Monday, September 21, 2009

Frankfurt Motor Show 2009: Peugeot has shown capacious car

Peugeot BB1

Apparently, Peugeot wishes to become the first-ever company which will adjust release of a two-plus-two in length of all … 2,5 metres. As a matter of fact, in Europe and earlier sold machines of such length – for example, Smart the first generation too had 2,5 m, however, it is double. And in new Peugeot BB1 gets four persons, and at an exhibition in Frankfurt specially trained people constantly showed it to all associates.

Peugeot BB1

Shown in Frankfurt Peugeot BB1 receive electric motor which eats from accumulators (them suffices approximately on 120 km). Capacity of the unit low, all about 20 h.p. At first sight a little, however, is one nuance – the weight of "BB1" is equal only 600 kg!!!!. And twenty "horsies" it is already enough easy to go on a city. Besides accumulators the car will receive energy also from the solar batteries which have been built in a roof. However, it will suffice only for work of an audiosystem, climatic system and light engineering.

Peugeot BB1

Inside BB1 you can see all modern updates – despite the sizes Peugeot BB1 has received excellent music, "navigation", possibility to exit in the Internet.

Peugeot BB1

Till now BB1 is only concept car. Frenchmen say that before start BB1 in a series they should work properly still. First of all it is necessary to solve questions with safety. And if to cope with face-to-face and lateral krash-tests manufacturers have learnt here is how to protect passengers at blow behind? Most likely, Peugeot is necessary to develop any pillow of safety which will protect heads and backs of rear passengers by company Toyota example.


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