Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Ford Mondeo. The first PHOTOS

It would seem that Ford only has more recently begun sale new Mondeo, and in the western press have already started to discuss Mondeo following generation which will appear on the market in 2012. Journalists of British edition AutoExpress are assured that new Mondeo will be made in the same style, as present model. However the car begins to look much more aggressive and more sports.

Apparently, development so-called «kinetic design from Ford» will reach in following Mondeo of the peak. The car will have a body with the sharp sides, strongly tilted front windshield, the big head lights and a powerful bumper. And in general, Mondeo, at least in a body 5-doors hatchback, will resemble much more a coupe.

The interior becomes another also. Ford plans to make the present jerk on the way to a premium-class. Therefore it is necessary to expect from Mondeo very qualitative materials of furnish, an excellent noise isolation and a large quantity every possible modern updates.

Well and under cowl Mondeo will start to put already only turbo motors – differently to engineers very difficult to achieve small fuel consumption and comprehensible capacity. The petrol unit in volume of 1,6 l which will give out 150 h.p. or 180 h.p. depending on adjustment (agree, excellent indicators for such volume), most likely, will be base. Also there will be a motor in volume of 2,0 l which will already give out an order of 200 h.p. Diesel engines will give out from 120 h.p. to 200 h.p. Well and at scale top there will be 3,5-litre V6 capacity already 350 h.p. and a twisting moment in 475 Nm.


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