Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Frankfurt Motor Show 2009: Volkswagen L1

Volkswagen has presented supereconomic double prototype L1 with a diesel engine-hybrid power-plant. A car body including the power structure, is executed from carbon fiber. L1 weighs only 380 kgs, 160 km/h accelerate momentum and on the average spends for hundred kilometres of a diesel fuel of 1,49 litres. Carbonic gas on way kilometre conceptual L1 throws out only 39 grammes. Thus the machine possesses quite good dynamic characteristics – hundred kilometres per hour L1 reaches for 14,3 seconds. Onboard the fuel stock in 10 litres allows to overcome 670 kilometres.

To achieve such indicators, Volkswagen have thoroughly worked. Thanks to that passengers have arranged one after another, developers the lateral section area managed to be made absolutely small, the factor of aerodynamic resistance L1 – makes 0,195. A turbodiesel, the electric motor, and seven-step gear box DSG designers have united clutches in one unit and have established in a body rear. At dispersals and in settled modes L1 is set in motion from two-cylinder 0,8-litre turbodiesel TDI. Work the motor can in two modes: in standard – «ECO» "cursor" develops capacity in 27 h.p. (20 kw) (at 4000 rpm), in a mode "SPORTS" which is activated at intensive speedups, capacity can quickly increase to 39 h.p. (29 kw) (at a similar rotary speed of a bent shaft). The maximum twisting moment of the engine makes 100 Nm (at 1900 rpm).

The 14-strong motor-generator of alternate current in a traction mode can work as together with the diesel motor (for example, at intensive dispersal), and irrespective of it (at movement on low speeds in plugs or in residential zones). In the latter case, L1 as the electromobile, moves exclusively for the electropull-rod account, DVC from transmission is disconnected by one of clutches. The Motor-generator works together with the lithium-ionic accumulator battery located in a front part of a body. By the way, there there was a place for a 50-litre luggage compartment. Developers say that the car is already almost ready to a batch production, the truth, concrete terms yet do not name.


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