Monday, September 7, 2009

Chevrolet Cruze and sexy model girls!

Chevrolet Cruze

In Russia at factory General Motors in Saint-Petersburg the batch production of new sedan Chevrolet Cruze has begun. All sold in our country Cruze will be made in Northern capital. It is interesting that all over the world Cruze comes in the stead models Lacetti, however, in Russia will be not only to sell simultaneously both that and other model. However, in GM say what to compete among themselves Cruze and Lacetti do not become supposedly last car it will appear much more cheaply Cruze. Though actually the difference in the price between these models turns out not such and serious. If now cost of sedan Lacetti with the motor of 1,4 l begins with a mark 498 250 rbl. Cruze it is possible to take for 550 000 rbl. And a difference in 50 thousand not such and serious, considering that equipment Lacetti is much more modest Cruze (the truth, now on Lacetti give the big discounts, and this model it is possible to buy all for 397 100 rbl., but term of carrying out of the given action is limited).

During press conference on a case of opening factory, the general director of Russian representation GM Hans Jurgen Michel is proud has declared that «Cruze is the third model which we have started from a factory port timing in November, 2008 along with Chevrolet –°aptiva and Opel Antara».

Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet Cruze

At once it is necessary to tell – character of the car has not changed in any way. The car has not bad set up suspender. On the one hand it is more focused on comfort and easy maintains arrival on «lying policemen». But thus new Cruze is possible also to steer on high speed! From a family sedan of mark Chevrolet of it obviously you do not wait. You only do not think that Cruze gives the same pleasure from driving on a streamer as Alfa Romeo or, say, Mini. Do not forget that this car is focused on other audience. But in comparison with many other "Koreans", it really great advance. But decent roadability is connected not only with options the running. After all in comparison with the same Lacetti the new car has received much more rigid body, and an order of 65 % of weight of load-bearing parts of a body it is necessary on high-strength steels. It in 1,5 times more than at old Lacetti.

Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet Cruze

In Saint-Petersburg will exhaust cars with two motors: 1.6 l (109 h.p., 150 Nm) and 1.8 l (141 h.p., 176 Nm)

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