Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mysterious Stig from Top Gear has removed a helmet and has shown the real face!

Seven years on end importunate paparazzi try to catch and photograph the mysterious participant of a popular transmission. Once it was possible to them, and on the Internet hearings have spread that under a helmet the well-known British racer Perr McCart disappears. Organizers of drive, certainly, have not reacted in any way to messages and have deduced from the program of the mysterious racer, casually having drowned it in the sea on Jaguar XJ-S. But not killed character has appeared again.

Then suspicions have fallen on one more British — Ben Kollins, on what corporation BBC has given the official evasive answer: «We do not make comments on conjectures or hearings about the one who Stig» or that is.But the happiness has come on June, 21st this year when the racer in white overalls the next time has set up a record of a track and has been invited in studio where has to the applause removed a helmet, and all have seen that under it the owner of seven champion titles in a class Formula-1 disappeared.

However disputes concerning, whether really Michael Schumacher is Stig, are not ended. Fans of the program and simply interested persons result set of arguments for a refutation of the given fact. Well, time an intrigue proceeds, we will wait for details!


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