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New Saab 9-5 as start of a new epoch for Swedish brand

SAAB 9-5

The premiere of a new sedan of business class Saab 9-5 will take place on the International motor show which starts in September, 2009 in Frankfurt. The motor-car manufacturer already declared it as the beginning of a new epoch in brand development. Elegant, refined and possessing unmistakably recognised lines Saab, it combines effective appearance and the advanced technologies. It is fresh alternative of buyers in a segment of "prestigious" sedans.

The design of front part Saab 9-5 is generated according to style of concept car Aero X noted by a number of awards. Thanks to athletic shape new 9-5 proclaims approach of an era of courageous, even more expressive stylistic language. The architecture of spacious interior is defined by simple forms which echo cleanliness of design of a body. In comparison with previous model, at new 9-5 the space for feet and width of interior at level of shoulders of passengers - both front, and rear is increased. The choice of decorative materials, furnish and installation of details, workmanship of devices and controls (appreciable both by sight, and to the touch) - all it reflects a car accessory to a premium-class.

The cockpit created "round the driver" - traditional reception for Saab, but now for it the new embodiment is found. The deep central extension housing is bent upwards, smoothly passing in the control panel, and in its top part there is accurately issued zone where vent holes are located. A metre panel with a speedometer stylised under plane altimeter, it is deep cut in the control panel is a hint on the aviation past Saab, borrowed at concept car Aero X. Displays from which the driver reads out the information (including, optional display Pilot HUD projecting the indications on a windshield), mainly with typical for Saab green illumination, differ clearness (but not sharpness) images. The button of start-up/stop the engine still is between front seats, near to the gear box lever.

On a choice some audiosystems (including, system crowning this number harman/kardon with a panoramic sound), and also system of navigation with the 8-inch touch display are offered to the buyer. The built in hard disk for storage of road maps, and also memory for musical files is provided. In the big central extension housing the place for installation, and also sockets for connection of several portable USB-devices is taken; here 12 Century are located socket Aux for the audioequipment and the electric socket connection with pressure.

Rear passengers can listen to music or look DVD-films by means of own information-entertaining system. This system includes a control package located in a rear of the central extension housing, and the folding displays fixed on backs of front seats. For listening or viewing ear-phones (wire or wireless) are used. Besides, two vent holes and independent controls are intended for rear passengers by an air temperature in an interior rear - in addition to a lobby 2 zones to an air-conditioning system. In structure Saab 9-5 use of some hi-tech devices, in which number is offered: the projective information display Pilot HUD causing associations with a cockpit of the plane, adaptive headlights with bi-xenon lamps (Bi-Xenon Smart Beam), adaptive system of the cruise-control, adaptive chassis DriveSense with system of continuous steering access system to the car and start-up of the engine without the aid of a key, 3 zones an air-conditioning system, help system at a parking, system of all wheel drive Saab XWD with rear interwheel differential of the raised friction with electronic control (eLSD).

The ruler of the turbo engines, most "easy" for which is the 1,6-litre unit, is created within the limits of development of strategy Saab on working out of engines with «the optimum sizes». These 4-cylinder engines with rather small working volume differ high capacity, efficiency and a throttle response. Buyers can choose the engines working on any of three kinds of fuel - gasoline, a diesel fuel or bioethanol Е85. In particular, new 9-5 with the diesel engine shows a low level of blowout СО2 - only 139/km. To the beginning of sales 9-5 it is possible to choose from a ruler of four-cylinder engines in which number a 2,0-litre turbodiesel with the maximum capacity of 160 h.p. and the level of blowout СО2 equal of 139 g/km, and also the 2,0-litre gasoline engine with a turbo-supercharging which maximum capacity is equal 220 h.p. Crowns a number of engines 2,8-litre V6 with a turbo-supercharging (the maximum capacity - 300 h.p., the maximum twisting moment - 400 Н•м) which is offered only for the cars equipped with system of all wheel drive Saab XWD.


Saab 9-3

Soon after car occurrence in the market to also will be accessible the 1,6-litre gasoline engine with a turbo-supercharging, developing capacity to 180 h.p., and 2,0-litre engine BioPower, capable to work on etanol fuel Е85. All gear boxes established on new 9-5, six-step.
The advanced system of all wheel drive Saab XWD already presented on Saab 9-3, now is offered and for 9-5 with following engines: 2,0-litre petrol, Bio Power and engines V6 with a working volume of 2,8 l. Besides, for all variants 9-5 well adaptive chassis Saab DriveSense (which adapts to style of driving). Two various configurations of a suspender are established on 9-5 manufacturer - according to an engine power; for both "sports" options of the chassis can be established. New Saab 9-5 it will be accessible in versions: Linear, Vector or Aero. Sales of a sedan of a business class will begin in 2010.


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