Friday, December 18, 2009

Bugatti has shown three unique models

On automobile show in Dubai company Bugatti has presented at once three unique versions of the super car Veyron. Two of these models it decided to make in a unique copy – it is a question of cars under name Bugatti Veyron Sang d'Argent and Bugatti Veyron Soleil de Nuit. Well and model Veyron Nocturne is possible to name really "national", after all it will be assembled already such five cars.

And that the most interesting, Veyron Nocturne will appear most expensive. It will manage to the buyer in $2,4 million From the others Veyron such cars will differ black colour of a body with inserts from the polished aluminium, and in interior there will be inserts from … platinum. Yes-yes, platinum.

Silver Veyron Sang d'Argent with doors and front fenders from the polished aluminium there is $2,1 million For dark blue Veyron Soleil de Nuit with bright orange interior it is necessary to give on $200 thousand more.

Volkswagen Passat CC R-Line

Volkswagen has published photos of so-called "charged" version of model Passat CC. Why "so-called"? Yes all is very simple – from technical point of view Passat CC R-Line differs nothing from usual cars.

However, experts in marketing Volkswagen say that in this case from model which has proud prefix R-Line, and it was not required establishments of records of speed. Such car have created only for beauty. And looks Passat CC R-Line really better, than usual Passat CC.

«R Line» has received a new front bumper, lateral mouldings, blacked-out headlights. Besides, Passat CC R-Line has stylish 17-inch wheel disks (at desire it is possible to put and 18-inch). And in interior there were the aluminium mouldings, a new steering wheel. In general, quite good factory tuning. Which, besides, costs not too expensively – 2200 euros for the complete set.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Audi E-Tron will go to a Serial Production

Representatives of company Audi have confirmed that they will exhaust the first Electric Super Car E-Tron. However, this model will appear on sale only in 2012, and its circulation will make only 1000 copies. Will cost how many Audi e-tron while, naturally, it is not informed, but nobody hides that it will be the most expensive serial Audi for all history of existence of the company.

Let's remind that the premiere concept e-tron has passed in September of this year on a motor show in Frankfurt. Electric super car was at this exhibition one of the most interesting exhibits. Still, after all this car is set in motion by four electric motors (one on each wheel) which eat from the litievo-ionic accumulator battery located behind seats and having liquid cooling. Total capacity of motors in peak reaches 313 horsepowers, and the size of the maximum twisting moment and is at all magnificent. Already from zero "turns" cursors in the sum give out attention! 4500 Nm.

Thanks to such indicators! A coupe from a place to 100 km/h dispersed all for 4,8 sec only. Maximum speed could be and above, but developers have decided to limit it on a mark of 200 km/h. On high speeds too much energy leaves on overcoming of aerodynamic resistance and resistance. All-wheel drive e-tron possesses the expressed rear-wheel habits as 70 % of pull-rod almost always are necessary on rear wheels.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dacia Duster (First Photos)

Dacia today has presented official photos of the first off-road car which has received name Duster. The price becomes the main advantage of this car – in Old World Dacia Duster 15 000 euros for a base complete set will cost an order. That is Duster it will appear in Europe the most accessible 5-door off-road car. Dacia prepares the off-road car, it was known for a long time already. Also was not a secret that the car will receive name Duster. And, nevertheless, occurrence of official photos has caused a great interest.

Beautiful Duster to name difficult. The car at the Romanian designers has turned out any gloomy, but, probably, they and achieved it. After all for off-road cars similar appearance – the blessing. Especially when target audience are men. However, it is necessary to tell at once that high-grade off-road car Dacia Duster nevertheless is not. Yes, it will have an all wheel drive system and a road gleam in 200 mm. But thus the car will do without a powerful frame, and blocking of differentials here too will not appear (after all at the heart of Duster the platform from Logan) lies. Besides, Dacia will begin release and budgetary versions with a drive gear only on one shaft.

Well and under cowl Duster will start to put well familiar to us on model Logan the gasoline engine in volume of 1,6 l (110 h.p.). Also there will be a 1,5-litre diesel engine in two versions: 85 h.p. and 105 h.p. Base complete set Duster will appear not too rich (but silly to expect updates from such cheap off-road car). But, nevertheless, the car will receive ABS, two pillows of safety (installation of four pillows is possible). As an option antispin system will be offered.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Nissan has updated Qashqai

Nissan has published the first photos of updated crossover Qashqai which should go on sale already in first half of next year. Any serious changes in comparison with model of the sample of three-year prescription has not occurred. But it is necessary to note occurrence of new bumpers, other radiator enclosure, other cowl and side panels. Also on the car will put 17-inch wheels of new design. Apparently, the interior will change also, however, while photos of an interior are not present.

Engines will undergo to little changes. In particular, the diesel unit in volume of 1.5 l (such motor is popular in Europe) will give out not 103 h.p., and 106 h.p., and level of blowout of harmful substances in atmosphere at it to be reduced about 139 g/km to 129/km.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Volkswagen Amarok

German edition Auto Motor and Sport has published official photos of the serial pickup first in the history of company Volkswagen which will be accessible not only to Americans, but also inhabitants of Europe.

It is interesting that is primary Volkswagen Amarok, the pickup will be called so, first must bet shown only in January, 2010 during start of rally Dakar - Amarok will represent itself as there an escort car of command Volkswagen. Germans have absolutely fairly judged that difficult rally to which the great attention from outside motorists will be chained, becomes an excellent advertising platform for new model.

Apparently, at first Amarok will be sold in more comfortable version with a double cabin (the length of the car will make 5250 mm), however, in 2010-2011 there should be more accessible cars with an unary and "one-and-a-half" cabin (in the latter case will be two doors, but in interior it will appear nevertheless two rows of seats). Load-carrying capacity of the car with a double cabin makes 1,15 ton.

Base equipment Amarok will be rather modest that, however, it is peculiar to German cars. Here there will be only ABS (the truth, with driving function on impassability), safety pillows, adjustable front armchairs, a bulb in a baggage compartment. But here in "heaped more up" versions Trendline and Highline already there will be CD-player, the multipurpose display, the air conditioner, fog lights and so on.

Under a car cowl there will be one of two diesel engines. Or the 2,0-litre unit which gives out 163 h.p. at 1500 "turns" and 400 Nm. Or more modest motor capacity of 122 h.p. and 340 Nm. The drive gear at desire of the buyer can be full.

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