Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The most expensive China car

Hongqi HQE

The Chinese company FAW declared that it soon will begin sale by all interested person of the smartest car which ever was issued in Heavenly Empire. Its price will make 586 000 dollars! It is a question of model Hongqi HQE («the Red flag») which was accessible only to the higher persons of the state earlier – for today it is assembled only such 17 cars.

According to representatives FAW, creation of the new car has taken about two years. The main feature of the car are its dimensions – the length of "the Red flag» makes 6400 mm. It is appreciable more than at Rolls-Royce Phantom which even in the extended version has only"6084 mm, and Maybach 62 (6165 mm). The weight of the car exceeds 4,5 tons (so big weight speaks reservation presence).

Hongqi HQE

It is interesting that in movement Hongqi HQE is resulted by the newest 12-cylinder engine in volume of 6,0 l which has been developed directly in China (it is considered that heads of such country as China should go by completely Chinese car).

Hongqi HQE


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