Monday, August 17, 2009

Peugeot RCZ

Peugeot has presented photos of new sports coupe RCZ. This model constructed on platform Peugeot 308, will receive the landing formula 2+2. Last moment is important – in Europe buyers of cars, even a coupe, last years more and more attention give practicalities. And consequently two additional seats superfluous will not be – economical Frenchmen should estimate it. If to compare Peugeot RCZ to the primogenitor it is possible to notice that at a coupe the centre of gravity began to be more low on 40 mm in comparison with a hatchback is should be reflected in roadability positively.

Under cowl Peugeot RCZ which official premiere is planned to Frankfurt, there will be a 1,6-litre petrol motor with a turbo-supercharging which gives out 200 h.p. This capacity should suffice to be accelerated from a place to 100 km/h for 7,6 sec. Besides, serial cars will have more modest units – petrol in volume 1,6 l without forced aspiration (156 h.p.) and a 2,0-litre diesel engine (163 h.p.). And still it is necessary to notice that in Frankfurt it will be shown not only petrol version Peugeot RCZ, but also hybrid. It will receive name RCZ HYbrid4.


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