Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Subaru WRX STI Carbon

Company Subaru has presented the new version of model WRX STI which it prepares to show on a motor show in Tokyo. Even having considered the car in all its aspects, to understand sense of its release difficult enough.

In general, STI already long time accuse that it a little greasy, however when you build a sport car, taking for a basis a plebeian body, you should be ready to it. Plus, STI in itself, being serious enough car, nevertheless did not hold out to level Mitsubishi EVO. Perhaps, in the company just also wished to eliminate all these problems, having exhausted the new version? Well-well.

Meet WRX STI Carbon. A roof at it – from carbon fiber. And a five-speed transmission – from Legacy. And it not the mechanical. Ah yes, seaters… upholstered with suede. That's all. No, actually the roof from carbon very much is pleasant to me, she allows to lower weight and the centre of gravity, but an automatic gear box for enthusiasts? In general, this time i dont understand Subaru.

E-Wolf e2- In Germany build electric super car!

Already someone hardly doubts that in the near future electromobiles will seriously press the petrol and diesel colleagues. For example, the head of alliance Renault-Nissan Carlos Gon is assured that by 2020 electromobiles will make more than 20 % of a world motor-vehicle pool, and further this figure will grow only.

By itself that away from fashionable electric insanity there are no also manufacturers super cars. After all already now "green" reproach founders of powerful cars that their cars terribly soil environment. And every year these reproaches sound all more loudly. Where an exit?

It is clear that always there will be a certain category of people which does not think of the existence without speed, a roar of the powerful motor and adrenaline gallons. However these citizens would not like to look at all in the opinion of surrounding with malicious pollutants of atmosphere. The exit from this uneasy position was offered by little-known German firm e-Wolf. Engineers of this company undertook working out electric a super car, received the name e-Wolf e2. The car has bright, rather aggressive design, something similar Ferrari Enzo and Lamborghini Reventon. The length of the electric devourer of kilometres makes exactly five metres, width – 1,90 m, height – 1,20 m.

The recipe of preparation a super car is simple and traditional – an aluminium frame and a body from composit materials. Thanks that the weight of an electromobile does not exceed 900 kg. The developed air intakes before rear fenders should mislead nobody, as the motor behind is not present. But there is a block of batteries which feed four electric motors, each of which puts in action one of wheels. Cumulative capacity of a power-plant makes 536 h.p. and 1000 Nm a twisting moment. Double a super car Germans promised to publish dynamic characteristics later, but already now it is known that on completely charged accumulators the car is capable to pass almost three hundred kilometres. If the battery is discharged, it it is possible to recharge all for half an hour.

Curious feature e-Wolf e2 is the sound generator, capable to reproduce a sound of various engines and not only them. As it is paradoxical, but the sound generator is necessary that … not to frighten pedestrians. For example, in the USA widespread enough became the phenomenon when pedestrians do not hear coming nearer hybrid car when it goes on electropull-rod, and is banal are frightened, having faced artfully and silently "crept" car. Someone even complained of drivers hybrid cars in police. German super car, moreover a sound of the formular engine simulating, for example, hardly remains not noticed.

However, while e-Wolf e2 exists only in the form of computer sketches, and it will be embodied in metal not earlier than next year. If all at Germans goes according to plan electric super car will be started in a batch production in 2011.

Mitsubishi Lancer Crossover. First info

Mitsubishi, at last, has begun road tests of the new small crossover which will appear on sale, most likely, in the end of next year. This model will be made on motives concept Concept-cX which has been shown on a motor show in Frankfurt in 2007.

While the new car "is completely dressed" in a camouflage, therefore about nuances of design to speak prematurely. However it is necessary to notice that at the heart of a new crossover there will be a platform from … Lancer. The drive gear at a crossover will be front or full, however, to count on presence of any mechanical blockings of differentials it is not necessary. After all it's the same city crossover, instead of an off-road car. That repents competitors the main contender new Mitsubishi in the European market will be Nissan Qashqai.

Next BMW M5 will receive turbo V8!

Profitability reasons, concern in level of blowouts in carbonic acid atmosphere, and also that fact that motor V10 practically is not used in other models BMW, can lead together all to that the following generation M5 will receive instead of this engine turbo V8. And if earlier the information which has appeared in May seemed only hearing this time journalists managed to receive official acknowledgement from representatives of German concern.

Sources in BMW have not specified, which V8 it will be, however the most probable candidate is 4,4-litre turbo motor from X5M and X6M capacity of 555 horsepowers which maximum twisting moment makes 678 Nanometers.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ferrari P4/5 Competizione - in works?

Shown on autoshow Pebble Beach in 2006, this car represented altered Enzo, whose design was updated Pininfarina so that the car began to remind legendary racing Ferrari P4 1967. In total one copy Ferrari P4/5 and then it seemed to us has been constructed only that we saw really a unique sport car.

As it is found out, it can be not absolutely so. According to statements Glickenhaus at forum, it is going to construct the racing version of the car which can take part in the 24-sentry to race on a Nurnburgring on May, 13-16th, 2010. However, Glickenhaus recognises that the project became a reality, simply large quantity of stars, however probability of carrying out of such works together should converge remains.

The car will receive name P4/5 Competizione, and will be constructed on the basis of absolutely new car, instead of on the basis of road version P4/5. Which car it will be, Glickenhaus has not specified, however has hinted that it will receive VIN, the chassis, the engine and a gear box from Ferrari. Among the basic difficulties interfering realisation of ambitious plans, absence of the basic sponsor is. Anyway, we wish Glikenhausu of good luck and we hope that one more racing car-dream will appear on autodromes already in the near future.

Abarth 500 R3T

Company Abarth belonging to concern Fiat has presented the new version Abarth 500 prepared for participation in rally competitions. Based on Fiat 500 car will be the basic participant of the promo-rally which carrying out is planned for 2010.

Abarth R3T is intended for struggle in rally class R3T in which cars with turbo motors in volume to 1,6 litres participate. If to paraphrase, it is possible to tell with confidence that the car will not receive certification for public roads.

Experts Abarth have established on the 1,4-litre motor modified turbo compressor Garret GT 1446 then the engine began to develop 180 horsepowers. The power unit is attached to six-step sequental gear box with a two-friction clutch transmission and the self-blocked differential. Besides, the car has an adjustable sports suspender, brakes Brembo and a welded framework of safety.

Monday, September 28, 2009

PCRides exhausts the computer in style Dodge Charger SRT8

Usually the people, wishing to get the stylish computer, turn the looks on production Apple, however its creations – only one of possible directions of design. For example, PC Rides offers absolutely other on execution updates just for who in the history of browser visitings has mainly automobile sites.

No, under a cowl of this car is not Hemi, in PC Rides have preferred to equip Charger SRT8 with processor Intel Core2Duo. In a front bumper the tray of an optical drive gear, and a car rear the most different interface sockets disappears, engaging DVI, HDMI, audio, a network and VGA.

One of interesting features of the computer - head lights lighting up at inclusion and specifying in hard disk work blinking tail lights. The personal computer price varies from 1850 to 2495 dollars, depending on a hardware configuration.

Frankfurt Motor Show 2009: Audi S5 Sportback

In the middle of this year Audi has deduced to the public a stylish four-door hatchback A5 Sportback. Now in Frankfurt debuted all-wheel drive version – S5 Sportback.

S5 Sportback has received 3-litres "six" capacity of 333 horsepowers, developing 440 Nm. The motor turns wheels through familiar robotised box S tronic with two clutches. A drive gear on all wheels constant, interaxle and rear differentials blocked.

These pieces of iron have given the chance to be dispersed to "hundred" for 5,4 seconds. Maximum speed at level of 250 km/h, average fuel consumption – 9,7 litres on one hundred kilometres. The suspender is more rigid, and brakes are more hardy, than at the civil version. The interior too is a little another – the main difference armchair with more developed lateral support. The question price in Europe 57 900 euros.

Pontiac GTO- Jim Wangers prepares new car?

Pontiac GTO - legendary muscle-car. This car was not always fast but the aspiration to find room for as much as possible big engine in minimum possible body has allowed it to become in the early seventies an instant hit of sales, and at the same time and an adoration subject.

Fair portion of success GTO has received thanks to Jim Wangers working as the director for marketing Pontiac when first GTO was issued. There was in 1964. Therefore it is not necessary to be surprised that companies Big 3 Performance, conceived reincarnation Pontiac GTO of 1969, were necessary a name of Wangers and its service.

External changes in the car will be a little – unless air intakes on a cowl become wider, yes the spoiler - "a duck tail" in style Trans Am will increase. In interior there will be a new panel of devices, seats Recaro, an audiosystem and GPS-navigation. Will finish shape the unique chassis with a number of units from Corvette and Ford, and also modernised wheels Pontiac Rally II.

Under a car cowl will take places 8,3-litre motor V8 from Pontiac, connected to a six-speed transmission from Dodge Viper. Exact terms of an exit of the car and its price are not declared yet, however at present prospective cost of the car is estimated in 130-140 thousand dollars.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Russian tuning Bentley-Bullet!

We have already got used that Germans, Englishmen, Americans or Japanese are engaged in "bleeding" of expensive bonus cars. But it appears, and in Russia there are the tuning studio, capable to execute car "upgrade" at high enough level. One of them is the Moscow firm Top Car which has appeared in 2004. Up to recent time Top Car specialised basically on "bleeding" of cars Porsche Cayenne and BMW X6, but now russians undertook and for Bentley Continental GT. However, running forward, it is necessary to tell that Top Car did not begin to be engaged in operational development of the power unit or interior, and it was limited only to an ex-terrier.

The car has received a new cowl with ventilating cuts, a bumper with fashionable light-emitting diode "moustaches" and a spoiler, the blacked out front and rear optics, a rear bumper with the choke tube, a spoiler on a boot lid and the chromeplated nozzles on exhaust pipes. Besides, on the car original black 20-inch shod disks are established. A package of completions Top Car has estimated in 25 000 euros. It is in addition possible to order colouring in black matte colour for 7 000 euros. By itself, the car has received also own name – Bullet.

Certainly, while especial in a case with Bentley Continental GT russians do not offer anything. For example, in the same Germany and England tens firms are engaged in similar tuning of initial level. But pleases that fact that in Russia though and much later in what other countries, tuning studio which have in due course every chance start to appear to grow in serious firms and as equals to compete to the European, American and Japanese colleagues. And Top Car can just appear one of them. It is Enough to tell that partners of Top Car are such German studio 9ff and Lumma Design.

Friday, September 25, 2009

CRD represents stylish novelties for Infiniti FX

Company Car Research and Development GmbH and Co. KG (CRD) has shown a styling-whale for crossover Infiniti FX.

Updated FX from CRD possesses the aggressive appearance underlined by grey air intakes on front fenders, radiator lattice, grey reylings on a roof and 21-inch grey wheel disks which pattern reminds the turbine.

Inside the car has received furnish from a high-quality leather , and also carbon inserts. The engine five-litre V-shaped, capacity of 390 h.p.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Frankfurt Motor Show 2009: Sparta Car

Perhaps, the most unusual exhibit of a motor show in Frankfurt is the car under name Sparta which is made in Andorra. Yes-yes, in Andorra which too is included now into number of the states which assemble own cars.

It is not necessary to be frightened – a batch production Sparta is not planned. While this car in general is made in the single copy. And its founder is interesting enough person who is called by Helmut Hartung. Designing of this unique off-road car has begun in 1973. That is Helmut did the car of the dream throughout 36 years! And nevertheless has made.

The Andorra off-road car looks is not too modern. However, according to Helmut, it also did not pursue a fashion. For it the practicality, reliability and high speed was important. In many respects for this reason the car is equipped by an easy aluminium body and the diesel engine in volume 6,6 l which gives out a twisting moment in size 2000 Nm!!! And capacity of the motor is 1360 h.p!!!!!!

To cope with such capacity the independent pneumatic suspender which not only allows to go with enough high speed should completely, but also gives excellent comfort. At least, Helmut assures that it can rush on bad lines for the speed under 100-150 km/h (a road gleam of the car it is possible to increase about 250 mm). Thus he especially underlines that the diesel engine with a huge twisting moment and an easy body allow to be dispersed to it from a place to 200 km/h of all for10 sec only. And maximum speed of car comes near to 300 km/h, but founder Sparta has reasonably decided to limit speed to a mark in 250 km/h.

It is interesting that the driver's place in Sparta is located in the interior centre, and two passengers sit on the second to a row of seats – that is the car turns out three-local. Above it has already been told that Sparta while it is made only in the single copy. However mister Hartung is ready to assemble some more such cars. In a year it can do no more than two super cars, each will cost about 400 000 euros.

Frankfurt Motor Show 2009: Hot Auto Show Girls2 (VIDEO)

Some time ago i publish article Frankfurt Motor Show 2009: Best auto show GIRLS (photos and VIDEO) Today i come across internet and find new video on famous russian site. I want to share with you this beautiful video. I love not only girls in this video but almost music. Music is wonderful. Enjoy it!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Frankfurt motor show 2009: Cost new Opel Astra defined

The architecture of Opel Astra was created by the European designers GM. The car has received new platform GM Delta II which already underlies Chevrolet Cruze, on it creates perspective hybrid Chevrolet Volt and Opel Ampera. In comparison with the previous generation the wheelbase of a new Astra has grown on 71 mm – to 2685 mm. And the body total length has increased with 4,24 to 4,4 metres that by 23 mm more than at the same Golf. A track too have expanded – a lobby on 56, rear on 70 mm.

And what inside? The interior became much more spacious. Convenience of landing at the wheel and workmanship deserves a praise, plastic arts of a torpedo and panels of doors soft and pleasant to the touch. In general, from a novelty we also did not expect another.

The Astra chassis in many respects similar to chassis Chevrolet Cruze. Distinctions in some details and options – ruggedness of springs and absorbers, and also suspenders from Opel absolutely others. Logically, the car is focused on more perfect driving. Aluminium A-shaped levers of front MakFersona to a stretcher fasten through hydrobearing parts, instead of through rubber sajlent-blocks, as on Cruze. The braided beam of a rear semiindependent suspension is less pliable to cross-section loadings as it is strengthened by gear Uatta.

On the New Astra will be an adaptive head optics and system Opel Eye (debuted on Insignia), developed together with company Hella. «Opel eye» by means of the special chamber located under a windshield, watches road signs and in the form of pictogrammes deduces them on a panel board. If the system on "a departuring" marking understands that the driver starts to sink into a sleep, it there and then undertakes to awake with its sound signal.

Astra will receive eight motors, half from which the diesel motors. All of them correspond to ecological norms of Euro-5. A power range 94 – 180 forces. In Europe cars will go on sale within 1-2 weeks. Cost in Germany starts from a mark in 15900 euros .

Porsche - we start to do an electromobile

Several years ago anybody also could not think that company management Porsche will start to discuss occurrence prospects under a cowl of the cars of any other engines, except powerful petrol units. The new epoch however has come. And here already now we can buy diesel Porsche, soon will appear hybrid Porsche. Also it turns out that further - only completely electric Porsche. And in it there is nothing surprising, after all the current technologies allow to exhaust electromobiles with very powerful motors. Besides there are big doubts that new non-polluting Porsche will "eat" only one electricity. Most likely, engineers Porsche will create all the same a hybrid which will have the electromotor and a usual internal combustion engine. But thus accumulators in such car can be recharged from the usual electric socket connection.

From what we have suddenly exorcised it about electric Porsche? Yes simply new director of the company Michael Maht has declared that its firm begins work on such car! Besides, mister Maht has hinted that concept electric Porsche can be shown in the near future though to speak about any concrete dates it has refused.

But the electromobile is yet the most interesting. It appears, mister Maht prepares in some years to increase volumes of output of cars of mark Porsche twice! And, for this purpose Porsche it is necessary to expand seriously a lineup and to present any "accessible" model.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Company Chrysler has presented Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, having supplied it with accessories from Mopar. According to Chrysler, typical owner Wrangler on the average spends about 325 dollars for completion of appearance and functionality of the off-road car. Therefore, to show a new ruler of the chromeplated attributes, company Mopar has united with Jeep and has equipped Wrangler with the complete set of the sparkling harness.

The structure of a styling-whale included the chromeplated frames of mirrors ($121), chromeplated radiator lattice ($327), the chromeplated tubular sideboards ($583), the chromeplated protection of tail lights ($183), the chromeplated exhaust nozzle ($54,40) and the chromeplated cover of a fuel tank ($165), the polished door thresholds from noncorrosive steel ($111), well and at last, the 18-inch chromeplated aluminium wheel disks on 411 dollars for a piece.

Tuning BMW Z4 (E89) from AC Schnitzer

Tuning company AC Schnitzer has presented the expensive program of completion for BMW Z4 (E89). First of all, experts Schnitzer have finished turbo three-litre motor of the car then its capacity has made 360 h.p. Thanks to additional 60 h.p, modified Z4 is dispersed to 100 km/h for 4,9 seconds and develops the maximum speed in 286 km/h. Among other "mechanical" completions – a sports exhaust system with the chromeplated exhaust pipes and an advanced suspender.

Appearance of the car has been improved at the expense of the new modesty panel, chromeplated radiator lattices, aggressive front fenders with air intakes and a two-section rear spoiler. Besides, clients can order unique wheel disks AC Schnitzer in diameter 18, 19 and 20 inches. In interior there were aluminium pedals and the aluminium selector of system iDrive.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fisker gets $528.7 million loan from U.S. DOE for Karma, Project Nina

Fisker Karma - Click above for high-res image gallery

Fisker's goal of becoming profitable by 2011 received a shot in the arm today thanks to the U.S. Energy Department's announcement that the upstart automaker will receive a $528.7 million conditional loan. The DOE says the loan, "will create or save about 5,000 jobs for domestic parts suppliers." Highlights of the DOE's announcement include confirmation that the money will go towards "two lines of plug-in hybrids" ($39,000 PHEV, here we come?) and that at least some of those jobs will be "to manufacture a plug-in hybrid in the U.S." Fisker will perform final assembly of its first car, the high-cost Karma, in Finland with partner Valmet.

Renault F1 placed on suspended two-year, Briatore banned indefinitely?

The World Motor Sports Council took only 90 minutes to reach a verdict in the case of Crashgate – wherein former driver Nelson Piquet, Jr. intentionally chucked his car into the wall at last year's Singapore GP to hand the win to Renault teammate Fernando Alonso. Realizing that Renault was contrite and that the company's disappearance from F1 would be bad for a lot of people, the WSMC handed the company a two-year suspended sentence. If Renault – and its people – keep clean until the end of 2011, it will be free and clear again. As usual in these cases, Renault F1 will also be making "a significant contribution" to racing safety projects.

The A-Team van spied in action on set in British Columbia

Joe Carnahan's big-screen adaptation of the '80's TV classic, The A-Team, is apparently coming together up in British Columbia. That's where Splash News caught the movie version of the familiar black GMC van in action kicking up dirt for the cameras. The film's slated for a 2010 release, starring Liam Neeson as Hannibal, Bradley Cooper as Faceman, and UFC brawler Quinton "Rampage" Jackson as B.A. Oh, Jessica Biel's in it, too. Anyhow, we're curious to see how this all turns out. For instance, will the A-Team actually hit any bad guys when they fire their rifles at them in the movie? For more views of B.A.'s signature ride, head on over to Splash News, where a slew of photos are posted for your enjoyment. . Thanks to Chris for the tip!

VIDEO: Drew Barrymore takes Jay Leno's Green Car Challenge

Drew Barrymore takes the wheel in Jay Leno's Green Car Challenge - Click above to watch the video

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that NBC, apparently incapable of producing compelling scripted television not named The Office or 30 Rock, has nuked its entire 10 PM primetime lineup (and effectively thrown Conan O'Brien's Tonight Show under the bus) on the gamble that Jay Leno can carry that hour every weeknight. The Jay Leno Show indeed debuted to boffo numbers on Monday (18 million viewers), and went on to win the 10 PM timeslot for NBC every other night as well. (The real competition starts this week, as the other nets roll out their new Fall schedules.) On Friday, 7.7 million viewers witnessed the first edition of the much-hyped Green Car Challenge segment, a regular feature of the Leno show that will put a celebrity guest behind the wheel of an electric Ford Focus ST to see how quickly he or she can run two laps of the circuit painted on the backlot behind Leno's soundstage.

Forza 3 celebrates the Ferraris in our lives, joins GT5 in celebration of the 458 Italia

There are 29 Ferraris in Forza Motorsport 3, from the 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO to today's 599 GTB. And just for good measure, the kind folks at Forza threw in a few dream(ier) rides, including modern FIA GT cars, as well as the F40 and F50 Competizione models. You want more? Done. You'll be able to download the all-new Ferrari 458 Italia just in time for the holidays.

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