Monday, August 31, 2009

Saab Performance Team will act in Moscow

Company Saab carries out again action Saab Performance Drive in which frameworks command of pilots Saab Performance Team will act in Moscow. Arrivals for the press will take place at 11:00 on September, 19th, 2009 on the Hodynsky field, in territory of the former airdrome of a name of Frunze. Show Saab Performance Team will pass in Moscow already in the fourth time. Admirers of cars Saab will receive chance to take pleasure in gripping show: pilots of command Saab Performance Team will show to visitors receptions of extreme driving: from synchronous maneuvers to a sharp turn on 360 ° on full speed and braking «a bumper to a bumper» at an oncoming traffic.

For demonstration of extreme receptions of driving and possibilities of cars Saab it is chosen Saab 9-3 SportSedan 2.0t BioPower. This time company Saab promises to bring 4 racers of a command and 5 cars is 4 sedans and specially prepared cabriolet on which it will be shown master class driving on 2 wheels. Command Saab Performance Team has been created in honour of 40 anniversary Saab in 1987. It long time consisted of five drivers-professionals, and now - from six. It is remarkable that drivers of a command - regular employees of various divisions companies Saab at leisure going on tour on the world both showing the experiment and possibilities of cars Saab 9-3 SportSedan.

Subaru Legacy GT300

Company Subaru has exhausted the official videoclip showing new racing Subaru Legacy GT300 behind work on autodrome Suzuka. For a footnote - Legacy GT300 is constructed for participation in Japanese body series Super GT in a class of cars with an engine power to 300 h.p. New Subaru Legacy GT300, based on model of version B4, is equipped by the aerodynamic complete set in style DTM and consequently can brag of the expanded side panels, the big air intakes and a huge rear wing. Unfortunately, at present no technical information about super car is present.

Audi R8 V10 ABT

Company ABT Sportsline in a past weekend has opened details concerning the tuning program for Audi R8 V10. Modernised Audi R8 V10 from ABT is equipped by 5,2-litre motor FSI developing 600 h.p. of capacity that on 75 horsepowers more than at stock model. With such increase of superpenalties about 100 km/h for 3,8 seconds are dispersed and develops the maximum speed in 322 km/h. The bodi-whale for ABT Audi R8 V10 is developed by division ABT DTM. Skirts enter Into it on a front and rear bumper, and also a rear spoiler radiator lattice. Besides, on the car establish the muffler with four exhaust pipes and 20-inch disks.

Logan have transformed into mobile house!

On auto show Caravan Salon 2009 which passes now in Düsseldorf, has been shown very unusual Logan. It is a question of model under name Young Activity Van III (YAV III). It represents present a mobile house constructed on the basis of versatile person Dacia Logan. Front part YAV III differs nothing from versatile persons Logan. But in the rear the present small-sized apartment is made. Here there is a special superstructure rising upwards where it is possible to sleep two adults, there are two more berths below, is every possible boxes for storage of things. Plus to it the car have equipped with minikitchen on which it is possible to cook food.

From the technical point of view such Logan does not represent anything interesting. Under a cowl a standard petrol motor in volume of 1,6 l. But unless here the technics is important? The concept of creation of a cheap mobile house – here that really matters. And the house, by the way, has turned out quite decent. Especially considering that it will cost cheaper at least in two-three times of standard "mobile houses". After all guiding price YAV III in Europe – 15 000 euros. And car sales can already begin in the middle of next year.

Audi S5 Sportback with 3.0 Supercharged V6: Photo Album and Initial Specs

Ingolstadt has whisked the covers off the sportiest version yet of the A5 Sportback, the S5 that will be displayed for the first time at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show in September. The S5 Sportback uses the same 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engine as the latest-generation S4 sedan that cranks out 333 horsepower and 440Nm (324.53 lb.-ft.) of torque between 2,900 and 5,300 rpm.

The 3.0 TSI engine is mated to a seven-speed S tronic dual-clutch transmission that puts power to all four wheels through Audi's a Quattro drivetrain while a sport differential, which variably distributes power on the rear axle between the rear wheels, will be offered as an option.

The German firm cites a 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) sprint time of 5.4 seconds (S4 Sedan: 5.1 seconds) and an electronically governed top speed of 250 km/h or 155mph.

Audi says that the S5 Sportback returns a combined fuel economy figure of 9.7 liters per 100 km which is the U.S. equivalent of 24.25 mpg.

In typical Audi fashion, a subtle body kit that includes a deeper front bumper, aluminum-look exterior mirror housings, side skirts, specific grille and a small boot lid spoiler plus 18-inch alloys shod in 245/40 tires distinguish the S5 from its lesser A5 siblings.
Inside, a three-spoke leather steering wheel with contrasting stitching, the aluminum trim, gray dials and of course the sport seats covered with Silk Nappa leather let you know you're behind the wheel of a special A5.

Sales of the Audi S5 Sportback are pegged to start in Spring 2010 with prices set to start in Germany from €57,900.

Paris Honda Civic hybrid

Honda Civic Hybrid 2009While the main attraction at Honda's Paris motor show stand will be by far the long awaited Insight hybrid concept, the Japanese automaker will also perform the European debut of the restyled Civic Hybrid and the world premiere of the i-DTEC automatic gearbox that has been that has been developed exclusively for all Honda models equipped with the firm’s 2.2-liter i-DTEC diesel engine. -Continued
As you can see in the picture above, not much has changed on the 2009 Civic Hybrid. Like its Japanese and American counterparts, the Euro spec hybrid sedan benefits from minor cosmetic changes including tweaked front and rear lights, a more aggressive bumper and new alloy wheels. The changes to the Civic Hybrid will also carry across to the conventionally powered 1.8 litre 4-door Civic sold in selected regions across Europe.

i-DTEC Gearbox
Honda Civic Hybrid 2009

39.Barum Rally 2009 Czech

By Lubos and Rally Luka video presents XXXIX.Barum Rally Zlín 2009 IRC and Czech Championship - 21. – 23.8.2009.

Ford Mondeo

Engine problem 405Mi16 02

Engine problem 405Mi16 01

New York Motor Show highlights

New York Motor Show highlights

F1 Moto Nick Heidfeld BMW Superbike

F1 Moto Nick Heidfeld BMW Superbike

Motoring Wipeouts

Time to go back to driving school.

2009 Belgian GP Circuit Preview

The favourite track of many of the drivers is one of the few remaining from the old guard. While more and more high-tech circuits are filling the race calendar, a lap at Spa leads a good seven kilometres through woods, over hills and along public roads. And then there are legendary corners too, like the hairpin ‘La Source’ at the very start and above all the infamous ‘Eau Rouge’. It’s a spot that gets the drivers’ adrenalin pumping – year after year, lap after lap. At 300 km/h it’s down into a dip. As on a rollercoaster, the drivers are pressed into their seats, shoot down at top speed and then up the other side, seeing nothing but the sky.

Take ride on the circuit from the drivers' perspective!

Motorcycle/British Columbia, Canada/Moto ride

Motorcycle riding on the Coquihalla Highway to Yak Peak and the Coquihalla Summit, between Hope and Merritt, British Columbia Canada. Yak Peak has an elevation of 2,039 meters, the Coquihalla Summit has an elevation of 1,244 meters and is in the Cascades Mountain Range. is Virtual Riding Television.
Imagine mounting a high definition camcorder to the handlebars of a motorcycle then riding across the second largest country in the world. With this point of view you will experience the sensation of riding through ten provinces of Canada, coast to coast, round trip, for a total of 18,795 kilometers. This trip may be over but the riding and filming continues........................................
Three high definition video cameras are being used this riding season.


First Supercar from Audi which can be compared with Bugatti, Lamborghini or Porsche supercars. What a beautiful car!

Africa Race - A New International Rally Raid - Ver

Africa Race - A New International Rally Raid - Version 2

Over 7000 kilometers spanning 3 countries - Morocco, Mauritania, and Senegal - a new international rally raid begins.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

BMW has shown super car Vision EfficientDynamics

BMW has published official photos new concept Vision EfficientDynamics. It shows to us how according to the Bavarian engineers, sports cars some will look in near future. To count that Vision EfficientDynamics will appear on our roads, it is not necessary. And it is a pity – the car looks is more tremendous, and not only during movement, but also at rest. After all here doors open on type «a side panel of a seagull» (usually such "counter" competitors from a Mercedes-Benz used). From technical point of view Vision EfficientDynamics too it is very interesting. In movement this sport car is resulted at once by three engines! The core is the diesel engine to which is helped by two electromotors. And a diesel engine here not idle time – it has only three cylinders and volume of 1,5 l. But thanks to the current technologies this motor gives out essential 163 h.p. and 290 Nm.

As to electric motors, they too the uneasy. One of them helps a diesel engine to rotate a rear axle (it gives out 38 kw, or approximately 51 h.p., and 290 Nm). And here the second electric motor works independently, and it already twists a front axle. Capacity of this motor can be different. At quiet movement it is a question about 60 kw (81 h.p.), but at speedup capacity grows to 82 kw (110 h.p.) and even to 104 kw (140 h.p.) . However, the motor is capable to develop 104 kw only throughout 10 with. But for overtaking of it should suffice. In city conditions Vision EfficientDynamics is capable to pass only on one electropull-rod to 50 km. On assurances of representatives BMW, full gymnastics lithium-ion of accumulators from the usual electric socket connection occupies 2,5 hours. But it is possible to use special stations of additional charge which have pressure in 380 volt. In this case accumulators will be charged all for 44 minutes. Average fuel consumption of German super car makes only 3,7 l of solar oil on 100 km of a way. Probably, for this reason fuel tank Vision EfficientDynamics has volume only 25 l. But it should suffice that the car with completely charged accumulators has passed at once 700 km! Amazing result. And what you think about it?

Ford Edge from Steeda tuning!

You want, that you Ford Edge became faster and has begun to sparkle new, unusual sides? No problem, tuning company Steeda has already prepared for you a surprise. The Tuning Whale under name Steeda Edge Sport, according to its developers, “perfectly will approach those who wants all and at once”.

By a word all"in tuning studio most likely mean a weather-cloth from eight elements, the smoothed internal furnish, a cross proline on leather seaters, blacked-out front and rear headlights, and also the polished 22-inch aluminium wheels. That, is valid – almost all.
Except all aforesaid the car is equipped by brakes Brembo and exhaust system Magnaflow. The data about engine completion while is not present.

Audi will receive motor in volume of 1,2 l

Company Audi has decided to establish on the cars the engine in volume only 1,2 l. It is a question of the petrol unit 1,2 TFSI with a turbo-supercharging which gives out 105 h.p. and 175 Nm (at 1500-3500 rpm) – it will receive 3-doors hatchback Audi A3 and 5-doors A3 Sportback. In Audi perfectly understand that the car of a premium-class with a motor in volume of all in 1,2 l at first sight looks not so well. However thus Germans underline that such А3 0-100 km/h for 11,1 will be capable to be dispersed with (for 3-door А3, 5-doorsj Sportback will type one hundred for 11,3 sec). And the maximum speed of models will make 190 km/h. Indicators, in general, quite tolerable. Thus fuel consumption 1,2-litre «Audi A3» will make only 5,5 l of gasoline on 100 km. And the price similar A3 should be very interesting.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sultan Lamborghini LM002 have decided to sell

Lamborghini LM002 is possible to name quite authoritatively the predecessor of such cars, as Porsche Cayenne and Spyker D8. As a matter of fact, it is a unique crossover of this manufacturer that already in itself interesting. But the sultan of Brunei used at all a crossover, and versatile person LM002 constructed for it on special order in 1987.

It is the seven-seater car with leather interior, inserts from a tree, TVs, DVD-players and 450-strong V12 which has been borrowed at Countach. Certainly, such versatile person is unique. At present it belongs to the former director BMW and Volkswagen to Bernd Pischetsrieder. To get a car it is possible in Germany, the truth, its price is not disclosed yet. It is probable not to frighten off potential buyers.

9ff GT9-R: the car without roof!

The German tuner 9ff works recently very fruitfully. Has not had time to cease still news that masters of studio have created a package of additions for Porsche Panamera which after "operational development" has increased capacity of the motor to 650 h.p. as again all have started talking about 9ff. All the matter is that foreign editions the information that the German studio prepares for an exit special, open version of model Porsche 9ff GT9-R has filtered.

Now Germans have conceived to create three cabriolets 9ff GT9-R and to sell them in the market the United Arab Emirates where, as it is known, rather and it is not enough poor people. If any cars from this series 9ff GT9-R do not find the buyer, German will be compelled to accept orders and from other markets.

From the studio press release 9ff it is known that new version tuning sport car to receive same power "stuffing", as its "colleague" - a compartment. It is a question about 1120 — the strong engine which is capable to accelerate the car to the first 96 km/h for 2,8 sec and to disperse it to speed limit in 413,51 km/h. What dynamics of a course the model variant in a body will show a cabriolet it is not known, however the tuner declares that maximum speeds will differ not much more from coupe indicators 9ff GT9-R. Well, rather impudent statement, as drop of dynamics at cars without a roof — an everyday occurrence.

Cabriolet cost 9ff GT9-R yet is not informed. Concerning a debut exit of model there is not confirmed information that the novelty will be officially presented at the Geneva exhibition which will take place in March of the next year.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Formula D Seattle "Breaking Point" (Dirty Version VIDEO)

The fifth stop in the 2009 Formula D season at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington.

Congrats to the podium finishers:
First place - Chris Forsberg
Second place - Eric O'Sullivan
Third place - Tyler McQuarrie

New Saab 9-5 as start of a new epoch for Swedish brand

SAAB 9-5

The premiere of a new sedan of business class Saab 9-5 will take place on the International motor show which starts in September, 2009 in Frankfurt. The motor-car manufacturer already declared it as the beginning of a new epoch in brand development. Elegant, refined and possessing unmistakably recognised lines Saab, it combines effective appearance and the advanced technologies. It is fresh alternative of buyers in a segment of "prestigious" sedans.

The design of front part Saab 9-5 is generated according to style of concept car Aero X noted by a number of awards. Thanks to athletic shape new 9-5 proclaims approach of an era of courageous, even more expressive stylistic language. The architecture of spacious interior is defined by simple forms which echo cleanliness of design of a body. In comparison with previous model, at new 9-5 the space for feet and width of interior at level of shoulders of passengers - both front, and rear is increased. The choice of decorative materials, furnish and installation of details, workmanship of devices and controls (appreciable both by sight, and to the touch) - all it reflects a car accessory to a premium-class.

The cockpit created "round the driver" - traditional reception for Saab, but now for it the new embodiment is found. The deep central extension housing is bent upwards, smoothly passing in the control panel, and in its top part there is accurately issued zone where vent holes are located. A metre panel with a speedometer stylised under plane altimeter, it is deep cut in the control panel is a hint on the aviation past Saab, borrowed at concept car Aero X. Displays from which the driver reads out the information (including, optional display Pilot HUD projecting the indications on a windshield), mainly with typical for Saab green illumination, differ clearness (but not sharpness) images. The button of start-up/stop the engine still is between front seats, near to the gear box lever.

On a choice some audiosystems (including, system crowning this number harman/kardon with a panoramic sound), and also system of navigation with the 8-inch touch display are offered to the buyer. The built in hard disk for storage of road maps, and also memory for musical files is provided. In the big central extension housing the place for installation, and also sockets for connection of several portable USB-devices is taken; here 12 Century are located socket Aux for the audioequipment and the electric socket connection with pressure.

Rear passengers can listen to music or look DVD-films by means of own information-entertaining system. This system includes a control package located in a rear of the central extension housing, and the folding displays fixed on backs of front seats. For listening or viewing ear-phones (wire or wireless) are used. Besides, two vent holes and independent controls are intended for rear passengers by an air temperature in an interior rear - in addition to a lobby 2 zones to an air-conditioning system. In structure Saab 9-5 use of some hi-tech devices, in which number is offered: the projective information display Pilot HUD causing associations with a cockpit of the plane, adaptive headlights with bi-xenon lamps (Bi-Xenon Smart Beam), adaptive system of the cruise-control, adaptive chassis DriveSense with system of continuous steering access system to the car and start-up of the engine without the aid of a key, 3 zones an air-conditioning system, help system at a parking, system of all wheel drive Saab XWD with rear interwheel differential of the raised friction with electronic control (eLSD).

The ruler of the turbo engines, most "easy" for which is the 1,6-litre unit, is created within the limits of development of strategy Saab on working out of engines with «the optimum sizes». These 4-cylinder engines with rather small working volume differ high capacity, efficiency and a throttle response. Buyers can choose the engines working on any of three kinds of fuel - gasoline, a diesel fuel or bioethanol Е85. In particular, new 9-5 with the diesel engine shows a low level of blowout СО2 - only 139/km. To the beginning of sales 9-5 it is possible to choose from a ruler of four-cylinder engines in which number a 2,0-litre turbodiesel with the maximum capacity of 160 h.p. and the level of blowout СО2 equal of 139 g/km, and also the 2,0-litre gasoline engine with a turbo-supercharging which maximum capacity is equal 220 h.p. Crowns a number of engines 2,8-litre V6 with a turbo-supercharging (the maximum capacity - 300 h.p., the maximum twisting moment - 400 Н•м) which is offered only for the cars equipped with system of all wheel drive Saab XWD.


Saab 9-3

Soon after car occurrence in the market to also will be accessible the 1,6-litre gasoline engine with a turbo-supercharging, developing capacity to 180 h.p., and 2,0-litre engine BioPower, capable to work on etanol fuel Е85. All gear boxes established on new 9-5, six-step.
The advanced system of all wheel drive Saab XWD already presented on Saab 9-3, now is offered and for 9-5 with following engines: 2,0-litre petrol, Bio Power and engines V6 with a working volume of 2,8 l. Besides, for all variants 9-5 well adaptive chassis Saab DriveSense (which adapts to style of driving). Two various configurations of a suspender are established on 9-5 manufacturer - according to an engine power; for both "sports" options of the chassis can be established. New Saab 9-5 it will be accessible in versions: Linear, Vector or Aero. Sales of a sedan of a business class will begin in 2010.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Toyota Mark X First information!

Mark X will be good. It still remains to one of the greatest sedans of the Japanese mark who will possess besides uncommon appearance. It is supposed that under cowl Mark X new generation will start to put two new petrol motors: 2,5 l which will give out 203 h.p., and 3,5 l.

Last cursor with six cylinders will receive already 318 h.p. And thanks to tuning from company Modellista, the 3,5-litre unit will already please the driver of 360 h.p.

Configurator Mustang – the present entertainment!

Configurator Mustang

Company Ford has opened access to the unique online configurator, allowing to pick up and order to itself such Mustang which is not present at anybody in the world more. To potential clients suggest to begin with a choice of the colour scheme of registration a body then to pass through set of various menus, as a result to receive the car on which that cowl is established, radiator lattice, an air intake and other accessories about which the one who just prepared dreamt to buy a new toy.

Having finished choice procedure, it is possible to load to itself the list of the established spare parts, together with instructions where they can be got. Additional plus – possibility to keep the car in special gallery where other users can estimate it.

Link: Mustang Configurator

Configurator Mustang

Configurator Mustang

The big anniversary of the small kid! Mini 50 th birthday! (VIDEO)

Mini 50 birthday

Exactly 50 years ago, the first Mini has been exposed on a general review. It was absolutely still the kid that is why looked around hesitating, reddening, but with interest. This interest to a life and interest of a life to it, have helped with future to become Mini to one of the greatest cars of all times. Certainly, Englishmen could not disregard such date. Result of attention before you - video a chock on a congratulatory song «That ` s Entertainment» ensemble The Jam classics led by the Floor Veller. Well a song so-so, it is smoothfaced-priest and is is smoothfaced-priest, and Mini is with all the heart congratulated!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aston Martin Volare!


The graduate of university in James Trim has knowingly received the diplom because, without having had time to end high school, has already finish and create own Aston Martin. Actually, what the English student of an art educational institution could work? Volare so the project is named, has appeared under impression of two real cars AM - outlines of a stern to the designer has prompted DBS, and the nose is cast V8 Vantage.

As one would expect, Volare does not soil environment, the blessing goes on electropull-rods on which the engine overworks hydrogen. With the compressed gas Trim suggests to place tanks over a rear axle to save equal weigh. For seaters and under them batteries should settle down, and the engine will locate under a cowl ahead. Besides, the 23-year-old artist plans to start up for a body composit materials, all the same electro-hydrogen system weighs much, means, it is necessary to save kgs.



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