Sunday, April 26, 2009

BMW Touring 2010

After a considerable quantity of espionage photos of sedan BMW of 5th Series, it is again noticed BMW Touring. In the same way as well as the brother, a sedan, Touring should go on sale not earlier than 2010. For today the only thing that is available about BMW Touring 5th Series, is a set of informal specifications.

It is known that the model will prepare in territory of Europe and Germany it becomes quite probable the first market on which will arrive Touring in 2010. It is expected that the car will correspond to new European safety regulations, the new design of a body becomes the best example of it. For example, BMW will leave a former kind of a radiator enclosure which became for a long time already a mark distinctive feature, but the length of the most front part that will entail also wheelbase reduction approximately on 10 centimetres will be reduced. But along with it the width of the car will be increased, the height in comparison with existing models becomes a bit more low. The project in the company known as "F10", having status following generation BMW which will be equipped with 2.5 litre engine V-6, 4.8 l. V-8 and if it is not enough of it, 5.0 l. V-10 will add a ruler of accessible motors. Optionally will be offered 18 and 19-inch disks as 17-inch will enter into a standard complete set.


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