Monday, October 19, 2009

New generation Lancer EVO becomes hybrid!

Lancer Evo Hybrid

It is not excluded that new generation Mitsubishi Lancer EVO will be hybrid. Yes-yes, cult Japanese super cars can receive a hybrid power-plant – so assures the British magazine Autocar.

According to Autocar, new generation Lancer EVO will receive same about hybrid installation, as well as at concept Mitsubishi PX-MiEV which Japanese have prepared for a motor show in Tokyo. Its feature is that accumulators there can be recharged from the usual electric socket connection. Besides, thanks to powerful accumulators the car can go an order of 50 km exclusively in an electric mode that will allow to save fuel seriously.

However, experts already now speak about a lack hybrid Lancer EVO – because of accumulators the weight of the car will seriously increase that, most likely, will affect roadability. But on the other hand, thanks to electromotors the twisting moment will seriously grow. Besides, do not forget that on designers Mitsubishi now experts in marketing actively press. And the last assure that hybrid super cars will be on sale in the USA better, than petrol.


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