Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Unusual Fiat Sentiero!

The creation of the graduate of faculty industrial design University of a name George Enesku is called Fiat Sentiero («a way, road»). The virtual pickup looks defiantly — a silhouette simultaneously reminding about rally buggys and about Australian pickups Holden Ute, aggressive redock with strong-willed "chin" of a bumper and Fiat tail lights.
On a plan of the Romanian, the technician for Fiat too the unusual. To pull the trailer in weight to 2400 kg it is called 3 litres six-cylinder diesel engine having 250 forces. For the aid to a turbodiesel the all-wheel drive system is given. It works in three modes: Auto (the rear axle is connected at a slipping of front wheels), 2WD (forward control) and Lock (a moment equal distribution on shafts).

The youth pickup with interesting design, the powerful motor and a modern all wheel drive, apparently, is simply doomed to success, but what way waits Fiat Sentiero while it is not clear. Who knows, can, one of numerous pickups of concern Chrysler will receive Fiat emblem and more or less modern stuffing.


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