rush was on sale only through Internet shop Sam's Club, and sport cars by over $100 thousand it is realised no more ten. By the way, at same Tesly the whole network of show-rooms and a full box of orders from the Hollywood stars of the first magnitude.

Lamborghini Murcielago from the British studio Prindiville Prestige!

The few presume to get to themselves Lamborghini Murcielago and the more so units can express desire radically to change appearance of this Italian sport car. Seldom or never, if you belong to number of few owners Murcielago, wishing to receive exclusive design for the Lambo, experts of British tuning studio Prindiville can help and develop to you a tuning whale taking into account individual wishes of the client. British tunings assert that everything that you need to make for the order is to show them a sketch or simply to suggest idea, and they will make it. It is possible to make anything you like: from the body made manually to an interior finished with an ostrich's skin. Your exclusive Lamborghini Murcielago will receive a new body with the panels made from carbon, the firm cast disks, the modified engine compartment with the modernised system of cooling, and also the interior made manually to order with details from aluminium and leather furnish on interior perimetre.

Audi works on new A2!

The last couple of years Audi presents sketchs small, but from that not less attractive city machine, but business then somehow fades. Actually, it and is not surprising, as last city car Audi - A2 – and has not received a wide audience of buyers. It, however, has not prevented the manufacturer to consider idea of revival A2 which would become the worthy competitor to the same MINI from BMW. As affairs with this thinking are, we read in news. According to Michael Dika (Michael Dick), the head of department on scientific probes and workings out of a German brand, the following city car has passed in a stage concept. It will be called still A2, but will receive both a standard internal combustion engine, and an electric motor. In comparison with A1, updated A2 it will appear slightly more largely and it will be constructed on other platform.

Espionage photo new Grand Cherokee!

The following generation Grand Cherokee known under code name WL will use a new platform on which also are constructed new Dodge Durango and following generation of Mercedes-Benz ML Class. Last will be equipped, however, another suspender and more high level running. The following generation Jeep Commander is not planned - its place will occupy new Grand Cherokee which will be issued in 5 and 7-seater variants. New Grand Cherokee sharper lines will be outwardly very similar with concept Trailhawk. The ruler of engines will engage new six-cylinder Phoenix in two variants - with volume 3.3 and 3.5 litres. Also, it is probable that 4.7-litre and 5.7-litre eight-cylinder HEMI-engines will enter into a ruler. Also the exit of hybrid version, in due course, is expected. The novelty will be delivered as with front, and an all wheel drive. Sales will begin in the first quarter 2010.

The first 3 cars Volvo in Russia with exclusive design from Musa Motors!

Within three days on the Warsaw highway, 122 а passed open doors Volvo Musa Motors. Within the limits of this action on March, 20-22th for the first time to Russia have been presented on a review 3 exclusive design aerography Volvo C30 from company Volvo. The project on "individualization" Volvo C30 has been started in Sweden about one year back and has gained huge distribution among Europeans. Since March, 20th the exclusive design on С30 is accessible and in company Musa Motors, besides, on the first 3 cars Volvo C30 the special offer — aerography in a gift will operate! Besides the unique offer on 3 cars in aerographic design, in these 3 days in motor show Musa Motors operated the special prices for all cars Volvo. And also concessionary terms on system trade-in and possibility to insure the car at a discount 10 % have been offered visitors!

Back in the future together with Mercedes Roadster F-Cell!

How the imagination of 150 trainees Daimler AG which within a year developed the innovative car on fuel elements can far come? And come it can far in the past to derive there inspiration for creation Mercedes Roadster F-Cell which represents a mixture of high technologies and traditions of a known automobile brand. The hybrid roadster represents the car in which the constructive elements used earlier in automotive industry have incorporated. The concept of design Roadster F-Cell is an original treatment racing bolids Mercedes, and also a curtsey towards the very first car in the world. The body концепта is made of fiber glass, from this a material the framework armchairs is executed also. And "bicycle" wheels of a roadster is a hint those, wheels which were put on the very first car by the well-known Charles Benz. In movement F-Cell results the electric motor which eats the energy developed by fuel elements. Elements are located in a body rear, and energy made by them (1.2 kw or 1,63 h.p.) suffice to a roadster to develop to 25 km/h of the maximum speed. In an off-line mode the car can pass on such speed to 350 km of a way.

New sedan Forte has undergone to total gardening

The Korean company KIA has shown sedan Forte LPI Hybrid and in passing having presented brand Eco-Dynamics under which all "green" cars of mark will be on sale henceforth. In a power-plant the gasoline engine (114 h.p., 148 Nm) 1,6 l are combined by volume with the electromotor capacity of 20 h.p., receiving energy from the complete set of litievo-polymeric batteries of manufacture of firm LG Chem. Last is known that delivers accumulators for hybrid sedans Hyundai Elantra and Sonata, and also for well-known "American" Chevrolet Volt. Thanks to variator CVT fuel consumption at the car is at level of 5,8 l on 100 km whereas the standard 124-strong petrol version, to overcome the same distance, 6,2 l are required. Dynamic indicators while are coded, but it is not necessary to wait for special speed. Details will be opened on April, 2nd when the car will present to public on Seoul the motor-show. By the way, Forte LPI Hybrid becomes the first mass hybrid of mark KIA and it will be deduced on the market of South Korea in August. A bit later the car, probably, will appear in China.

Japanese will impart to Mazda MX-5 sports skills!

The most popular roadsters sold today, have begun the conveyor career in 2006, and restyling was endured in the autumn by 2008. It is a high time to put together the first slices of a picture to assemble an image of Mazda MX-5 of the following, the fourth generation. It will be issued in three years. Engineers of the company will emphasise reduction of weight and profitability increase. In a design use more rigid, but easy materials. The roadster hardly will dry out, so will weigh within 1050 kg. Under a cowl to it will fill the newest feeding up motors in volume of 1,4 and 1,6 l equipped with system of direct injection. In pair to engines it is possible to order "robot" with two clutches. The shape of model hardly probable will essentially change. Though, according to the chief-designer of company Mazda Lawrence Van Den Akera, representatives of new generation will be easier and is more sports modern MX-5. In general, let admirers of a roadster-champion do not worry: a direction Japanese have chosen the true.

Company Melkus undercut a Lotus for own car park!

Revival of little-known German company Melkus has occurred in 2006. Since then we also wait for model RS2000 — the first in a contemporary office history. And just now Peter and Sepp Melkusy, the son and the grandson of legendary racer Hajntsa Melkusa, have specified, when «a bird the phoenix» will spread side panels. It happens in the summer of 2009. Further, owners of company have definitively confirmed design of coupe RS2000. To tell the truth, banal enough appearance casting thoughts on Lotuses (especially about Elise), clings only one — type doors «a side panel of a seagull». Here to you and a phoenix. By the way, on influence of English sport cars sets thinking and the small equipped weight: thanking carbon body and the aluminium chassis "German" 453 kg weigh. According to Seppa Melkusa, the car has passed production tests on safety of power "cage" of interior, and a running gear experts of company after testing remained are happy. Till the end of the year first eight lucky beggars will receive the sport cars, and office Melkus management promises to each client an individual approach.

New China car! JAC A00

Recently China became the world's largest automobile market, having sent the USA on the second place. But, unlike Americans, it is too expensive for the majority of inhabitants of Heavenly Empire pickups, huge off-road cars, and also sedans Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. Consumer ability at Chineses low so they prefer that more small yes more cheaply. Numerous local manufacturers indefatigably supply the people with similar transport. Frequently their midget cars of class A are impudently copied from such models, as Fiat Panda, Smart and Toyota Aygo. But someone in the Peoples Republic of China does also original cars. So, for example, firm Jianghuai Automobile Co. (JAC) on Shanghai the motor-show will show the serial version compact under code name A00. Five dor car will be equipped 3 cylinder with the petrol motor in volume and capacity no more than 80 h.p. As a gear box will involve five-step "mechanics". The prospective price — about seven thousand grynars. The main competitors of the machine in home market become BYD F0 and Geely Panda.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Volvo Fashion Week Moscow! Volvo C30 Yudashkin edition!

On March, 21st, 2009 solemn opening of XXI season of the brightest fashion events of Russia — Weeks of a fashion in Moscow which carries now the new name — «Volvo-week fashions in Moscow» or «Volvo Fashion Week Moscow» has taken place. The title partner of Week of a fashion — company Volvo Cars. In an opening day on an incorporated podium of Gostini dvor has passed display of a new collection of Valentine Yudashkin prêt-a-porter de luxe a season autumn-winter 2009–2010. Also to visitors of display has been presented magnificent Volvo C30 Yudashkin edition. Cooperation Volvo Cars and the fashion industries has begun in 2006 when on a Week of the Fashion in Paris has been presented sport coupe Volvo C30. The echo of that brilliant presentation has come to Russia, and already any Week of the Fashion does not pass the fourth season in Moscow without the loud premiere of the new car or an off-road car from Volvo. Moscow Fashion Week enters into system of the international Weeks of Fashions. Besides Moscow, fashionable displays pass in Berlin, in New York, in Milan both in Paris. And in each case they become long-awaited and unforgettable event for all admirers of haute couture. Sometimes this or that manufacturer of cars of a class «premium» becomes the official partner of foreign fashionable displays. Such cooperation always interestingly also allows to show tendencies not only in haute couture sphere, but also in the field of automobile design. In Russia the rank of the automobile leader in a segment «premium» belongs some years to brand Volvo which by right is considered the legislator of a fashion in one of the most demanded fashion-directions — the Scandinavian design combining refined simplicity, smooth lines and elevated style.

Faralli and Mazzanti Vulca S. Handwork!

The Italian company Faralli and Mazzanti, specialising basically on restoration of classical cars, has decided to remind of itself release of 4-seater coupe Vulca S equipped with the motor by capacity of 630 h.p. Vulca S is any more the first independent step of the Italian restorers on working out of sports cars. Before Italians have pleased people with model under name Antas. At Faralli and Mazzanti it already turns to tradition to name the cars the names connected with culture ancient etrurians. Vulca da Veio – so called well-known sculpture, god Apollo known all over the world on the terracotta statue (Apollo di Veio). The car named a name of the ancient sculptor, prepared manually. Its body is executed from aluminium, the chassis is put on the exclusive wheels OZ Racing put in "rubber" and Continental Italia. The optics – front and rear – is assembled on light-emitting diodes, the exhaust system throws out the fulfilled gases through branch pipes on an outlet pipe exit. Faralli and Mazzanti Vulca S 1600 kg weigh and can be dispersed to 96 km/h less, than for 4 seconds. The maximum speed - 337 km/h. To reach such heights in dynamics engine V10 a working volume of 5,8 litres which has been borrowed by Italians at BMW M5/M6 allows. In the Italian company speak about building of 10 cars Faralli and Mazzanti Vulca S. The client has the right to order the additional options accessible to this car. The starting price on Vulca S can vary from €280 000 to €340 000.

The smallest Jeep of a Chrysler will have an Italian accent!

In the beginning of year there was one significant event for the automobile world: concerns Chrysler and FIAT have entered into the strategic agreement. Thanks to it Italians will receive the admission on the market of the USA where will deliver about seven models of marks Alfa Romeo and Fiat, and to Americans, in turn, will give access to Fiat technical decisions, including engines, transmissions, and also platforms for cars of classes B, C and E. As it's known, one of models will be precisely constructed on base Fiat hatchback Grande Punto. But another is more interesting. In America the tiny ridiculous machine of mark Jeep will appear. It prepare to construct on the basis of the all-wheel drive version of babe Panda and to exhaust on the market in 2011. The model is necessary to Jeep obviously not for laughter. The matter is that in 1973 when States worried fuel crisis, the country authorities had been passed the law on average fuel consumption (CAFE). Cars on the American roads should not spend more than 8,6 l for 100 km, and those manufacturers, whose cars do not keep within these frameworks, severely fine. For example, concern Daimler in 2008 have forced to fork up on $28,8 million, Volkswagen — on $4,5 million. And in 2020 of requirement CAFE only will become tougher — level of the maximum expense will lower to 6,7 l on one hundred. Such asceticism is not inherent in any Jeep. And, except that, tastes of Americans vary, the share of huge off-road cars and pickups in the market is reduced, and small machines for quite some time now do not cause in local public of an impetuous laughter.

Tuning company Wald International have finished new design Toyota Land Cruiser!

One of few tuning companies which have dared working out of the stylish complete set car body details for all-wheel drive off-road car Land Cruiser 4×4 from Toyota, is the Japanese studio Wald International. Graceful complete set Black Bison from Wald International for present generation Land Cruiser which has appeared in 2007, gives to a luxury off-road car enough aggressive look even if the given car and seems a little bulky. The set of details for aerodynamics improvement consists from usual for such a case details, such as a new front bumper, lateral weather-cloths, a rear bumper with the choke tube integrated into it, a side panel on a roof, and the cast wheel disks put in low-profile tyres.

Excellent advertising Audi Q5

Audi are able to do not only good cars, but also very good advertising of good cars. The next masterpiece from Ingolshtata is removed as self-made cartoon films of our childhood - all, probably, remember technology of fast browsing of pages in a notebook. Staged this beauty Kim Gildenhjuz.

KIA Soul has received the award for design!

City crossover KIA Soul became the first Korean car awarded of the world famous prestigious award in the field of design Red Dot Design Award in 2009. The car has been noted among 3230 demands from 49 countries in 17 categories and has received the award for achievements in the field of design in a category «Cars, transport and mobile houses». Making comments on news about award award, the head of design department KIA Peter Shrejer has told: «Our commands of designers in Korea, California and Europe can be proud of that Soul has obtained such recognition. In the field of design our strategy is directed on search of non-standard decisions and formation of unique image KIA». All demands have been carefully considered and estimated jury of competition Red Dot on following nine criteria: novelty, functionality, workmanship, ergonomics, durability, emotional influence, additional possibilities, simplicity of use and ecological compatibility. Into jury Red Dot structure in 2009 have entered 29 independent designers and the academicians representing all spheres of creative activity.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Toyota will restore Celica together with Subaru!

About joint workings out Toyota and Subaru from time to time there are all new hearings and news. So, from the French printing sources it became known that Toyubaru will exhaust not only a rear-wheel car, but somewhere by 2010 will renew reputation Celica. It will be already the eighth generation Celica, the car which was issued for the first time in 1970 when debuted in Japan as the inexpensive sports rear-wheel car. Terri Domreval (Thierry Dombreval), vice-president Toyota on sales and marketing in France has refused while to make an official statement. So we will wait for other messages from fields or the company-manufacturer announcement.

Concern Chevrolet has slammed most "toothy mosquito"!

New Camaro is already possible to assemble in a configurator on official site Chevrolet. Orders are accepted, a floor price — $22 995 for 304-strong version. The most powerful version SS with one of two petrol V8 capacity of 400 or 426 h.p. at least on eight thousand is more expensive. Even more mad version should join - Z28 with 556 "h.p" under a cowl. However bosses of General Motors have changed decision, and no revival of well-known series Z28 will exist. There is no spare cash on operational development of such toy. According to representatives GM, for a conclusion to the market of "hottest" Camaro it is required about $50 million. These means it has been decided to spend for affairs essential. But on that "slaughter" has not ended. Remember concept a cabriolet on the basis of Camaro? And so, it should be published the next year, however not named German firm in which manufacture of a collapsible roof has been ordered, has gone bankrupt. And model release is postponed until Americans will not find the new partner and will not adjust release of soft top. When it precisely will occur, do not know even in a concern top.

Hybrid sedan Infiniti M will appear on market next year!

Unlike the direct competitor — company Lexus — company Infiniti only recently has seriously reflected on introduction of hybrids in the lineup. "Daughter" of Toyota sells such cars some years, and in Infiniti only run in prototypes. The first-born should become Infiniti G35 Hybrid. Afterwards behind it, in 2010, in sale hybrid sedan M will arrive. But «M» will be cars of following generation, possibly, with the same stuffing, as at test samples Infiniti G35 Hybrid. The power-plant structure will include motor V6 3.5 capacity of 303 h.p., the dry one-friction clutch transmission separating DVC from the electromotor, and seven-step "automatic machine". Batteries will be litievo-ionic. Also it is expected that in the newest family Infiniti M hybrid installation with DVC, supplied with system of direct injection, as at shown debuts recently coupe Essence. And then hybridization will mention also off-road cars of the same mark. Better late, than never. Isn't it?

China continue to use old Citroen ZX!

Company Dongfeng earns that exhausts in the homeland concern PSA models, and also companies Honda, KIA and Nissan. In turn, eminent manufacturers allow Chineses to adjust machines familiar to Europeans to tastes of local residents and, say, to alter Peugeot 206 in Citroen C2. And at times kindness of Frenchmen comes so far that those allow Dunfenu to use the platforms. For example, base of the veteran Citroen ZX, which manufacture has been curtailed into France still eleven years ago. However the car till now assemble in the country of the won Asian sotsial-capitalism and after easy change face sells as Citroen C-Elysee. And now on its platform bright Chineses have decided to create own model with an original stuffing. Name is- Dongfeng Fengshen. Under a cowl — the petrol motor of the French origin in volume of 1,6 l and capacity of 105 h.p. the Gear box — five-step "mechanics". The model debut will take place on the motor-show in Shanghai in the end of April, sales in the Chinese market will begin a bit later — in May. And judging by that at length of wheelbase in 2,5 m will extend the car already on 4,5 m to struggle to a sedan it is necessary with such popular cars, as Buick Excelle, Hyundai Elantra and Volkswagen Jetta.

Buick and Jaguar became the first!

The first place in the rating of reliability from J.   D. Power and Associates have occupied marks Buick and Jaguar, and the former leader, Japanese Lexus which held the positions last 14 years, became the second. Rating Vehicle Dependability Survey from organisation J.   D. Power and Associates sets as the purpose to define, how much reliable this cars after three years of their work. Such term is chosen not casually, after all on the basis of many probes and opinions three years of operation are indicative in respect of reliability of this or that car. Hence, the rating presented recently from J.   D. Power and Associates concerns a car, exhausted in 2006 At definition of the most reliable cars, up to October of last year J.   D. Power interviewed 46 000 automobile owners who within three years maintained the cars. The questionnaire provided 202 signs of malfunctions of cars, and the estimation of reliability was spent on 19 cores to indicators. According to totals, drivers of models Buick and Jaguar have noted in a questionnaire of 122 problems at the rate on 100 cars of mark. The indicator of problematical character Lexus has made 126 breakages on 100 cars. The third position has occupied Toyota: 129 complaints/100 of a car. Despite a victory of Americans, the Japanese brand Toyota has won first place in five nominations of rating J.   D. Power thanks to the models Highlander, Sequoia, Prius, Solara and Tundra. To the second in the general offset became Lexus: leading places in four nominations (model S 330, GX 470, LS 430 and SC 430). According to many analysts, a rating from J.   D. Power and Associates in many respects defines the final decision which is done by the American buyer in the course of a car choice. David Sardzhent specifies that «in a present economic context buyers prefer to postpone for the greatest possible term purchase of the new car instead of the old. And if in 2006 the American automobile owners changed the car on the average later 65 months from the moment of its purchase in 2009 this term has increased till 73 months». Thus, the indicator of reliability of the car became important now more than ever.

Destiny Lamborghini Estoque under the threat!

The principal cause of such decision for anybody did not become unexpectedness is the crisis which has burst in world car industry, and also the uncertain future of development of the branch. It would Seem, strange to hear such statement from Lamborghini. After all last year the company has finished with a high indicator for itself: in the world market 2430 units of cars of this mark have been sold. In comparison with 2007 growth of volumes of realisation has made 6 %. On the 2009 which have passed in the beginning Detroit autoshow, chief executive Lamborghini Stephen Vinkelmann has declared that the company intends and to represent new versions of the models annually henceforth. However the beginning of this year has shown that crisis has not avoided also this manufacturer super cars. Reduction in demand for company Lamborghini production has forced its management to lower volumes of release of cars, and also to reduce a labour shift at the enterprise. The second reason which forces Lamborghini to postpone indefinitely realisation of the serial version of model Estoque is an intention of the company to concentrate the efforts to development of already existing lineup. Work in this area will be directed on improvement of such indicators, as weight of cars and conformity of their engines to norms of blowout СО2. It is necessary to notice that the given decision completely echoes the instruction accepted by concern Volkswagen AG which structure includes company Lamborghini.

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