Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chevrolet Camaro SS! GeigerCars tuning!

German masters from tuning studio GeigerCars undertake operational development of those cars which, apparently, do not require improvement, is so imposing both their appearance, and their power equipment. However to pass by legendary Chevrolet Camaro SS and not to put to it a hand, it is simply impossible for tuner GeigerCars which is famous for operational development of the American cars.

In "an initial" variant this Chevrolet Camaro is aggregated V-shaped 6,2 — litre "eight" by capacity of 422 h.p. at 5 000 rpm, with a twisting moment of 554 Nanometers at 4 500 rpm. Having added a mechanical supercharger and the sports catalyst, and also having improved work of system of injection of fuel, the German tuner has achieved increase in capacity of 568 h.p. and to 799 Nanometers of a twisting moment. If trust the information of developers from GeigerCars, their "charged" Chevrolet Camaro SS, equipped six-high-speed Mechanical gear box, about 314 km/h are capable to be dispersed.


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