Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Audi A3. The first Photos

New Audi A3

The new generation model Audi A3 should appear in the market the next 1,5 years, assures the French edition Automobile Magazine. And, this car becomes the first hatchback in a premium-class which will have only the 3-cylinder engine.

However Germans warn at once – to look at quantity of cylinders in this case it is not necessary. After all even with three cylinders the new diesel motor will possess sufficient capacity. And, the most important thing, it begins to differ the minimum fuel consumption. On predesigns, 3-cylinder Audi A3 will spend for each 100 km of a way only 3,5 l of fuel. For comparison, the average expense hybrid Toyota Prius makes 3,9 l.

The design of new generation А3 will appear much more aggressively, than at present model. And first of all these words will concern a 3-door hatchback which outwardly begins to resemble a coupe more. Certainly, there will be also a 5-door car which will receive prefix Sportback. Besides, on a platform new A3 should start to do a small cabriolet and a crossover. Last will receive name Q1.

New Audi A3

Audi A3


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