Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SL 63 AMG and C 63 AMG will struggle with a lawlessness on "Formula-1"

SL 63 AMG as the official car of safety of the Formula 1 and C 63 AMG in a body the station wagon as the official medical car continue to provide the maximum safety, this time, a season of 2009 Formuly-1.

Specially prepared two cars AMG, sports mark of a Mercedes-Benz, will draw duty during all 17 races of a season 2009, start to which has been given in Melbourn on Grand prix of Australia from March, 27 till March, 29th, 2009. Experts AMG Performance Studio are responsible for creation, manufacture and service of cars. At the wheel exclusive SL 63 AMG — Bernd Majlender, in the past racer DTM. After instructing it rises at the head of participants of race, and the fastest racers in the world pass a circle on a line, following for SL 63 AMG. The Indispensable condition for the safety car — fast time of a circle, differently engines bolids Formula-1 can overheat, and their tyres and a brake excessively to be cooled.

Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG possesses excellent dynamic characteristics that is the basic requirement for performance of so responsible problem. Eight-cylinder engine AMG in volume of 6.3 l and capacity 386 kVt/525 h.p. disperses the car to 100 km/h for 4,4 sec. In a new fashion developed sports exhaust system AMG with the increased diameter of a tube and the special rear muffler allows engine AMG to "breathe" even more freely — and gives it even more sports sound. Exclusive dynamic characteristics are guaranteed also by 7-step sports gear box AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT which is capable to switch speed only for 100 milliseconds.

Working out, testing and release of two cars of safety and two medical cars — in both cases, one car is the basic, and the second reserve — were spent by experts AMG Performance Studio in close cooperation with a command of verifiers on the general workings out AMG. Numerous test drives were arranged on various lines "Formula-1" to adjust a suspender and to check up all systems and components. Two highly skilled technicians AMG are ready to incur responsibility for readiness of the car of safety and the medical car to all to 17 races of a season of 2009 "Formuly-1". Throughout 12 years company AMG is the permanent supplier of official cars of safety and medical cars Formuly-1 ™ top-level the international motor racing.
Coupe AMG of the E-class with engine V8 became the official medical car even earlier, in 1984. Thus, all activity of the company from Affalterbaha reflects long-term adherence of Mercedes-Benz "Formula-1".


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