Sunday, July 26, 2009

Crossover Veritas will receive aviation technologies

Company Veritas which in London has presented unique roadster RSIII, does not prepare to be limited only to release of one model and plans time to exhaust in the nearest a coupe and a crossover.

Management Veritas has confirmed officially that roadster Veritas RSIII will form base for coupe creation. The company plans to exhaust on 30 copies of a roadster and a coupe, each of which will be equipped V-shaped with "ten". Capacity of such engine depending on a complete set makes either 500, or 620 h.p.

The head of concern Veritas Michael Trik in interview Autocar has noticed that the coupe is created with a sight on the countries of the Near East where the car with the maximum speed of 360 km/hour should use steady demand. Also in the company have noticed that engineers work and over creation of a crossover which will receive carbon body and the small aviation engine.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Audi R8 V10 will manage from 146 thousand dollars

For test drive this sport car yet have not given, but Audi has already published the price on R8 5.2 FSI Quattro, more known, as V-10 R8. The sport car with a median arrangement of the ten-cylinder engine and a mechanical gear box will manage in 146 000 dollars, and with R Tronic – already in 155 000.

As a matter of fact, two additional cylinders as 2010 R8 4.2 FSI cost on 32 thousand dollars more cheaply could become the reason of such high cost. On the other hand, V10 will give in hands of the owner on 105 horsepowers more. By the way, for the privilege to receive one of the two first 525-strong cars interested persons have paid neither much, nor it is not enough – 500 000 dollars, and the purchase right was challenged at auction.

Porsche RUF

Very long time anything it was not audible from garage RUF, and it is bad... But today therefrom has begun to smell fried! Germans prepare to present the second generation of the version of 977th Porsche. The new variant has 35 forces and letter S in a sleeve. Now the engine gives 685 h.p. and absolutely wild 880 Nanometers. Over body RUF too have worked, the truth, more and more on trifles: have put the mirrors and the rear spoiler over the native. The rear bumper has expanded and has received some additional air vents, and tail lights have changed a light source from lamps for diodes. That to running the suspender became hydraulic and on button pressing reduces a gleam on 50 mm. Brakes now ceramic, covered light-alloy disks of working out RUF.

Inside Porsche all sports - sports armchairs, a sports wheel, probably, rugs too sports.
As well as the predecessor, RT12-S will be on sale with full and a rear wheel drive. The starting price - 255 900 euro.

Dodge Circuit EV becomes serial in 2010

From words of Lui Rouds, the head of division Chrysler LLC occupied with working out electro cars, it began known about intention of the American motor-car manufacturer to begin in 2010 a batch production of model Dodge Circuit EV.

Assembly of a sports electro-roadster will adjust at company Lotus factory, in Great Britain. In the USA on the cars delivered from the Old World will establish electric power units. And the American motor-car manufacturer puts before itself rather high purposes: to sell in a year about 100 000 units of model. The main advantage serial Dodge Circuit becomes, according to its founders, a competitive price which will appear much less costs of its "contender", models Tesla Roadster.

The conceptual prototype of model Dodge Circuit EV realised on the basis of Lotus Europa, the first has been presented at an autoexhibition in Detroit this year. The car is equipped with 268-strong electric installation on lithium-ion batteries and on one gymnastics is capable to overcome from 240-to 300 km of a way

Thursday, July 23, 2009

SV 9 Competizione: most Italian "American"

This year on July, 25th in Los Angeles the debut of model SV 9 Competizione will take place. This of superpenalties is the first model of American manufacturer SV Motor Company which worked over the novelty in cooperation with the Italian masters of design.

SV 9 Competizione is not the project executed by the company from "blank leaf". American superpenalties it, as a matter of fact, known for all Chevrolet Corvette C6 at which SV has worked Motor Company thoroughly and soundly. As a result at developers the car in the new body executed with use carbon details has turned out. Design SV 9 Competizione is soaked by spirit Italian models Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione and Ferrari California.

Power stuffing of model SV 9 Competizione became eight-cylinder 6,2 — litre motor LS3 at which developers too have much worked. As a result, thanks to exhaust system modernisation, the engine has increased the power potential with 435 to 450 h.p, and the twisting moment has made 602 h.p. Such unit disperses model with 0 to 100 km/h for 4 seconds, and the mile quarter overcomes all for 12 seconds. Plus to this capacity makeweights, and also to the optimised suspender of a steel of tyre cover Pirelli PZero Rosso, and also a modifed braking system which stop about 100 km/h to 0 all for 51 m. It is known that this «italian» Corvette C6 will exhaust in the limited circulation — 1000 units, thus cars will be offered in 25 variants of colouring of a body, in five variants of internal furnish and with four versions on a choice of wheel disks. Thus, buyers will have an opportunity to get original, in many respects unique SV 9 Competizione which starting cost will make €99 995.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Audi A8 2010: relay teasers

News about company Audi now on leading articles of all automobile resources. Strengthen presence and the first teasers new sedan Audi A8. They were "suddenly found by observant site Autovisie among other advertising materials shining 100-year-old anniversary of DM. The first teaser is a sketch on which the headlight of head light of model, and also its part radiator lattice executed «on motives» new Sportback’а is represented. The second teaser — is even less more substantial concerning new Audi A8, but represents to the utmost Michael Dik who is a part of board «four rings». Judging by a photo, affairs at Dik go perfectly.

In Frankfurt new A8 manufacturer Audi, most likely, will not bring, that nothing distracted visitors of an autoexhibition from triumph A5 Sportback. Probably, the meeting of the updated sedan with public will take place on November motorshow in Los Angeles. The official information relative A8 too while is not present, there are one only assumptions. And they say that model receive the new aluminium chassis, and also a wide choice of engines. It is probable that in a ruler of motors there will be V-shaped 3,0-litre diesel "six" and eight-cylinder 4,2 — the litre petrol engine.

BMW X6M on a racing line! (VIDEO)

Under cover - new video of crossover X6 M-version on a racing line. As well as its colleague X5M, X6M is equipped with the new 4.4-litre 8-cylinder engine developing the maximum capacity of 555 h.p. and a twisting moment of 680 Nanometers. The car has an all wheel drive and is equipped with a six-step automatic transmission. The Bavarian motor-car manufacturer assures that the high-efficiency crossover is dispersed from a place to 100 km/h for 4.7 seconds.

BMW X6M on the Race Track

Friday, July 17, 2009

The announcement of new package M Sport for BMW X6 xDrive35i and xDrive50i

This autumn the premiere of new package M Sport for petrol turbo models BMW X6 xDrive35i and xDrive50i will take place. Interesting that the new package, unlike the majority another M-packages consisting in basic from the aerodynamic and style additions, also various improvements of the suspender, new disks and tyres, adds a few capacities in cars. Namely, M Sport version X6 xDrive35i is equipped with the same tuning 3-litre six-cylinder turbo engine about the general a fuel highway, as 740i, 326 h.p. developing capacity at 5 800 turns in minute and a twisting moment of 450 Nanometers in a range from 1 500 to 4 500 turns in a minute. In comparison with the standard version, it is a 20-strong gain in capacity.

X6 xDrive50i has received more considerable gain in production - its 4.4-litre eight-cylinder turbo engine develops 446 h.p. (instead of usual 408). Also package M Sport Package for X6 engages the complete set for the case, 20-inch disks and more sports furnish of an interior.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mini Cooper S Convertible (Format67 VIDEO)

Amazing video about mini cooper s perfect skills. Video about pleasure and freedom on this speedy little car!

Mirror Audi R8

When you see the mirror car, at once you think that it belongs to any Arab. However this Audi R8, seemingly, an exception to the rules as it has been photographed in Europe. Usually performance of similar whims incurs division Audi Exclusive, however number of its representations it is not enough, therefore it seems to us that the order of the client has been executed by any local tuning studio.

The customer has preferred to paint an emblem and carbon lateral edges of air intakes in black colour. And though it would be in our opinion quite good to pick up other varnish that dark elements were more harmoniously combined with colour of a body, the car has all the same turned out impressing.

Espionage photos Alfa Romeo Milano from factory Fiat Group

Appears new photo Alfa Romeo Milano, preparing to replace leaving 147th model in a ruler of the Italian manufacturer. The photos made apparently means by mobile phone, and have appeared in social network Facebook at the anonymous user. The design new Milano, obviously, has something in common with its younger colleague Alfa Romeo MiTo - in it specify both oval headlights and the cowl form. Also communication with Alfa 8C Competizione and, of course, completely original notes, especially performed by a body rear is felt.

The novelty will be equipped with several diesel and gasoline engines, including 1.4-litre engine TJet with a turbo-supercharging of manufacture Fiat Group in versions capacity of 120 and 158 h.p. Topovoj the version most likely becomes a 1.75-litre turbo engine capacity of an order of 200 h.p. Model leaves in Europe in the end of 2009 - the beginning of 2010.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lexus LX 570 brings Lexus the first victory!

Lexus LX 570 has brought to this premium-brand the first victory in off-road competitions, having won 41st annual marathon Tecate SCORE Baja 500 in Ensenade, Mexico, extent of 800 kilometres. The crew consisting of pilot Joe Bakal and navigator Pol Williams, has won in class Stock Full.

Let's notice that car construction has been finished all some days before race and she had time to pass only short tests in the USA. Laid on rocky sites and the bottoms of the dried up lakes the line of the Mexican marathon became the present test for technics and people – the crew rushed 16 hours practically without stops, and all 195 crews have reached finish from 267 only.

Honda turns off manufacture FR-V

Honda turns off assembly of model FR-V. According to representatives of the company, working out of the second generation of a minivan is not planned.

For the years spent on the conveyor, FR-V has got the present army of devoted admirers. And no wonder: the minivan possessed bright appearance, was not bad steered and was rather practical. The practicality became basic "counter" of model – the interior could brag of 32 variants of transformation. There was also a landing formula «3+3» not less. And in front also it has been behind established on three armchairs so the car could take simultaneously a board six person. However, the central front armchair could and be combined, having received thus the big little table with coasters. Some time FR-V it was accessible and in the Russian market. Today FR-V (or Edix as it name in Japan) it is still accessible at many European dealers. And wishing to buy a minivan it is necessary to hasten: in warehouses Honda there were very little amounts of cars.

Audi will assemble Q3 in Spain

Company Audi prepares to adjust release of crossover Q3 in Spain. It is known that the German company plans to enclose in the organisation of manufacture about three hundred millions euro.

Appearance and technical characteristics of a new crossover while keep in the strict secret. Apparently, shape Q3 will copy in many respects appearance concept Cross Coupe Quattro. Experts consider that release of this model Audi will make serious competition BMW X1. While there is no exact information on when a novelty will show to public. It is probable that the premiere will take place this autumn on a motor show in Frankfurt.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

TOP GEAR- Ken Block Video

If in the world there was any award for outstanding achievements in the field of on-line automobile video rally racer Ken Block and autoshows Top Gear for certain would be among nominees. And if you have suddenly thought that having united them together, it is possible to receive an amazing plot on beauty - you are absolutely right.

I suggest you to look this 6 minutes 45 seconds of juicy automobile representation and the highest quality of production work where 380-strong Subaru WRX STI with Ken Blok at the wheel reels up circles round the airport in California, and on its passenger sitting with goggle in the fulness of the heart eyes James Mej sits. Ah yes, we have forgotten to mention presence at a shot of one of most hardcore motor racer Ricky Karmajkla's planet. In general – sit and enjoy excellent video!

Cadillac SRX. Next generation

The first generation Cadillac SRX has shown possibilities of General Motors in a segment crossovers. Then cutting-down of consumed fuel in comparison with off-road cars of the similar sizes was actual, and dynamics on road still bribed. Sales, by the way, do not cease till now that has given the grounds well to reflect on occurrence of second generation SRX. What will be similar the second generation of cars and what problem designers put before themselves, we read further.

New SRX will be essential to differ from the predecessor. First, it will replace a rear wheel drive on front, but, at the same time, will keep an all wheel drive option. Secondly, model 2010 will receive smaller, but also more effective engines. Cadillac does not suppress that fact that SRX it is planned, as competitor RX, but designers and engineers GM inform that do not intend to copy best seller Lexus simply. The manufacturer wishes to make new crossover more "expressional" both from the outside, and inside. Whether it Will be possible to it?

Hyundai Coupe: new shape 2011

The new car which will replace model Tiburon in a ruler of manufacturer Hyundai, it Coupe in Europe and also Tuscani in South Korea, will appear on sale in 2011. Some information on this South Korean novelty became known from conversation with journalists of the head of American division Hyundai of John Krafchik.

Hyundai i40c — such name will be received by the follower of model Coupe. The novelty will be the front-wheel car which will divide a platform with Elantra and Accent. In respect of appearance the updated coupe almost completely will repeat design conceptual Hyundai HND3 Veloster which has been presented for the first time to 2007 on a motor show in Seoul. Thus, as John Krafchik has noted, the car will receive some unique elements of external design. In comparison with present generation Coupe the novelty will be hardly less in outline dimensions, however will keep the four-seater landing formula.

Under a cowl of new model the motor-car manufacturer will establish the four-cylinder petrol unit in volume of 1,6 l and capacity of 140 h.p. will equip the Engine with system of direct injection of fuel thanks to what fuel consumption will average no more than 5,8 l on 100 km of a way.

According to representatives Hyundai, novelty cost will be below the price for nowadays existing generation Coupe. «We position the new model as the representative of a class of harmless sports cars, thus we want that it was effective in respect of fuel economy and had the special appearance», — so John Krafchik spoke earlier.

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