Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Porsche news

Porsche news

As it is known, both sides have agreed about interflow: Volkswagen and Porsche have reunited and conduct work on creation of the integrated concern, Martin Vinterkorn, nowadays the chairman of board VW will supervise which. And judging by recently sounded plans of the company, interflow has gone all on advantage. Recently according to Martin Vinterkorn it became known that in the near future again formed concern will begin manufacture of three new models. The compact off-road car, and also the new version of bonus model Panamera become novelties which will publish under brand Porsche, a sport coupe. The head of new concern so argues on future Porsche: «the First steps are already made — in sale is Cayenne with motor V6 TDI. However it is necessary to continue lineup development. And, probably, novelties Porsche become for many a surprise».

Foreign Internet editions build assumptions concerning these new cars. Many say that, possibly, the motor-car manufacturer will exhaust a compact roadster which will be constructed on the basis of presented to 2009 in Detroit concept VW BlueSport. The increase in volumes of realisation cars mark Porsche becomes the primary goal of concern. Germans put before themselves rather real purpose if only the world market quickly to "get healthy" after crisis, — to deduce by 2013 indicators of sales Porsche on level of 150 000 units of a car in a year. In five years, by calculations of Vinterkorn, this figure should increase to 200 000 units.


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