Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Americans have made unique Chevrolet Camaro

In the USA such cars as Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro became for a long time cult and in public favourite cars. A success basis – bright appearance, sports character and the small price. And to remain not noticed in similar muscle car is impossible. But what to do, when it would be desirable to possess the favourite car, but not such, how at others? Correctly, it is necessary to go to one of numerous tuning studio. For example, in Fesler-Moss.

Though they and perfectly know it and will suggest to finish cardinally yours Chevrolet Camaro SS. However, besides the car will ask for the works exactly $110 000. Or $140 000 if you do not have car. If the similar sum does not confuse you, Fesler and Moss will start business. Then, after the lapse of two weeks, you can learn the car only in general, so to say, lines. For what it is necessary to give such, frankly speaking, considerable money?

First, Fesler and Moss "will get up" the car in a new body from composit materials that will give to the car even more an aggressive look. Secondly, implant in under cowl space 6,2-litre "eight" LS9 capacity of 640 h.p. (819 Nm) borrowed at Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 together with which six-step "mechanics" will work. Well and still will finish something «on a trifle» - there will be the strengthened brakes, the modernised exhaust system, the underestimated ground clearance and 22 inch disks. And the most important thing, on the car will stand the tablet with serial number and the modest inscription saying that "circulation" of a child of Fesler and Moss will make only 60 copies that allows to carry Fesler-Moss Camaro SS to collection rarities. But there is more to come. As car habits have strongly changed, to the owner as a bonus will suggest to pass two-day training on a racing line. And it is correct, after all to search for mutual understanding with similar "racer" to begin with better on a racing track, instead of on roads of the general user. As they say, from a sin far away.

Unfortunately, Americans have told nothing about dynamic characteristics of the super car. But it is possible not to doubt that they managed to make the uncommon car. And the main thing, rare.


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