Thursday, April 30, 2009

G Power has created the fastest version BMW M6

The German tuning studio G Power specialising on operational development of cars of mark BMW, has created the fastest version of coupe M6. According to the studio data, the maximum speed of a sport car makes over 370 km/h. G-Power M6 Hurricane CS is completed by the same 10-cylinder engine V10 SK III RS with double forced aspiration, as M5 Hurricane CS.

Let's remind that the last was possible manage 367,6 km/h, for what last year it has been awarded ranks of the fastest sedan in the world. Exact maximum speed tuning M6 yet is not informed, however it should be above, than at M5, as M6 Hurricane CS has the best aerodynamic characteristics. Besides, it is known that the maximum twisting moment of the engine is equal 800 Nanometers at 5000 ob./minutes. In studio have reduced weight of a sports coupe at the expense of a new exhaust system, seats and a suspender. Tuning M6 is equipped by 19-inch wheel disks from light-metal alloys with tyres Micheline Pilot Sport PS2. The speedometer on a sport coupe is marked to 400 km/h. Car cost will begin from 360 000 euros.

BMW Z2 will bring to Frankfurt

Again there was an information that concern BMW will officially present in September on a motor show in Frankfurt the distressful budgetary roadster Z2.

In spite of the fact that we have till now only the most general data on this car, there are bases to believe that it will be based on the same platform, as following generation of the first series. Constructed with use of last achievements in the field of creation of easy materials, this roadster will weigh less than 1000 kg and can brag of excellent profitability.

As a power-plant to buyers for certain will suggest to choose one of four-cylinder engines, engaging those 1,6-litre motors which are established on MINI. Besides it the newest will be accessible also two-litre bi-turbo engine capacity not less than 250 horsepowers, and also hybrid and electric motors. Predictably, to dealers BMW new Z2 will arrive in 2013, and its base price will make about 30 000 dollars.

Modernisation "Ivanovec" from students MGTU "MAMI"

Students of MGTU "MAMI" within the limits of the curriculum have executed projects of the truck crane for known Russian mark "Ivanovec". The task has been given pupils of the fourth year of chair "Design". We represent you the most interesting projects.

First of all it is necessary to notice that before students there was a problem only to modernise present crane KS-8973 and not to bring changes in configuration of the basic knots. The primary goal was to develop driver's cabs and the crane operator, plus to replace the basic facing panels for increase of competitiveness of the base crane. One of unpleasant features КС-8973 – a radiator sticking out on the left side of the truck crane while at any competitors, whether it be Liebherr LTM 1100-4.1 or even Chinese XCMG QY 100K, such it is not observed – a motor compartment behind a driver's cab goes flush with it. The given feature of 100-ton "Ivanovec" should be beaten somehow by means of various style decisions.

Certainly, work on the project has begun with preparation of the technical project with studying of existing competitors, and then on the basis of the done work students have created new images for KS-8973.

Roman Voit:

Grigorii Reshetnikov:

Alexander Semenov:

Alexander Krasnov:

Micro Audi: Audi E1

Crisis has generated total mania of small economic machines in brains of journalists, if to trust the press now practically each brand prepares compact unless Bentley yet don't touch. Company Audi which marry off micromobile E1 became the next victim of a mass journalistic psychosis.

Ostensibly in its basis- the platform from Volkswagen Up should lay down, on which there will be a ten-other engines as Audi love. Will be both petrol, and diesel, and hybrid, and, probably, there will be absolutely new micromotors: 1.2-litre with three cylinders and 600 cubes with the turbine. Gossips assert that the machine will start up on the conveyor of Slovak factory VW that will help to lower its price even more low, roughly, to 13 500 dollars in the homeland. Despite cost, Audi do not prepare to refuse the premium features like LED-lanterns, the navigator, mp3-radio tape recorders or possibility of connection of phone so three passengers on whom the car is calculated, will be surrounded by care, as in Q7. If the is the truth pre-series concept we can see in 2011.

Fiat Uno

The new generation of revived model Fiat Uno will be such. Appearance of the car which now takes place tests definition on Brazilian roads, and reminds while a design far from a final stage, has been developed by George Fernadezem. On creation of shape revived Uno the designer was inspired by appearance of one more legend: Fiat 500.

Fiat Uno 2011 modelling years (now car working out takes place code-named the Project 327), will arrive in manufacture next year. It is informed that the South America and, in the first Brazil where production Fiat uses a great demand becomes a commodity market of new model. For the European market the Italian developers have provided the friend version Fiat Uno in other design of an interior.

About revived Uno company Fiat yet does not inform technical details, but it is a matter of time. The spread rumours assert that the car is constructed on the same platform, as model Fiat Panda. In sale the novelty leaves in a variant of three- and five-door a compact hatchback.

Porsche Boxster Speedster already on road tests

While all automobile public watched victorious debut Porsche Panamera, the German motor-car manufacturer has had time to roll out on test lines the camouflaged version high-speed Boxster, known under name Porsche Boxster Speedster.

That fact that on espionage photos is shown Speedster, confirms design of the car and characteristic for given versions Boxster the reduced windshield, narrower lateral glasses and snubber arches located behind headrests of seats.

Concerning power "stuffing" of new model of the exact information is not present. But presumably, under cowl Boxster Speedster the six-cylinder 3,4-litre engine by capacity of 303 h.p. Possibly will be established, then a ruler of engines will expand with the optimised four-cylinder motor equipped with the turbine.

Date of start of assembly of serial version Porsche the motor-car manufacturer while keeps a secret, as well as the official data concerning technical characteristics.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Results Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2009

Though weather this year was not the most pleasant (almost all the Sunday long poured a rain), it has not prevented more than to 2 600 visitors of an exhibition to take pleasure in exclusive exhibits. By the way, Villa D’Este has celebrated double anniversary: 80 years from the beginning of carrying out of competition of elegance, and 80 years to the first car BMW. Germans have brought the most well-known roadsters for 75 years, since 315/1 and finishing new Z4.

The main prize from BMW Group (Trofeo BMW Group), and also two other awards - Trofeo BMW Group Italia and Coppa d'Oro Villa d'Este has this time received Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Berlinetta Touring 1938. It belongs to American John Shirley.

Zenvo ST1

Debut Zenvo is almost ready to small-scale manufacture, it is necessary to finish some details, but, in general, about the car the basic information is already known. So, under cowl ST1 which, naturally, is located behind, seven-litres engine V8 with the forced aspiration, giving out 1 104 h.p. and 1 430 Nanometers of a twisting moment, and the peak moment whips on wheels already on 4 500 rpm.

Now about the most powerful thing to us! The car dispersal to 100 km/h for 3 seconds only and the maximum speed is 375 km/h, attention, limited by electronics system!


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