Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Porsche - we start to do an electromobile

Several years ago anybody also could not think that company management Porsche will start to discuss occurrence prospects under a cowl of the cars of any other engines, except powerful petrol units. The new epoch however has come. And here already now we can buy diesel Porsche, soon will appear hybrid Porsche. Also it turns out that further - only completely electric Porsche. And in it there is nothing surprising, after all the current technologies allow to exhaust electromobiles with very powerful motors. Besides there are big doubts that new non-polluting Porsche will "eat" only one electricity. Most likely, engineers Porsche will create all the same a hybrid which will have the electromotor and a usual internal combustion engine. But thus accumulators in such car can be recharged from the usual electric socket connection.

From what we have suddenly exorcised it about electric Porsche? Yes simply new director of the company Michael Maht has declared that its firm begins work on such car! Besides, mister Maht has hinted that concept electric Porsche can be shown in the near future though to speak about any concrete dates it has refused.

But the electromobile is yet the most interesting. It appears, mister Maht prepares in some years to increase volumes of output of cars of mark Porsche twice! And, for this purpose Porsche it is necessary to expand seriously a lineup and to present any "accessible" model.


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