Thursday, September 24, 2009

Frankfurt Motor Show 2009: Sparta Car

Perhaps, the most unusual exhibit of a motor show in Frankfurt is the car under name Sparta which is made in Andorra. Yes-yes, in Andorra which too is included now into number of the states which assemble own cars.

It is not necessary to be frightened – a batch production Sparta is not planned. While this car in general is made in the single copy. And its founder is interesting enough person who is called by Helmut Hartung. Designing of this unique off-road car has begun in 1973. That is Helmut did the car of the dream throughout 36 years! And nevertheless has made.

The Andorra off-road car looks is not too modern. However, according to Helmut, it also did not pursue a fashion. For it the practicality, reliability and high speed was important. In many respects for this reason the car is equipped by an easy aluminium body and the diesel engine in volume 6,6 l which gives out a twisting moment in size 2000 Nm!!! And capacity of the motor is 1360 h.p!!!!!!

To cope with such capacity the independent pneumatic suspender which not only allows to go with enough high speed should completely, but also gives excellent comfort. At least, Helmut assures that it can rush on bad lines for the speed under 100-150 km/h (a road gleam of the car it is possible to increase about 250 mm). Thus he especially underlines that the diesel engine with a huge twisting moment and an easy body allow to be dispersed to it from a place to 200 km/h of all for10 sec only. And maximum speed of car comes near to 300 km/h, but founder Sparta has reasonably decided to limit speed to a mark in 250 km/h.

It is interesting that the driver's place in Sparta is located in the interior centre, and two passengers sit on the second to a row of seats – that is the car turns out three-local. Above it has already been told that Sparta while it is made only in the single copy. However mister Hartung is ready to assemble some more such cars. In a year it can do no more than two super cars, each will cost about 400 000 euros.


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