Wednesday, September 30, 2009

E-Wolf e2- In Germany build electric super car!

Already someone hardly doubts that in the near future electromobiles will seriously press the petrol and diesel colleagues. For example, the head of alliance Renault-Nissan Carlos Gon is assured that by 2020 electromobiles will make more than 20 % of a world motor-vehicle pool, and further this figure will grow only.

By itself that away from fashionable electric insanity there are no also manufacturers super cars. After all already now "green" reproach founders of powerful cars that their cars terribly soil environment. And every year these reproaches sound all more loudly. Where an exit?

It is clear that always there will be a certain category of people which does not think of the existence without speed, a roar of the powerful motor and adrenaline gallons. However these citizens would not like to look at all in the opinion of surrounding with malicious pollutants of atmosphere. The exit from this uneasy position was offered by little-known German firm e-Wolf. Engineers of this company undertook working out electric a super car, received the name e-Wolf e2. The car has bright, rather aggressive design, something similar Ferrari Enzo and Lamborghini Reventon. The length of the electric devourer of kilometres makes exactly five metres, width – 1,90 m, height – 1,20 m.

The recipe of preparation a super car is simple and traditional – an aluminium frame and a body from composit materials. Thanks that the weight of an electromobile does not exceed 900 kg. The developed air intakes before rear fenders should mislead nobody, as the motor behind is not present. But there is a block of batteries which feed four electric motors, each of which puts in action one of wheels. Cumulative capacity of a power-plant makes 536 h.p. and 1000 Nm a twisting moment. Double a super car Germans promised to publish dynamic characteristics later, but already now it is known that on completely charged accumulators the car is capable to pass almost three hundred kilometres. If the battery is discharged, it it is possible to recharge all for half an hour.

Curious feature e-Wolf e2 is the sound generator, capable to reproduce a sound of various engines and not only them. As it is paradoxical, but the sound generator is necessary that … not to frighten pedestrians. For example, in the USA widespread enough became the phenomenon when pedestrians do not hear coming nearer hybrid car when it goes on electropull-rod, and is banal are frightened, having faced artfully and silently "crept" car. Someone even complained of drivers hybrid cars in police. German super car, moreover a sound of the formular engine simulating, for example, hardly remains not noticed.

However, while e-Wolf e2 exists only in the form of computer sketches, and it will be embodied in metal not earlier than next year. If all at Germans goes according to plan electric super car will be started in a batch production in 2011.


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