Thursday, October 29, 2009

The most powerful BMW M5 is shown

BMW M5 M Power

BMW is absolutely unexpected for all has presented the fastest version of sedan М5. While this model exists only in the single copy, and the management of the Bavarian concern has informed that to start in a series the car is not planned.

However charged BMW M5, constructed only for driving on a track, nevertheless it is worthy our attention. Still, after all this car has received motor V10 in volume of 5,5 l – for comparison, at standard «M5» volume of 5,0 l. Besides increase in volume of the power unit under a cowl there was a new oil cooler, other final system also has been established. As a result, on predesigns, the engine power has grown about 507 h.p. to 580 h.p. the twisting moment (with 520 Nm to 540 Nm) has slightly increased also.

Besides the engine, the suspender and even a body with interior has undergone to modernisation. So, the roof at this M5 is made from carbon, and in interior there are no rear armchairs is has allowed to lower weight a little. But for Bavarians the result, to be exact circle time on a Nurnburgring is more important. It yet is not informed. Representatives BMW have only modestly informed that track version M5 passes a circle approximately for 20 seconds faster standard «M5».

BMW M5 M Power

BMW M5 M Power


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