Sunday, September 20, 2009

Frankfurt Motor Show 2009: New Land Cruiser Prado!

Land Cruiser Prado

On a motor show in Frankfurt Toyota have presented for the first time long-awaited Land Cruiser Prado new generation which has received an intrafactory designation «a series 150» (in Europe this model is known as simply Land Cruiser).

To say about that is essentially new model, nevertheless it would be too courageous. Yes, the car has got prettier, and is very serious, however, in its basis the old platform from «series 120». Also it is absolutely normal situation – in a case with off-road cars to develop each time a new platform has no economic sense. Besides the old basis has appeared rather successful, and in it still there was a huge stock for modernisation.

Land Cruiser Prado

The interior of a new off-road car became more solid. Now in a luggage compartment there are two cleaned armchairs together a modest sofa which should be fastened to a board (thanks to it the car became not eight, and seven-seater). Also it is possible to notice that henceforth Land Cruiser Prado it will be possible to equip 3- zones climate control, and the separate air conditioner begins to serve passengers of the second row.

Land Cruiser Prado

Land Cruiser Prado

From the technical point of view in Prado there is nothing essentially new. Unless henceforth this model will be equipped with system KDSS which on impassability disconnects antiroll bars, improving flotation ability. Will start to put on the car and electronic system Multi-Terrain Select of new generation which will supervise degree of a wheel slip depending on covering type. Under cowl Land Cruiser Prado of new generation there is a well-known 6-cylinder motor in volume of 4,0 l which now gives out 276 h.p. (earlier there were 249 h.p.). The company to it will be made by an old 3,0-litre diesel engine (171 h.p.). Besides, in Japan the car with the four-cylinder petrol motor (163 h.p.) will start to be on sale. Gear boxes too standard – six-step "mechanics" or five-step "automatic machine".

Land Cruiser Prado


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