Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Frankfurt Motor Show 2009: BMW huge hatchback! (VIDEO)

Dealers BMW have begun a booking on the big hatchback first in the history of the company in August. However the official presentation of serial model has taken place just now during a motor show in Frankfurt. This car is called BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo. What for Bavarians have decided to exhaust this car? To whom is it intended? Questions actually arises very much. Judge for yourself – at BMW already there is very decent versatile person BMW of 5th series, there are some crossovers of the every possible sizes, beginning from rather ferial Х1 and finishing smart Х6. Like the Bavarian company would not get big car to capture all categories of buyers … But on minivan release in BMW now are not ready to go.

However to offer something to buyers with the big families in BMW have been simply obliged. And consequently Germans have thought up model 5 Series Gran Turismo is something an average between the versatile person, a minivan and an off-road car. Thus it is necessary to notice that 5 Series Gran Turismo much more than usual "five". Its length makes 4998 mm that on 158 mm more than at a sedan of 5th series. And on 72 mm it is less than all, than at smart 7th series. That is turns out that 5 Series Gran Turismo henceforth is the second in the sizes BMW after "seven", after all even BMW X6 it is less than it! And on length of wheelbase 5 Series Gran Turismo at all does not concede 7th series. Ourselves some times checked figures, but all has appeared so – and at 5 Series Gran Turismo, and at BMW 7th series the length of base makes 3070 mm.

Considering such dimensions, it was possible to count that 5 Series Gran Turismo will have three rows of seats. But it does not happen! The big hatchback from BMW has received only five seats. But on the second a number of free space more than has enough, and rear seats there can be regulated on length and a back discharge angle. Besides the car has received a spacious and convenient luggage compartment at which the door will open under the difficult scheme, approximately as on Skoda Superb.

While BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo will equip only with three engines. The most accessible version BMW 530d Gran Turismo (245 h.p.) costs from 55 200 euros. Petrol BMW 535i Gran Turismo with 306 h.p. will manage in 55 700 euros. The most powerful car with an index 550i which will receive 407-strong motor V8 in volume of 4,4 l will appear, of course, more expensively – 75 300 euros.


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