Thursday, September 17, 2009

Frankfurt Motor Show 2009: Russian super car Marussia B2!

marussia b2

On a motor show in Frankfurt absolutely unexpectedly for all the premiere of the new version Russian super car Marussia has taken place. The car has received index B2 it is a second variant of "Marussia", and all them can be … as much as necessary. According to the main ideologist of creation of the first Russian Nikolay Fomenko's super car, its company is capable to develop almost any body for short enough term. It is interesting that in Frankfurt Fomenko has shown at once three cars – besides B2 at the stand there were two more models with body В1. But the main nuance consists that cars are made of different materials: at white Marussia and at dark blue В2 bodies carbon, and at a white-blue car … the basalt.

marussia b2

The car looks rather interestingly, and body panels are adjusted to each other aloud better, than on the pre-series sample. The interior of the presented cars is finished by a skin, and internal furnish, probably still will lead up to mind. According to Nikolay Fomenko, welding of power structure of a body is in general its pride. It here even is better, than on … Ferrari.

At present Fomenko's company has already 17 orders. Completely paid orders! Each car costs to 4 million 460 thousand roubles, or an order 100 000 euros. Besides, in Russia there was even an interior on sale Marussia with the service-centre, and soon there will be also a second dealer.

marussia b2

«We in general wish to leave soon on level of 3000 cars in a year. For this purpose we soon will have three factories on assembly of cars, and, all of them, most likely, will be located in Europe. Naturally, basic volume of output will be made not by super cars. Their circulation will be not too big. The main locomotive should become … a crossover. We will show it next year, and at once in two variants – there will be a car in style of" a drop »and with more traditional for this class style« a rack ». It will be the big crossover which will make a competition, probably, such car as Audi Q7», - has told in special interview for Avto@Mail. Ru Nikolay Fomenko.

marussia b2


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