Monday, October 26, 2009

Most powerful Renault Twingo is created

Twingo Trophy

You are the fan of small French machines? Then a new child from company Lazareth for you. After all Frenchmen from this firm have managed to transform modest Renault Twingo in present super car which on a racing line is capable to fight with Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Judge for yourself – made engineers Lazareth this car has the eight-cylinder engine in volume of 3,5 l which gives out 180 h.p. It would Seem that it is not enough for such volume and eight cylinders, however, the engine possesses a huge twisting moment on bottoms thanks to what babe Twingo is not simply quickly dispersed. It's dispersed very very quickly.

From technical features of the most powerful Twingo it is possible to note a rear wheel drive (standard cars, as it is known, front-wheel), and the engine here is established not under a cowl, and behind front armchairs. Also has been completely replaced a lobby and a rear suspension, new brakes, 18-inch wheels are established. Besides, practically a new it was necessary to do and a body of the car!

As to the price, it more than decent – Frenchmen sell the car (and they named it V8 Twingo Trophy) for 70 000 euros or $105 000.

Twingo Trophy

Twingo Trophy


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