Sunday, August 30, 2009

Audi will receive motor in volume of 1,2 l

Company Audi has decided to establish on the cars the engine in volume only 1,2 l. It is a question of the petrol unit 1,2 TFSI with a turbo-supercharging which gives out 105 h.p. and 175 Nm (at 1500-3500 rpm) – it will receive 3-doors hatchback Audi A3 and 5-doors A3 Sportback. In Audi perfectly understand that the car of a premium-class with a motor in volume of all in 1,2 l at first sight looks not so well. However thus Germans underline that such А3 0-100 km/h for 11,1 will be capable to be dispersed with (for 3-door А3, 5-doorsj Sportback will type one hundred for 11,3 sec). And the maximum speed of models will make 190 km/h. Indicators, in general, quite tolerable. Thus fuel consumption 1,2-litre «Audi A3» will make only 5,5 l of gasoline on 100 km. And the price similar A3 should be very interesting.


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