Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dacia Duster (First Photos)

Dacia today has presented official photos of the first off-road car which has received name Duster. The price becomes the main advantage of this car – in Old World Dacia Duster 15 000 euros for a base complete set will cost an order. That is Duster it will appear in Europe the most accessible 5-door off-road car. Dacia prepares the off-road car, it was known for a long time already. Also was not a secret that the car will receive name Duster. And, nevertheless, occurrence of official photos has caused a great interest.

Beautiful Duster to name difficult. The car at the Romanian designers has turned out any gloomy, but, probably, they and achieved it. After all for off-road cars similar appearance – the blessing. Especially when target audience are men. However, it is necessary to tell at once that high-grade off-road car Dacia Duster nevertheless is not. Yes, it will have an all wheel drive system and a road gleam in 200 mm. But thus the car will do without a powerful frame, and blocking of differentials here too will not appear (after all at the heart of Duster the platform from Logan) lies. Besides, Dacia will begin release and budgetary versions with a drive gear only on one shaft.

Well and under cowl Duster will start to put well familiar to us on model Logan the gasoline engine in volume of 1,6 l (110 h.p.). Also there will be a 1,5-litre diesel engine in two versions: 85 h.p. and 105 h.p. Base complete set Duster will appear not too rich (but silly to expect updates from such cheap off-road car). But, nevertheless, the car will receive ABS, two pillows of safety (installation of four pillows is possible). As an option antispin system will be offered.


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