Sunday, August 30, 2009

BMW has shown super car Vision EfficientDynamics

BMW has published official photos new concept Vision EfficientDynamics. It shows to us how according to the Bavarian engineers, sports cars some will look in near future. To count that Vision EfficientDynamics will appear on our roads, it is not necessary. And it is a pity – the car looks is more tremendous, and not only during movement, but also at rest. After all here doors open on type «a side panel of a seagull» (usually such "counter" competitors from a Mercedes-Benz used). From technical point of view Vision EfficientDynamics too it is very interesting. In movement this sport car is resulted at once by three engines! The core is the diesel engine to which is helped by two electromotors. And a diesel engine here not idle time – it has only three cylinders and volume of 1,5 l. But thanks to the current technologies this motor gives out essential 163 h.p. and 290 Nm.

As to electric motors, they too the uneasy. One of them helps a diesel engine to rotate a rear axle (it gives out 38 kw, or approximately 51 h.p., and 290 Nm). And here the second electric motor works independently, and it already twists a front axle. Capacity of this motor can be different. At quiet movement it is a question about 60 kw (81 h.p.), but at speedup capacity grows to 82 kw (110 h.p.) and even to 104 kw (140 h.p.) . However, the motor is capable to develop 104 kw only throughout 10 with. But for overtaking of it should suffice. In city conditions Vision EfficientDynamics is capable to pass only on one electropull-rod to 50 km. On assurances of representatives BMW, full gymnastics lithium-ion of accumulators from the usual electric socket connection occupies 2,5 hours. But it is possible to use special stations of additional charge which have pressure in 380 volt. In this case accumulators will be charged all for 44 minutes. Average fuel consumption of German super car makes only 3,7 l of solar oil on 100 km of a way. Probably, for this reason fuel tank Vision EfficientDynamics has volume only 25 l. But it should suffice that the car with completely charged accumulators has passed at once 700 km! Amazing result. And what you think about it?


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