Thursday, October 29, 2009

Restyling Volkswagen Tiguan. First Photo

Volkswagen Tiguan

In internet appears first photo of a front part restyling Volkswagen Tiguan which will appear on sale in the beginning of next year. Alas, quality of this picture leaves much to be desired, however, and on it is possible to understand, how will look updated Tiguan (in a photo above new Tiguan, and below nowadays exhausted).

Predictably, the car will receive "muzzle" in new corporate style Volkswagen (the same design of a front part already have Golf, Polo and Transporter). What changes will occur in technical part Tiguan, yet is not informed. Most likely, the car will keep a present ruler of engines though, some motors and can receive minor alterations.

The most powerful BMW M5 is shown

BMW M5 M Power

BMW is absolutely unexpected for all has presented the fastest version of sedan М5. While this model exists only in the single copy, and the management of the Bavarian concern has informed that to start in a series the car is not planned.

However charged BMW M5, constructed only for driving on a track, nevertheless it is worthy our attention. Still, after all this car has received motor V10 in volume of 5,5 l – for comparison, at standard «M5» volume of 5,0 l. Besides increase in volume of the power unit under a cowl there was a new oil cooler, other final system also has been established. As a result, on predesigns, the engine power has grown about 507 h.p. to 580 h.p. the twisting moment (with 520 Nm to 540 Nm) has slightly increased also.

Besides the engine, the suspender and even a body with interior has undergone to modernisation. So, the roof at this M5 is made from carbon, and in interior there are no rear armchairs is has allowed to lower weight a little. But for Bavarians the result, to be exact circle time on a Nurnburgring is more important. It yet is not informed. Representatives BMW have only modestly informed that track version M5 passes a circle approximately for 20 seconds faster standard «M5».

BMW M5 M Power

BMW M5 M Power

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The most expensive China car

Hongqi HQE

The Chinese company FAW declared that it soon will begin sale by all interested person of the smartest car which ever was issued in Heavenly Empire. Its price will make 586 000 dollars! It is a question of model Hongqi HQE («the Red flag») which was accessible only to the higher persons of the state earlier – for today it is assembled only such 17 cars.

According to representatives FAW, creation of the new car has taken about two years. The main feature of the car are its dimensions – the length of "the Red flag» makes 6400 mm. It is appreciable more than at Rolls-Royce Phantom which even in the extended version has only"6084 mm, and Maybach 62 (6165 mm). The weight of the car exceeds 4,5 tons (so big weight speaks reservation presence).

Hongqi HQE

It is interesting that in movement Hongqi HQE is resulted by the newest 12-cylinder engine in volume of 6,0 l which has been developed directly in China (it is considered that heads of such country as China should go by completely Chinese car).

Hongqi HQE

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Subaru Legacy B4 GT300 for Super GT

Subaru Legacy B4 GT300

Having left the World championship on rally, company Subaru has closed many sports projects. But in 2010 the company intends to exhaust on a racing line super car Subaru Legacy B4 GT300.

The car intended for national series Super GT, equip 2,0-litre turbo motor, developing about 300 h.p. The Car will equip with a drive gear on all four wheels and six-high-speed transmission. The car debuted last month on autodrome Fuji Speedway where he without any problems has managed to overcome 300 km and to occupy as a result of 18 place.

The equipped weight B4 GT300 will make an order of 1270 kg. It will provide to a novelty good dynamics and high speed.

Subaru Legacy B4 GT300

Subaru Legacy B4 GT300

Subaru Legacy B4 GT300

New Porsche Cayenne will appear in March

Porsche Cayenne 2

About that company Porsche conducts works on creation of the second generation of off-road car Cayenne, i already wrote. But here today the date of official presentation of this model became known – Cayenne II will show in March of next year on a motor show in Geneva.

And, for model statement on the conveyor Germans will be compelled to reconstruct the factory seriously. The new equipment which installation will be begun in January is for this purpose already bought. That is possible to assume that old Cayenne will stop to exhaust in December of this year.

According to preliminary data, new Cayenne become hardly less than the present car, but thus the car will appear is even more strongly focused on high-speed driving on equal asphalt. Well and under a cowl new Cayenne it will be possible to see gasoline engines well familiar to us in volume of 4,8 l which, the truth, will be seriously finished. Still there will be a diesel engine in volume of 3,0 l and hybrid version.

As to interior it will be made in style of big hatchback Panamera – between front armchairs there will be a huge tunnel on which buttons of steering by systems of the car and a powerful shift lever will be located.

Porsche Cayenne 2010

Monday, October 26, 2009

Most powerful Renault Twingo is created

Twingo Trophy

You are the fan of small French machines? Then a new child from company Lazareth for you. After all Frenchmen from this firm have managed to transform modest Renault Twingo in present super car which on a racing line is capable to fight with Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Judge for yourself – made engineers Lazareth this car has the eight-cylinder engine in volume of 3,5 l which gives out 180 h.p. It would Seem that it is not enough for such volume and eight cylinders, however, the engine possesses a huge twisting moment on bottoms thanks to what babe Twingo is not simply quickly dispersed. It's dispersed very very quickly.

From technical features of the most powerful Twingo it is possible to note a rear wheel drive (standard cars, as it is known, front-wheel), and the engine here is established not under a cowl, and behind front armchairs. Also has been completely replaced a lobby and a rear suspension, new brakes, 18-inch wheels are established. Besides, practically a new it was necessary to do and a body of the car!

As to the price, it more than decent – Frenchmen sell the car (and they named it V8 Twingo Trophy) for 70 000 euros or $105 000.

Twingo Trophy

Twingo Trophy

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Audi A3. The first Photos

New Audi A3

The new generation model Audi A3 should appear in the market the next 1,5 years, assures the French edition Automobile Magazine. And, this car becomes the first hatchback in a premium-class which will have only the 3-cylinder engine.

However Germans warn at once – to look at quantity of cylinders in this case it is not necessary. After all even with three cylinders the new diesel motor will possess sufficient capacity. And, the most important thing, it begins to differ the minimum fuel consumption. On predesigns, 3-cylinder Audi A3 will spend for each 100 km of a way only 3,5 l of fuel. For comparison, the average expense hybrid Toyota Prius makes 3,9 l.

The design of new generation А3 will appear much more aggressively, than at present model. And first of all these words will concern a 3-door hatchback which outwardly begins to resemble a coupe more. Certainly, there will be also a 5-door car which will receive prefix Sportback. Besides, on a platform new A3 should start to do a small cabriolet and a crossover. Last will receive name Q1.

New Audi A3

Audi A3

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Family tree Porsche Panamera (VIDEO)

Company Porsche has exhausted the new advertising videoclip, which primary goal – to help advancement Panamera.

Lowering disputes on appearance Panamera, is necessary to recognise that the roller has turned out simply shaking as in it almost all models which were exhausted ever by firm Porsche flash. The idea of a videoclip – to convince us that Panamera is one more branch of family tree Porsche, "really a sports car for a four passengers".

Unique BMW M3 E90 from Company IND

Unique BMW M3

Company IND has presented unique BMW Individual Atlantis E90 M3.

Created for the client by name of Myke, this M3 is painted in a metallic colour Atlantis, whose shade depending on illumination and an angle of view varies from blue to almost green. Among other features it is necessary to note made manually carbon roof, front bumper RD Sport, rear choke tube Challenge, wheels Neez Model 15 and titanic exhaust system Akrapovic.

The data about dynamic indicators is not present, it is known only that the car has received carbon system of admission Dinan, pulleys Rogue Engineering, the software from Active Autowerke, KW and brakes Brembo. Having received the car, Myke has told: "It is ideal car. I will not change anything more".

Unique BMW M3

Unique BMW M3

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Ford Mondeo. The first PHOTOS

It would seem that Ford only has more recently begun sale new Mondeo, and in the western press have already started to discuss Mondeo following generation which will appear on the market in 2012. Journalists of British edition AutoExpress are assured that new Mondeo will be made in the same style, as present model. However the car begins to look much more aggressive and more sports.

Apparently, development so-called «kinetic design from Ford» will reach in following Mondeo of the peak. The car will have a body with the sharp sides, strongly tilted front windshield, the big head lights and a powerful bumper. And in general, Mondeo, at least in a body 5-doors hatchback, will resemble much more a coupe.

The interior becomes another also. Ford plans to make the present jerk on the way to a premium-class. Therefore it is necessary to expect from Mondeo very qualitative materials of furnish, an excellent noise isolation and a large quantity every possible modern updates.

Well and under cowl Mondeo will start to put already only turbo motors – differently to engineers very difficult to achieve small fuel consumption and comprehensible capacity. The petrol unit in volume of 1,6 l which will give out 150 h.p. or 180 h.p. depending on adjustment (agree, excellent indicators for such volume), most likely, will be base. Also there will be a motor in volume of 2,0 l which will already give out an order of 200 h.p. Diesel engines will give out from 120 h.p. to 200 h.p. Well and at scale top there will be 3,5-litre V6 capacity already 350 h.p. and a twisting moment in 475 Nm.

Lexus has presented super car LF-A

Lexus LF-A

On a motor show in Tokyo which opens this week, company Lexus, at last, will present the serial version new super car, under name LF-A. It is the fastest car which ever is exhausted by company Lexus.

Lexus LF-A has the unique 10-cylinder engine which is created by engineers of company Toyota on formular technologies. The volume of this power unit makes 4,8 l, and capacity of 560 h.p. at 8700 rpm. The Twisting moment too decent – 354 Nanometers at 6800 rpm.

While the information about Lexus LF-A has not enough. However it is already known that 65 % of materials body of this car is made from carbon, and dispersal from 0 to 100 km/h only takes 3,7 sec. The maximum speed of the car makes 323 km/h. In total it will be made such 500 super cars. The price - 375 000 usd.

Lexus LF-A

Lexus LF-A

Lexus LF-A

Lexus LF-A

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Toyota has presented new big sedan Mark X

Toyota Mark X

Toyota has presented in Japan new generation of big sedan Mark X.

New Mark X, as well as all its predecessors, will receive a drive gear on a rear axle (thus the buyer can order and all-wheel drive transmission). The car hardly became larger – now the length of "Mark X" makes 4730 mm. Well and under cowl Mark X there will be two engines. The 6-cylinder unit in volume of 2,5 l which gives out 203 h.p. and 243 Nm became base. Also there will be a 318-strong unit in volume already 3,5 l (its twisting moment makes 380 Nm). Together with motors new "automatic machine" with six steps will work. In Japan Mark X will cost from $29500 to $42000.

Toyota Mark X

Toyota Mark X

Toyota Mark X

Toyota Mark X

Audi RS6 from MFK Autosport

Audi RS6

While the majority of tuning studio aspire to work with the freshest samples of the European cars, firm MFK has decided to put hands to old Audi RS6 (C5), having put on it 20-inch black three-compound disks and tyres Dunlop dimension 285/25.

Unfortunately, in MFK have told nothing about changes in a suspender and about the motor has undergone to what versions. Everything that is known to us – after all completions 4,2-litre bi-turbo V8 began to give out 520 horsepowers – on 80 h.p. more than before. The Tuning Whale from Cosworth and a high-grade sports exhaust system will manage in solid 5 999 euros. Though there is a probability that is a typing error in the press release.

Audi RS6

Audi RS6

Volkswagen has established a world record!

Caddy Maxi 4MOTION

Volkswagen has established a new world record, having got to the Guinness Book of Records. Car Caddy Maxi 4MOTION has managed to pass from Silent to Atlantic ocean all for 8 days of 13 hours and 30 minutes. And, drivers during travel at all did not do any stops (refuellings are not considered) and alternately slept directly in the car.

Crew Volkswagen included drivers Matthias Gottenauer and Andreas Renz. They have begun the travel to midday on the West European time on October, 2nd, 2009 in Portugal. Within first two days the command has passed through Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. On October, 4th Caddy Maxi 4MOTION has begun the way on territory of Russia. In the morning on October, 11th, 2009 at 01:30 on the West European time (13:30 local time) Gottenauer and Renz have arrived to an appointment terminal point – the city of Magadan.

Volkswagen has established a world record

The Transeuroasian way is the longest route passing on territory of one continent: its extent makes 15 408 kilometres from Kabo yes Fate (Portugal) at Atlantic ocean to the Pacific port Magadan which are a terminal point of the Russian network of highways.

The first piece of way Caddy Maxi 4MOTION has passed on highways and highway that has provided fast and comfortable movement. In process of advancement on the east the surface of roads became more and more bumpy, and the last of 5 000 kilometres were special test both for the car, and for drivers. The broken roads with deep ruts, difficult gravel sites, water a track with scars from wheels of auto trucks...

Two travellers establish a similar record not for the first time. Ten years ago they have made the longest travel across the North America, having passed line PanAmericana on car Volkswagen T4 Multivan Syncro. Travel which 15 days and 14 hours lasted, has been skidded in the Guinness Book of Records and has brought glory T4 and to its drivers. This record while and has not been beaten.

Mercedes loses the positions

All post-war years the Mercedes-Benz company invariably was in the lead in a premium-segment. However in 80-90 years of the last century competitors have started to press gradually on a Mercedes-Benz, and in 21 century happens and at all impossible – in 2005 BMW has overtaken on sales of the main competitor. And following the results of sales of 2009 of a Mercedes-Benz has every chance and at all to fall on the third place in a premium-segment, having passed forward also Audi, «the German wave» transfers.

According to opinion of experts of the Center of automobile probes CAR, there are at once some reasons why the Mercedes-Benz last years has started to lose the positions. One of them is an insufficient quantity of new models. For example, the Mercedes-Benz late left in a segment of small crossovers, and models which would compete, say, with BMW X1, at "Mercedes" till now is not present. Besides, in CAR notice that recently the Mercedes-Benz gave not enough attention to the Chinese market which grows with great strides. And at Audi in China now very strong positions.

Monday, October 19, 2009

New generation Lancer EVO becomes hybrid!

Lancer Evo Hybrid

It is not excluded that new generation Mitsubishi Lancer EVO will be hybrid. Yes-yes, cult Japanese super cars can receive a hybrid power-plant – so assures the British magazine Autocar.

According to Autocar, new generation Lancer EVO will receive same about hybrid installation, as well as at concept Mitsubishi PX-MiEV which Japanese have prepared for a motor show in Tokyo. Its feature is that accumulators there can be recharged from the usual electric socket connection. Besides, thanks to powerful accumulators the car can go an order of 50 km exclusively in an electric mode that will allow to save fuel seriously.

However, experts already now speak about a lack hybrid Lancer EVO – because of accumulators the weight of the car will seriously increase that, most likely, will affect roadability. But on the other hand, thanks to electromotors the twisting moment will seriously grow. Besides, do not forget that on designers Mitsubishi now experts in marketing actively press. And the last assure that hybrid super cars will be on sale in the USA better, than petrol.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Super car Supasse V with the motor from Mazda 3!

Supasse V
The Japanese manufacturer company Suzusho has held preliminary presentation of the sport car which something reminds Pagani Zonda and Ferrari Enzo, however on dimensions is approximately equal Lotus Exige. Between car shafts it is located 2,3-litre turbo motor from Mazdaspeed3 by capacity 270 h.p, connected to a six-speed transmission.

The aluminium monocook and body have allowed to make the car of fiber glass very easy – its weight is equal 850 kg. Car, received designation Supasse V, will be shown on a motor show in Tokyo, and its sales will begin in the middle of 2010. The car from 50 to 80 thousand dollars will cost.

Supasse V

Supasse V

Supasse V

Manhart Racing BMW M3 with engine V10

If you search for convenience of the versatile person and wish to receive thus capacity of the V-shaped ten-cylinder motor from BMW M5, firm Manhart Racing knows that offer to you. Germans have transformed E91 in M3, and then have put on it V10 and have added seven-step gear box SMG.

Regeneration of the standard versatile person of the third series in M3 begins with appearance – the car has received new radiator lattice, front fenders, thresholds and a cowl from M3. After that experts Manhart Racing have added firm rear wheel arches and rear facing in which there was a place to four exhaust bores of a sports exhaust system from noncorrosive steel. Besides, behind the differential of the raised friction has been established also.

In Manhart assert that the modernised versatile person is dispersed to 100 km/h for 4,3 seconds and develops the maximum speed hardly more than 320 km/h. By the way, it is possible to buy as completely ready E91 (120 000 euros) and to give on completion own.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Audi A1. The first information

Audi will exhaust А1. And, the premiere of serial model is planned to the next year! While the information on this car has some, however, we can already tell something. And even to show.

Audi A1 becomes the smallest model of the company, and the main competitor «Audi1» will appear Mini which now creates BMW. It is expected that in March, 2010 on a motor show in Geneva we can already look on completely ready to manufacture 3-doors hatchback which will cost an order $20 000. On it the basic rate also will become. However besides a hatchback Germans prepares to adjust release on platform A1 of larger 5-door car, a cabriolet and even … a crossover. If the latest model also appears, it, possibly, name Audi Q1.

Representatives Audi in conversations refuse while to discuss appearance A1 with journalists. However in informal conversations they say that the serial car will be made in style concept Metroproject Quattro 2007 and A1 Sportback 2008 which were already shown earlier to public. «There are no essential changes in the car concept», - sales manager of Audi Peter Shvartsenbauer has declared in interview to the British magazine Car Magazine. – «We will begin with three-door model with various variants of engines. What will be further? Look at ruler А3. New model we will develop approximately as».


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